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  1. Favourite Music

  2. The Badlands 2017

    You should make a ramp out of one of those cliffs so you can get on top of that little rock formation. Maybe hide a treasure on top of it or something.
  3. General Signup Thread

    Hi! We could definitely use some more 3d artists! Can you post some examples of previous work?
  4. Favourite Music

  5. Favourite Music

  6. Favourite Music

  7. Heartlands Claim 2

    Great work! My only complaint is that some areas might be a bit too rocky? But I'm not sure. Also, the red grass (it's not heather, just called that in the CK) was something I experimented with. It will eventually get a complete retexture.
  8. Favourite Music

  9. Favourite Music

  10. West Weald Locations

    Me and Lasur decided we wanted one main Legion fort per County. Most of these forts would be repurposed old forts, because it's cheaper. Fort Istirus was repurposed like this and renamed to Fort Rislav, after Rislav Larich, the First Era king of Skingrad.
  11. Hessux's Colovia Development Thread

    Colovia is the Gold Coast, West Weald, Colovian Highlands and Great Forest combined. So I'd say Colovia is about 1/3 complete. This particular claim is in the Colovian Highlands, which is getting close to being 1/2 complete, I think.
  12. Retexturing Mine Ores

    The Cyrodiil retextures work fine ingame for me.
  13. Hessux's Colovia Development Thread

    Nice! You should lower the terrain under the ruined tower with the stairs, so you have this little underground room. Also, the ground textures and the trees used are wrong. The ground textures should be the CYRLHighland set and the trees should be BSKTreeScotsPine. So replace/delete the current trees and paint over the ground textures.