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  1. Favourite Music

    oooh, you just found the biggest Thrice fan here on DC ^^ I got the new album shortly after the release and it has become quickly one of my favourite album in my whole collection. I just love how they balanced the heavy earlier style, with the grand mellow melodies they were able to deliver on Major-Minor and Beggars. I am not ranking the albums or the songs themselve so much, because every bit of Thrice has something going for it. Window is special. The Bridge is powerfull, the drum beat unusual yet groovy. My favourite track is 'The long defeat' though. The lyrics are full of despair and anger, yet the outcome stays positive. I guess its personal preference in this case. And of course 'Salt and Shadow' as a perfect Ballade to finish. Even though the album is full of anger and energy, this ending soothes you from the wild ride that is this album.
  2. Elder Scrolls VI Betting Pool

    I am pretty sure, sooner or later after the release of TES VI a similar Project will rise up. Way to early to call for others out, though. Its not like you could do any preproduction, this has never worked really. Without an editor and a production for 3D or Leveldesign steering the fascination , such projects are doomed to die anyway. Time will tell, how succesfull this future installment of the 'Beyond' endeavor will be , i guess.
  3. Elder Scrolls VI Betting Pool

    Well, with mentioning technological barriers for the production of Elder Scrolls 6, Project Greenheart has become a quite a possible candidate for the next setting. Except high Ambitions on the Size of the game, what would them stop from taking Hammerfell, Elsweyr or Blackmarsh ?
  4. Elder Scrolls VI Betting Pool

    Since every Tes-Game has been about the fall of a tower, and the tower of the left-handed-elves/Yokudan, the Orichalc-tower, has been destroyed, they'd have to make something up for Hammerfell. OR Bethesda just dont give anything about a consistent storyline. After Skyrim, i am no longer sure about this. But since there has been reported turmoil in the states of the other towers, Falinest and the Mane, by bets are on either Valenwood or Elsweyr. Though i would'nt ship them together. Its not the style of Bethesda to grow exponentially large in their ambitions.
  5. Fallout: Nautica

    A neoesoteric group of self-proclaimed indian descendants, controlling mutant whales a'la Moby Dick with pre-war delphin-control-magic to thresh the ships of european refugees and independant fishermen, because they are exluding nationalists ? Just an idea ^^
  6. Anvil seems to be the location for the next ESO DLC, focusing on the Dark Brotherhood

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. EridaniNovus


      Maybe it's off screen?

    3. Barmaglott


      Nope. It's whole location map.

    4. EridaniNovus


      I'm sorry, I meant where the map cuts off. They probably will package it together with Skingrad.

  7. 4th Era Cyrodiil Guard Armor

    Please don't take this whole issue or the comment of DrewsBrew personal, Smalish. It is sad and unfortunate, that your art has been somehow overlooked, but it has nothing to do with your artistic talent. Remember, that especially new people like DrewsBrew have no clue who you are, so they write stuff that comes across wrong from your perspective, but really is not connected to you at all.
  8. Searching for a tutorial on how to make this big overview maps of Cells from my worldspace. It is so hard to find something on the internet, when you dont even know its name.

    1. Escha


      The way we've been doing it for Iliac Bay is to 1) zoom out very far in top down orthographic mode, take many screenshots 2)stitch them together, photoshop has a quick automatic function for instance

    2. Spectral Dragon
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    Thats what bothers me most. Armors could be designed skimpy while maintaining their protective value. But leaving the abdomen uncovered while having armguards or shoulderpads is just wrong. Why protect the most bleeding- and cut-resistant areas, when the most vulnearable point is literally naked and can be sliced with one cut or stab. One hit to this area and you are dead for sure. I mean, whats the purpose of this choice of design, but to serve a certain taste of fashion and sexuality ? You cannot even deny that
  10. the rapids leading into the cave are a nice idea, but there is one big flaw about it: Have you tried to get out of the cave, once your character stepped/fell into it ? Wouldn't you expect to fall rather trough the hole ? I am pretty sure you would get stuck and have to reload the last safegame / use the console to get out of this confusing situation.
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    Daedric in TES IV Style
  12. Favourite Music

  13. Upgraded to GTX 980 Ti, 16 GB Ram, and Intel i7 4790k: 2016, my Body is ready !

    1. Spectral Dragon

      Spectral Dragon

      Outstanding! Now with bigger, better power perhaps you can model some more rocks!

    2. Percevan


      I'd loooove to have such a gpu!

  14. Favourite Music

    and mildly NSFW (stupid thumbnail XD)