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  1. Mass Effect 3

    Yup. I'd say ME3 is the best game I've ever played...until the last five minutes, which were probably the worst writing I've seen in any medium and were a massive slap in the face, to boot. WORST. ENDING. EVER. *willfully clings to her Indoctrination Theory* I'm no fan of the Indoctrination Theory. It's interesting, yes, but it essentially uses conspiracy theory logic--if nothing disproves X, then X must be true. I think trying to find some vast secret conspiracy of writing in Mass Effect is more than a little too hopeful; it's just bad writing. I put a little more stock in the rumors that the ending was only written by the lead writers, without input from the rest of the team. It smacks of that sort of pseudo-intellectual bravado.
  2. Mass Effect 3

    I feel it. The main narrative of Mass Effect is pretty much standard fare sci-fi anyway; it's the characters that make it attractive in the first place (which is part of the reason I'm so displeased by the ending).
  3. Mass Effect 3

    the mass effect 3 ending reduced me to what we will very gently term "grizzly bear rage" The rest of the game was balls-out amazing, though
  4. I'm taking a second year course in psychology. A professor just stopped to explain the word 'interplay.' dear god.

  5. Your Nostalgic Games

    I found my old Earthsiege II disc back home! It won't work on a system with anything greater than windows XP, but that's okay! =D Seriously, has anyone else played this game (and experienced its AMAZINGLY TERRIBLE CONTROL SYSTEM)?
  6. The reason that I don't see much of my family during the year is that I see so friggin' much of them during the holidays! @____@

    1. Lareneg


      seriously you can't fart in this house without someone bursting out of the woodwork to comment on it

  7. Games played in the last few days: Bastion, Saints Row the Third, and Deus Ex Human Revolution. I am thoroughly enjoying all three I LOVE CHRISTMAS


  9. Um.. Skyrim!?

    I've been thinking this as well! So far the only somewhat memorable NPC for me is that arrogant Thalmor guy who says "You have the honor of addressing one of the Thalmor. BASK in it," and he has like no relevance at all. Where are the Martins and Luciens? *Pouty* I guess I'm still the lone champion of the Veezara Club. Something about his weird earnest niceness despite being a cold-blooded (HAHA ARGONIAN PUN) killer just got to me. Him, and Cicero. Cicero is pretty boss.
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, everyone! And a Merry/Happy Other Things Too Numerous To Name, as well! :D
  11. number of times the first dragon has killed my sister: 5.

  12. Your Funny Skyrim Moments

    My brother and sister have started playing Skyrim. I have learned that the difficulty of learning to use dual analogue sticks should not be underestimated. Also, whenever they get into combat (yes, this happens to both of them), they just sort of slap the controller wildly in a panic. What generally happens is they hit all their allies, drop into sneak mode, and start firing flames into the sky. It is quite possibly more entertaining than Skyrim actually is itself.
  13. Um.. Skyrim!?

    Hilariously, the character that is actually interesting most right now is ... the Orc. That I made because stealth gameplay, while fun, can be tiring and I wanted to hit things with big things. Then she wound up getting vaguely complex and interesting and O MY WHAT HAPP'D. Also poor J'zhirri is vaguely interesting to me, but since I haven't touched the poor guy since translating him to the Inn, that's probably a bad sign.
  14. Um.. Skyrim!?

    this is way creepier than spiders will ever be
  15. Skyrim Tips

    My Ancient Dragon strategy varies depending on my character: Soln (Orc, two-handed weapons, legendary daedric armor and weaponry): Charge, laugh at it J'zhirri (Rogue, light-armour, passable smithing skill, mastery of illusion magic): To quote John Cena, YOU CAN'T SEE ME. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME. /spams the ever-living hell out of invisibility and tries for sneak attacks oh god why is it impossible to kill dragons while playing a light character Ayara (Assassin, thief, destruction magic wielding Dunmer): Well you will make for some delicious toast.