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  1. Application - Web Developer

    Hello people from Skyrim, My name is Berckan Guerrero, and I have been loving and following this project since 2013. I never thought I could really help with anything here, since I have done very little skyrim modding, but just saw your Facebook post about you guys needing help with web development, and decided to come lend a hand to fellow Nords. I am a front end developer with 5 years experience in HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery and PHP, with main focus on WordPress sites, just like beyondskyrim.org. When working with WordPress, I can design my own templates or heavily modify premade ones, it would depend of your needs and publication times. I have worked a LOT with your current theme, Avada, which you guys could find helpful. I speak fluently both Spanish and english, just in case you need help with anything related to those languages as well. I am currently redesigning my portfolio, berckan.cl, but Here I will leave some examples of my work: I would love to work with you guys, it would really be a dream come true. Thanks and good luck, Berckan Guerrero