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  1. Elros3112 added a post in a topic New resources   

    For our project, we use a resource pack on carpet nexus, they are to the ground but we also fix on the walls and the results is very good. 
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  2. Elros3112 added a post in a topic New resources   

    Yes, this is the same mod, it was no longer on nexus (it was removed for lack of download). Breti has republish his mod on nexus there is not very long.
    Warning: there are resources he has created from the oblivion meshes. (there is a statue, a bridge, a decorative armor and I think tapestries in part)
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  3. Elros3112 added a topic in Cross-Province Collaboration   

    New resources
    There was a time, I gave a download link for new resources. I think you've forgotten, so I repost on the forum.   In the folder there is everything: houses, castles, ...    Items that are in the folder have been develop by Breti a German modeler with whom we are working hard to "I am the king."    I asked permission to Breti for Beyond Skyrim, he agreed to make available its job, you just have to be credited.    Work Breti is huge and relatively well, we work almost exclusively with his creations.   http://www.mediafire.com/download/gdkzlplcm38wz4q/Roch.rar  
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  4. Elros3112 added a topic in Art & Modelling   

    Lod help
    Hi all. We have had a little LOD problem recently. We are following Alexander and Hoddminir's methods, which gives us a pretty satisfactory rendering (with some texture bugs but it is another problem ^^). The problem I wanted to inform you is that, for some time, we can not make the LOD work on other people's computer. I have this method (which had been successful before): I zip the files with WinRar, I upload them on MEGA and other members can download it. Files we are exchanging are Data/LODSettings  Data/Meshes/Terrain & Data/Textures/Terrain folders. Would you have an idea of where the problem could come from, because we are kind of stuck for now ^^.
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  5. Elros3112 added a topic in Art & Modelling   

    texture problem with nif
    hi, I just have a small problem I have with a round tower, the texture is good from afar, but when you close it is whiter than the original texture.

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