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  1. Wellpapp added a post in a topic Favourite Music   

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  2. Wellpapp added a post in a topic Favourite Music   

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  3. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald Locations   

    Me and Lasur decided we wanted one main Legion fort per County. Most of these forts would be repurposed old forts, because it's cheaper.
    Fort Istirus was repurposed like this and renamed to Fort Rislav, after Rislav Larich, the First Era king of Skingrad.
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  4. Wellpapp added a post in a topic Hessux's Colovia Development Thread   

    Colovia is the Gold Coast, West Weald, Colovian Highlands and Great Forest combined. So I'd say Colovia is about 1/3 complete.
    This particular claim is in the Colovian Highlands, which is getting close to being 1/2 complete, I think.
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  5. Wellpapp added a post in a topic Retexturing Mine Ores   

    The Cyrodiil retextures work fine ingame for me.
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  6. Wellpapp added a post in a topic Hessux's Colovia Development Thread   

    Nice! You should lower the terrain under the ruined tower with the stairs, so you have this little underground room.
    Also, the ground textures and the trees used are wrong. The ground textures should be the CYRLHighland set and the trees should be BSKTreeScotsPine. So replace/delete the current trees and paint over the ground textures.
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  7. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald Ambience Sounds   

    Thanks for the suggestions! http://www.xeno-canto.org/ has a huge library of bird recordings. They are all licensed under Creative Commons, meaning you're free to do whatever you want with them, as long as it's non-commerical and you give proper credit. This is what I've been using for other regions.
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  8. Wellpapp added a topic in West Weald   

    West Weald Ambience Sounds
    I've been working on some abience sounds for various regions and I thought I'd get started on the West Weald. But I need suggestions, primarily for bird sounds, because I'm out of ideas. It doesn't really matter what species, or what part of the world they're from, just as long as they sound appropriate for the West Weald. I'm thinking songbirds of various types. The only birds I've got so far are hoopoes and mocking birds.
    Apart from birds, we will also need sounds like cicadas, crickets, frogs, other insects. For crickets and cicadas, we could probably reuse vanilla sounds. For frogs I'm thinking bullfrogs might work? As for other insects, maybe katydids?
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  9. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald Assets   

    I should mention that there are azalea shrubs available too (CYRTreeAzaleaShrub01 and 02).
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  10. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald and Elsweyr development   

    Vlastarus Ruins: Use the Imperial fort kit and make it look like the ruins of an ancient settlement or fortification. Should not be larger than one cell.
    Silverscale Pond: This should be a Spriggan Grove. I'll get back to you with details on how to set it up (it involves triggers and scripts and stuff).
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  11. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald and Elsweyr development   

    Nice! If you have any wildflower textures that you think might fit the region, that would be great! I'm thinking colors like yellow, blue, purple, pink, red.
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  12. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald and Elsweyr development   

    I've been working on unique texture sets for each region in Cyrodiil and I've started working on one for the West Weald (it was using random textures from BSAssets), to give it an even more distinct look. So far I've got dirt, grass and leaves mostly done. I haven't touched the 3d grass yet (will do that last), so grass is disabled in these screenshots:

    The textures are not final and I'm still tweaking them. If you have any requests or feedback, post here. I will make a moss texture and a flowers texture as well.
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  13. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald and Elsweyr development   

    I think it would be better if the Skingrad people went fishing in the small lakes outside Skingrad (there were a few in Oblivion) instead of in Silverscale Pond. The reason being - they'd be instantly slaughtered by Spriggans if they tried fishing in it.
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  14. Wellpapp added a post in a topic West Weald and Elsweyr development   

    Hey! Great job on the map (saves me a lot of work)! 
    Most of it looks good to me, although we're not using all locations for Oblivion. We're also adding some locations that were added by ESO, as well as adding new location types that were introduced in Skyrim, such as Spriggan groves. I've made a list of location changes:
    Shetstone Fram - Gone (200 years have passed, lots of stuff has happened, so this little farm no longer exists)Ill of Inn Omen - Gone (Same reason as above)Faregyl Inn - Upgraded to village, drop the Inn part, so it's just Faregyl (Rorikstead, Shor's Stone-sized)Fort Vlastarus - Changed to Vlastarus Ruins. Ruins of an ancient settlement/temple/whatever instead of a fort, for the sake of variety.Shadeleaf Copse - Pond/Spriggan Grove, should be located somewhere between Goblin Jim's Cave and Grayrock Cave.Silverscale Pond - Pond/Spriggan Grove, should be located somewhere near Nornalhorst and Howling Cave.Fort Istrius - This might end up getting replaced with a new, active military fort. It's not 100% decided yet though.Outpost Primus - Imperial watchtower along the River Strid. Located west of the Reman Runestone and Fort Istrius.North Weald Forester Outpost - A Legion Forester outpost. Just a regular farm house with some Imperial banners outside. Located in the woods north of SkingradFort Black Boot - Change the name to something else. Black Boot Keep, Black Boot Tower, or something like that. We want to reduce the number of locations called "Fort X", because it gets kinda repetitive.River Strid - Should be extended to the east, so it starts near Silorn.Apart from the locations marked on the the map, there should also be several small, unmarked POIs in the wilderness. I'm sure you've encountered these in vanilla Skyrim - it can be a small wolf den, a hunter's camp, a hidden treasure, etc. Basically anything the level designer wants, as long as it's not something completely ridiculous. Anyway, we're aiming for around 20 of these per region, depending on how big the region is.
    Also a minor thing that doesn't really matter, we're calling it North Weald instead of West Weald Wood.
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  15. Wellpapp added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    I edited the brightness and saturation on the motherwort a bit, because it was a bit overly saturated and didn't really blend in with the other environmental assets:

    Is it okay if I push it to BSAssets?
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