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  1. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    I do not speak English very well sorry. And if I do a message in French, with below, the translation into English Allemend and as is often done in DC, will not very convenient for members of forums in my opinion. thank you to you orion, for having "translated" in wholesale I meant. is not always easy to place an idea in a language i do not control well.
  2. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    it is very beautiful! I just find that there is not a lot of staging in the video. It is not very rhythmic and alternence day night quickly unpleasant. Remember that the video will facade, the business card of your project! It's like a publiciter, it must mark the person who looks for her to remember. Nou, we used a very strong youtuber the staging of his video for ours. And then subjugate us has réusltat for perssonnes who do not know the pojet it must be even more incredible!. http://www.moddb.com/mods/i-am-the-king/videos/i-am-the-king-trailer-mod-of-the-year-awards It is possible that this comment does not like necessarily but I think an outside vision is always useful for the good of the project.
  3. Lod help

    Hi all. We have had a little LOD problem recently. We are following Alexander and Hoddminir's methods, which gives us a pretty satisfactory rendering (with some texture bugs but it is another problem ^^). The problem I wanted to inform you is that, for some time, we can not make the LOD work on other people's computer. I have this method (which had been successful before): I zip the files with WinRar, I upload them on MEGA and other members can download it. Files we are exchanging are Data/LODSettings Data/Meshes/Terrain & Data/Textures/Terrain folders. Would you have an idea of where the problem could come from, because we are kind of stuck for now ^^.
  4. texture problem with nif

    hi, I just have a small problem I have with a round tower, the texture is good from afar, but when you close it is whiter than the original texture.