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  1. 06/11/2017

    For Winterhold, a couple of things for consideration: 1) It appears that the cliff between the Winterhold area and the College spire wasn't there before the Great Collapse, so most of its ruins would be there (there are some right now, actually). 2) Unless the Sea swallowed what didn't collapse, making the Nords build the few buildings they have in the 4E , what remained of Winterhold should've its own distinct style and not the generic Nordic buildings they used in the game. Things to take into account for such distinct style. a) Ancient, Nordic and Magic: it was made by Shalidor's magic, so it is safe to assume that the rest of the city was similar to the College. Maybe the walls didn't need sentry towers or battlements at this point, so the wall could've been simple. b) Skyrim's capital under High King Borgas of Winterhold: he was a warrior, so he surely would fortified his walls. c) The Golden Age: During the third century of the Third Era, Baron Ulfe Gersen ruled over Winterhold. He "brought considerable wealth and influence" with Morihatha Septim when they married, which enabled them both to help Uriel Septim VI with his political struggles against the Elder Council. This Imperial influence could've also affected the city's architectural style. Maybe they could've added battlements to its walls, or maybe they didn't change the wall but they adorned the streets with Imperial style lamp posts, statues and buildings facades.
  2. Help with Activator

    I'm not an expert, so bear with me please, I added some portcullis using the DIntGate01.nif model from Dawnguard to Solitude, activated by a furniture metal lever or by a furniture generic pull chain and they only work once. The Gate itself is set like the other nordic portcullis gates with Collision Geometry, Obstacle and On Local Map settings selected and using the Default2StateActivator script set to default. Both the furniture lever and pull chain are using the TrapLever script with the TriggerType string set to 2 (Toggle). The thing is that I added nordic portcullis to Windhelm using the same method, but instead of general pull chain and metal lever furniture I used the nordic/silver variants for esch, and I can open and close them as much as I want. Could it be a problem with the DIntGate01 model? Am I missing something else? Could I try something else? Please, help.
  3. Daggerfall, Yes im Starting again.

    As someone who's looking forward to see High Rock in ESV, I suggest to create the ESO-like tilesets. Mr. Siika's tileset looks too European while the ESO's reflects with it's curved roofs and other structures the nature and origin of ES Bretons; their mix of man and mer. So it doesn't end up monotonous, use textures reflecting the landscape and make variation of the roof designs while keeping the rest of the structures intact. Good luck, everyone.
  4. Landscape of Roscrea

    As long as their is a strong explainable reason, like the hot springs, it makes sense. Atmora was once warmer yes, but it isn't now. Maybe before the Poles were someplace else or Atmora was farther from the North Pole, etc. The point is that now Atmora and since Roscrea is closer to Atmora I worried that the Atmoran climate would affect strongly Roscrea. But as long as there are hot springs and maybe mountains that protect the Southern part of the island from the climate of the North, it seems completely plausible and legit to me.
  5. Landscape of Roscrea

    But, if Roscrea is in the Sea of Ghosts and not visible from Skyrim, that would mean it's far North, closer to the North Pole. Being so, shouldn't it be more snowy, frozen?
  6. Roscrea's Location?

    By 3E 271, when Emperor Uriel V invaded Roscrea, Solitude was already the Capital of Skyrim so Roscrea doesn't need to be that close to Solitude itself, only close to the Skyrim territory, to be annexed by them. Using one of the maps GusBus111 mentioned here, I changed it a bit taking into account what was discussed here to have an idea where Roscrea is. I moved the Atmora continent farther North and a bit to the West. The continent of Akavir was moved farther to the East and it's shape was distorted a bit so that it would match more the account in the "Disaster at Ionith" book where it says that the kingdom of the Tsaesci is in the southwest of Akavir and Uriel V's landing site "was a small Tsaesci port at the mouth of a large river, chosen for its proximity to Tamriel". Inside the red enclosure are the islands mentioned in this discussion and Roscrea is the second one from left to right. The shape of the Roscrea island was the one the original author of the map made. *In case you were wondering, the island that says "Northernpoint" is mine and made up.