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  1. I remember when the windmill was first invented. Sweet, sweet windmill. I always hated it.

  2. Course Signups

    The level of certification you wish to pursue. You can always change this at a later time. (1-3, descriptions found in the overview thread) - Level 3Is there a project or mod you intend to use these skills for? If so, what is it for? - When the moratorium is lifted, any Beyond Skyrim project that would need a CanMerge certified level 3.Have you had any experience with version control or file management? Based on previous experience, some requirements of each course level may be considered fulfilled. - I've used VC 1 or 2 times but I have no clue if it worked, it was some time ago.I got into modding with the original Travel to Cyrodiil mod and "The Nirn Project", both of which have since become Beyond Skyrim in the months leading up to the CK's release. Most of the original work and organization from back then is gone, as are the members, but I still love the project and want to do anything and everything I can to help it succeed. I believe in the ideals of the CanMerge project and have always wanted to learn Version Control, as it is one of the few tools I believe to be completely necessary to a BS Project's long-term survival.
  3. Farewell to Eldarie

    Goodbye, Eldarie. Thank you for everything you've done here for Beyond Skyrim. It was really nice to know you.
  4. I may be alone on this one, but I like the feel of the original poppies much more than the new ones.
  5. Goblin Culture / Goblin Wars

    I had in other threads proposed ideas for development of Goblin culture, and would love to flesh out their culture more. ESO tells us that Goblins in the east of Cyrodiil and all of Morrowind have developed agriculture, we know from Oblivion that they have domesticated rats, and there is already a leather armor and stone weapon/tool set being developed for our Goblins. We know from Oblivion that a small population of Goblins can use magic, with males becoming Shamans and females Witches.
  6. Fort Dunemoth - ub3rman123

    Uberman, if you are tiring of bandits populating everything perhaps you could use the Goblins when they get finished? Which will hopefully be very soon.
  7. [WIP] Goblin - Take Three

    My original concepts for the 4E Cyrodiilic Goblin Tribes were as follows: Strong Pick Tribe- specialize in mining and smithing, have the most diverse types of metals, and slightly more damaging weapons/ tools. Live in the northern parts of Cyrodiil. Deep Root Tribe- specialize in agriculture, have a few types of non poisonous mushrooms grown for food. Live along the eastern edge of Cyrodiil, especially the Valus mountains. Bald Tail Tribe- specialize in Rat farming/ herding, they live in central Cyrodiil, possibly based in the sewers of the IC(if that's allowed, ofc). . Gold Finger Tribe- mine gold deposits around Cyrodiil and specialize in trade with the other tribes. Much less centralized, appear all over Cyrodiil, representing early diasporic communities. Red Face Tribe- a tribe named for their red war posting, specialize in war with other tribes, their ranks consisting almost entirely of warriors, scavengers, and a small miner/Smith population. Bitterfish Tribe- specialize in fishing, live mainly in the southern half of Cyrodiil, and only close-by to water. Population dominated by fishermen and cooks. I don't know if these are still being used or not, but that was my idea.
  8. [WIP] Goblin - Take Three

    Great job on the models Viltuska! Absolutely love your work so far. However, I don't know where it is mentioned in game that only goblin females can use magic. In fact, I am almost entirely sure that Goblin Shamans(males) are far more common than Goblin Witches(females). Goblin domestication of rats should be included, but I don't know what models could be used for rat pens or if there is anything that currently fits the bill. In addition to the weapons Smalish designed before, farming tools for mushrooms such as something for drying would be good. What will we be doing for tribal insignias?
  9. Beyond Skyrim: Pyandonea

    I really hope we don't make them Thalmor fodder. I think that these guys could be a real threat to the Dominion, something we've yet to see.
  10. I'm sick. Dammit, are you guys spreading it over the internet? Lol

    1. Karhu


      Of course. Never heard of viral posts ?

    2. Alois


      I am trying to ward off all the colds by eating a very healthy diet. Yum Spinach today lolz...

  11. Okay, I have no clue how to use TESVEdit, so how do I get that code to affect the meshes? Or does it just automatically change them all?
  12. Observatory and Orrery

    We should include the Serpent in Hammerfell's observatories, IMO. If they're Dwemer based, I doubt they'd put superstitions above accuracy in their construction.
  13. Happy Birthday Guin!

    Happy Birthday, man!
  14. It might just be me, but that tree in the right of pic 1 looks really really bizarre. Not in a good way. Other than that, looks great! Nice work ub3rman!