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  1. I see what my mistake was. I have Sofia as a follower which is voice acted by Christine Slagman who also is on the Beyond Skyrim team (voicing "Aera the Devout, Rilja Stone-Hearth, Sinja Strong-Mind, Ionalla Dark-Heart, Additional Voices" ; the "voices" I'm hearing and misidentified). That's what I'm hearing and confusing with Potastic. After hearing Potastic on MxR's youtube channel, Recorder mod, and Ellen the Cartographer (FO4) I felt like making an (erroneous) comment. I heard her twice in Bruma but I see now what I'm hearing is what I know as Sofia the follower. With that said, I'm thankful for all the work that goes into this expansion mod. My friend also thought it was Potastic so it wasn't just me. I might add Hayao Miyazaki's opinion for what it's worth. "It can be frustrating when the voice actors want their presence to be felt by others. Especially the young women's voices. It seems like they're all speaking with an 'Aren't-I-so-cute?' voice. That's unbearable." One sassy Sofia was enough but I'll have to get over it or maybe drop her as a follower. Thank you for the great expansion and work. I'm hoping I won't run into a ton more Sofia's voice but I mean no disrespect to Christine and her voice acting. It's just so distinctive and personally I don't think the tone fits in with Skyrim NPCs. So I'll back away from this slowly now ; )
  2. I'm requesting that the voice-actor for Recorder not be used anymore than what's already been done for Beyond Skyrim. I find the voice to be very immersion breaking. Her voice is very easy to identify and has already been used for several NPCs I've run across in Beyond Skyrim. After watching MxR mod reviews for some time I've become familiar with his girlfriend the voice-actor, Gini (sp?). Not to mention she is the voice for the follower, Recorder. I don't mean any offense but please stop adding her voice to more of Beyond Skyrim is my request.
  3. Configuring Elys Uncapper

    Thank you
  4. Configuring Elys Uncapper

    Ok, although I'm just trying to figure out where the SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.INI file should be. SPERG seems to make one go inside of it's folder as well. Oh well, Thank you
  5. Configuring Elys Uncapper

    I have it in both and I didn't put it there. NMM must have when installing (?). I'll modify both the same, copy/paste. but it sounds like the non-SPERG folder is the active one if you don't have one there. Thanks
  6. Configuring Elys Uncapper

    I have one question: which SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.INI file do we edit, the one in the Data/SKSE/plugins folder or Data/SPERG/SKSE/plugins ?? Thank you! I did some editing of INI file and added about 4 more mods and now I have chronic CTD's.