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  1. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    First WIP picture from chapter two:
  2. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    If you liked the mod, don't forget you can currently choose it for files of the month on the nexus : )
  3. Version control and Navmesh

    Delete, problem solved.
  4. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    The file is now accessible to the public: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87681/?
  5. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    Important announcement
  6. Glass murals

    I was a bit disappointed with the grey interior glasses from bruma release, so I took pics from this thread to recolor them. I strongly advise you to include it in the next patch, because it looks 10 times more epic : )
  7. Show us what you're working on!

    Your models are really excellent Mihail : ) I have used your giant wasp for my mod and I will probably use some others too, thanks for those wonderful resources : )
  8. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    Thanks : ) I'm already trying to do partial dubbing in french, so I don't think I'll have the time too manage it in english too^^ But the idea sounds very cool.
  9. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    I've finally decided to make a trailer for the next release : )
  10. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    Come on, it has only been 6 months^^ The project is in the same state as bruma I guess, tedious bugfixing and polishing. But it's mostly playable and close to release state.
  11. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    A little world for a side quest, (unlikely to be available in chapter one, but it's still fun to work on^^) The first chapter is very close to completion by the way, translation and partial dubbing is ongoing.
  12. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    The walls of Maslea from the distance.
  13. Iliac Bay Progress Maps

    @ub3rman123: Thanks for the tips, my computer will probably die in the process but I'll try anyway^^ @warshunn333: http://img110.xooimage.com/files/6/6/c/bsk-51aa5d2.jpg : ) (the cyrodiil map is probably completely outdated though)
  14. Iliac Bay Progress Maps

    Amazing progress, this will create a very nice landmass to explore : ) May I ask how do you create those top view screenshots of a full worldsapce? I'd love to do it myself : )
  15. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    Thanks : ) Yes I do everything alone except the music and the resources I use, but the architecture and large meshes are mostly custom made. Most of the quests for the first chapter are done and in bugfixing phase (which doesn't mean that the mod will be out tomorrow, but I guess you all know how it works here^^)