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  1. The "Lol" Thread

    "Masters" of the universe indeed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ5LpwO-An4
  2. Vyper's Screenshots

  3. Floating Ayleid Stones

    Thanks! I'm having a blast putting these things together.
  4. Ayleid Tileset Simplified

    Version 1.0


    Name: Ayleid Tileset Simplified Version: 1 Date: 1/20/2015 Category: Resources Author: The Vyper ================= Requirements: ================= Oblivion 1.2.416 ================= Description: ================= I'm working on a project to expand the smaller Ayleid ruins. I got tired of having to assemble lots of pieces together, like a wall and then a shelf or a floor then a column base and then a column. So I decided to put the most comonly assembled tiles together as single pieces, and place them in a single .esm for easy access. I've also added a Varla Stone cage that will reset it's position when the cell resets. I've decided to go ahead release the meshes and associated .esm as a resource. ================= Details: ================= Here's what's included in this release: ARWelkydCage01Reset - A Varla Stone cage that, if raised, repositions itself to the "lowered" state when the cell resets. This is useful if you use something like Khettienna's Respawning Varla and Welkynd Stones mod, my own version of it (Glowing Respawning Varla and Welkynd Stones), or my Glowing Respawning Ayleid Stones master file.. In Addition, there are 45 new meshes included in this release: ARDoor01Frame - A free standing door frame by InsanitySorrow combined with ARDoor01. This makes adding doors to new ares much easier. Thanks IS! ARPedestal02Holder - ARPedestal02 with a welkynd stone holder alread attached. ARPedestal03Cover - ARPedestal03 with the pedestal cover already attached. ARPitColumn01Complete - ARPitColumn01 combined with ARRmColumn01 (intact column). ARPitColumn02Complete - ARPitColumn01 combined with ARRmColumn02 (broken column). ARPitCornerColumn01Complete - ARPitCornerColumn01 combined with ARRmColumn01 (intact column). ARPitCornerColumn02Complete - ARPitCornerColumn01 combined with ARRmColumn02 (broken column). ARPitStairs01Ceiling - ARPitStairs01 combined with a ceiling piece. ARPitStairs02Ceiling - ARPitStairs02 combined with a ceiling piece. ARPitStairs03Ceiling - ARPitStairs03 combined with a ceiling piece. ARPitWallColumn01Complete - ARPitWallColumn01 cimbined with ARRmColumn01 (intact column). ARPitWallColumn02Complete - ARPitWallColumn01 cimbined with ARRmColumn02 (broken column). ARRmColumn01Complete - ARRmFloor01 combined with ARRmColumnBaseFree01 and ARRmColumn01 (intact column). ARRmColumn02Complete - ARRmFloor01 combined with ARRmColumnBaseFree01 and ARRmColumn02 (broken column). ARRmColumnFree01Complete - ARRmColumnBaseFree01 combined with ARRmColumn01 (intact column). ARRmColumnFree02Complete - ARRmColumnBaseFree01 combined with ARRmColumn02 (broken column). ARRmCorner01Shelves - ARRmCorner01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmCorner02Shelves - ARRmCorner02 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmCornerColumn01Shelves - ARRmCornerColumn01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmCornerColumnExitLeftNarrow01Shelf - ARRmCornerColumnExitLeftNarrow01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmCornerColumnExitRightNarrow01Shelf - ARRmCornerColumnExitRightNarrow01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmCornerExitLeftNarrow01Shelf - ARRmCornerExitLeftNarrow01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmCornerExitRightNarrow01Shelf - ARRmCornerExitRightNarrow01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmDivider01Column01 - ARRmDivider01 combined with ARSmallColoumn01. ARRmDivider01Column02 - ARRmDivider01 combined with ARSmallColoumn02. ARRmFloor03 - ARFloor03 combined with ARCeiling01. ARRmFloor04 - ARFloor04 combined with ARCeiling01. ARRmSmallColBase01Column01 - ARSmallColumnBase01 combined with ARSmallColumn01. ARRmSmallColBase01Column02 - ARSmallColumnBase01 combined with ARSmallColumn02. ARRmWall01Shelf - ARRmWall01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmWall02Shelf - ARRmWall02 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmWallColumnLeft01Shelf - ARRmWallColumnLeft01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmWallColumnRight01Shelf - ARRmWallColumnRight01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmWallCornerLeft01Shelf - ARRmWallCornerLeft01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARRmWallCornerRight01Shelf - ARRmWallCornerRight01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHall01Shelves - ARWHall01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHall02Shelves - ARWHall02 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHall3Way01Shelf - ARWHall3Way01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHallCorner01Shelves - ARWHallCorner01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHallCorner02Shelves - ARWHallCorner02 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHallDeadEnd02Shelves - ARWHallDeadEnd02 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHallTransNarrow01Shelves - ARWHallTransNarrow01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHallTransNarrow02Shelves - ARWHallTransNarrow02 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWHallTransNarrow3Way01Shelf - ARWHallTransNarrow3Way01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ARWhallTransNarrow4WayBridge01Shelves - ARWhallTransNarrow4WayBridge01 combined with ARWalShelf01. ================= Installation ================= 1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder. 2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s). ================= Un-Installation: ================= 1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esm file(s). 2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod. ================= Incompatibility: ================= None known. ================= Known Issues: ================= None known. ================= Contact: ================= The_Vyper at NexusMods The Vyper at Bethsoft Forums The Vyper at TES Alliance The Vyper at Dark Creations ================= Credits: ================= Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion. Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the AR Door frame and for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on. ================= Tools Used: ================= TES Construction Set NifSkope Insanity's ReadMe Generator ================= Licensing/Legal: ================= You may use this as you wish but you must credit InsanitySorrow and myself for our work. Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission. This file is currently hosted on NexusMods, TES Alliance, and Dark Creations.
  5. Favourite Music

    One of my all time favorites: Danger Zone, by Kenny Loggins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvk6DJu26gI
  6. Dreams

    The strangest dream I can recall having occurred when I was 8 or 9. I was being chased by monsters (who looked human). I ended up running into a mall where some old lady offered me a snow cone, saying it would help me if I ate it. (side note: I've always disliked snow cones) I took the snow cone and continued running. I ended up in a clothing store where the monsters surrounded me. Remembering what the old lady said, I took a bite out of the snow cone. All but one of the monsters melted. As the last remaining monster lunged at me, I took another bite and he melted too. Then I woke up. I've had other strange dreams, but defeating a bunch of monsters by eating a snow cone? That's just weird.
  7. Post a Random Fact about Yourself

    I have owned four automobiles: Two were pickup trucks. One was a sedan. Three were Toyotas. One was a Ford. Confused yet?
  8. Welcome and introduction thread

    Thanks guys!
  9. YouTube MakeOver

    I don't mind the new layout. I'm not much of a YouTuber, though. I usually ignore everything on the main page and just search for...whatever I'm looking for.
  10. Welcome and introduction thread

    Hello, DC! I'm The Vyper. Some of you already know me. I've been lurking around on other forums for a while and decided to slither my way over here. I took a hiatus from modding for a while, but I'm back.