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  1. Something I realized from Dawnguard

    I’m just mentioning it.
  2. Dragonborn

    I remember in Dragon Age: Inquisition there were a number of quests to prove yourself an ally to the Dalish in order to gain a new agent for your inquisition, and something else to gain the title Inquisitor First-Thaw (from Jaws of Hakkon). Maybe that system could be used in proving yourself to the houses of the Dunmer in general, if not only house Telvanni.
  3. I saw something mentioned in Nexus Modder Mihail Romanov mentions in his series of mods, especially his Morrowind-inspired mods: a quest series called the Shadow of Dagoth Ur. He's hidden those quest mods while he works on updates for them, but I'd feel that it was right to mention it here.
  4. I was just playing Dawnguard when I remembered something that the Moth Priest Dexion (I think) said. Please note that I was playing as the Dawnguard faction: "I have colleagues back in Cyrodiil that would be interested in studying (Fort Dawnguard) in detail." If Bruma was Part 1 of Cyrodiil, can the colleagues that Dexion mentioned be part of Part Two, where you escort them to Fort Dawnguard, and learn that all of the stories about the old Dawnguard have a nugget of truth in them.
  5. Quest Ideas?

    Here's one idea and some background for it. Return of Haynekhtnamet: The reason why Hayne (shortened because I'm not so good at spelling that name) was so difficult to kill was because he was one of Alduin's most loyal, non-dovah followers, and his loyalty was well rewarded. With Alduin returns Hayne to subjugate Black Marsh. The quest should involve following clues and dealing with several famous, newly resurrected Wamasus, eventually dealing with Hayne himself. Eventually a new Fang of Hayne can be crafted from a new fang after Hayne is killed. There should be some race-tied dialogue to this quest: If the PC is a Nord: "I've killed your ancestor and I'll kill you as well!" You: "Well my ancestor will be avenged now!" Hayne: "We will see." If the PC is a Dunmer: "I'm the one who put that scar on Nerevar's face! You'll be lucky if you get away with your life, mer!"
  6. Something I realized

    There's something I just realized. Beyond Skyrim doesn't have any project for Valenwood. Everyone else is free to come up with something for it, but this is what I came up with: Valenwood: Forest of Death Something has awakened in the primeval forests of Valenwood. Valenwood's forests are becoming sick. The spirits of the dead are starting to trouble the bosmer. Even now they're considering unleashing the Wild Hunt against the source of the corruption. Can you purge the corruption before the bosmer unleash a new monster upon Tamriel? This is basically the Elder Scrolls adaptation of Mirkwood circa The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug.
  7. I just realized something, and I'd to share it with you. NexusMods Author Mad Frenchie did a mod a long time back called Fight against the Thalmor II: The Frontier to Cyrodiil. I realized that maybe you could include compatibility with Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil if you just knew about it. I'm including the link to the mod so you can look at it: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33164 Just so you know, this mod was developed back in 2013, so it's rather old. You should also talk to the mod author about including his creation in BS:C so nobody would get in trouble for it.
  8. With a little help from the people of The Elder Scrolls Wiki, I've come up with a new Shout: Hahnu-Zaareign-Aluntiid (Dream-Sight-Future) Your Thu'um Shatters Time and Breaks Dreams,As you see It Telling your Future.Your Shout will Tell The Future I've also had the liberty of putting limits to it: A: It can only be used once a week; B: It cannot be used in combat; and C: It can only be used in certain places. This thread is for the posting of any shout ideas that might be a good idea to add to Beyond Skyrim. Please make them realistic and use the format I used.