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  1. Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial

    YES! Did it! It was only a typo in the folder's name. :-P NUS = NifUtilsSuite
  2. Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial

    Have you tried to change the template in ChunkMerge? What kinds of objects you're trying to create? If your custom object is similar in shape to something from the game, it may be easier to use Nifskope to copy your geometry data into the original file and keep the collision data (then save it into a new file). But you'll have to fix the Name string to avoid conflict with the root node, if I remember well. You can also create box and spheric collisions from scratch in Nifskope, copying the structure of another nif file by eye. Those are some alternatives to using ChunkMerge if you can't make it work.
  3. Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial

    [SOLVED] Hey, good people, I need some help. When I try to export my sword, I keep receiving TextureHelper error logs. Sometimes "warning", sometimes "offset". I've put the files in a path structure like Skyrim's, I've separated the parts so there'd be no multiple materials in the same object and even deleted the normal texture so I have only one texture per material (don't know if that helps, but it doesn't harm, I can correct that later). Could someone please take a look at my file to see what's wrong? http://www.mediafire.com/file/c70f923xavclr3c/MySword.zip Plugin version: blender_nif_plugin-2.6.0a0.dev4-16.12.14 Blender version: 2.78a
  4. Version 1.04b1


    v.1.04b1 A village hidden inside the Druadach Mountains, where its inhabitants have become increasingly hostile to each other. A legend about a covenant between men and gods. What's the possible relation between the two? Helveton – The Fate of the Mountain adds new locations, characters, monsters and quests to TESV: Skyrim. Japanese Translation Here!! By BowmoreLover Discover the town of Helveton and step into the mountain chain of Druadach, through the Savage Land to the Palma Valley.One main quest and two more sidequests. Meaningful interactions with NPCs. Puzzles demand deduction and not pulling off feats of mechanics. Adult themes. Crude language (profanity and cursing). Easter eggs and references! Gotta catch'em all! (Not that, though.) Requirements:Up-to-date version of Skyrim with all DLCs ( or Legendary Edition) Instalation: Download the main file (v.1.03) and install its content into game's DATA folder. After that, do the same with Patch v.1.04b1, overwriting when asked to. Use of subtitles is advised. How to begin: Southeast to Hag Rock Redoubt, you'll see a wayshrine near the river and a bridge. Go there and activate it for future ease of access. Then swin into the waterfall, to a cave named Unknown Redoubt. Questions and AnswersHow may I acess the sidequests? After you reach Palma Valley, you can go to the Crypt. The keeper will ask you to clear the dungeon. The other quest is found by talking to the bard in Palma's tavern. How lore-friendly is this game? It depends. If you're nitpicky, then it's not lore-friendly at all. But if you accept new concepts tied in with canon concepts, then it's lore-friendly while expanding on the lore. Sure, the Land of Shaken Dream is a huge stretch, but it's a delirious dream scenario. Only the dreammer is the Godhead (or another Godhead? Who knows...). Is that Nebula Chain spell from Saint Seiya? Yes, Saint Seiya, that non-sensical, misoginist 80's anime that some of us love because of pure nostalgia. By the way, Shun was the strongest bronze saint. The first chronologically to damage a silver cloth. Strong with cloth, limitless without it. His only limits were imposed by non-sensical plot devices. Period! I did some reverse engineering and saw some cells have weird names that don't match with the plot. Why is that? Originally, the mod I was working on was abandoned because nothing in it made much sense and pacing was a mess. One day I started a new dungeon and just put most of the old stuff in it and then The Fate of the Mountain was born. Known issues:Compatibility: It was informed that the following mods start at the same place in the map, creating a conflict: . Death Mountain 2 . Forgotten City If you can't start Helveton because of this, you may use a console command to spawn right where you should start (coc aaaUnknownRedoubt) When you reach the city of Helveton, you should see a group of kids bullying another kid. If you don't, try waiting 1 game hour or go back into the door and come once again. That is because the kids may be sleeping and when you enter the city, they will run to their places to start the fight. If they are not sleeping, they will be already in their places. Newly Found Dwemer Ruins seems to be taxing on framerate.Some merchants and trainers with vanilla voicetypes won't speak their line when asked for ther services, but with subtitles on, the line will appear on screen. The cause of it is unknown, as the audio comes originally with the game and the references to the files are already there. Just hit the button for the respective menu to show. In one test run, during a boss battle against two dremoras and a storm daedroth, after the player escaping and coming back, the daedroth went outside of the room and became stuck at the door. The solution was to use console commands: entering TCL to turn collision off, going near the enemy and using KILL to kill it. The cause for it is undetermined as of now. If the player gets the evil ending, after the cutscene, a message will say the follower has left him even if there is no follower. Just ignore that. Bendix's Coat has no first-person view model. Life is hard. History: 2016, February, 14 – Patch 1.04b1: Fixed navmash at Helveton Jail. Attributed ownership to Helveton Barracks, Raz Manul's farm and Palma Condo. Removed broken training with Eradrel Greenwood. Disabled test chest from the lobby of Palma Crypt. Corrected the subtitle for a line of dialogue for Markus and Jimmy. Moved slightly the Nebula Chain target that leads to Windy Cliff, making it easier to hit. Moved CraftingCookingPotInvisible slightly downward at aaaSavageAdele. Moved one-way hidden door at aaaSavageEntrance so the pointer will lead the player to an accessible door instead of a wall. Fixed teleportation to Savage Land so followers can now go there. Improved navmesh in Savage Land so followers may traverse it easier. Added several Nebula Chain targets to Savage Land to encourage exploration along with extra loot. New enemy: Brave Goat. Just a goat that attacks the player on site... Speaking of goats, try to find a goat-related surprise at the Savage Land! Necropriest Cuirass name corrected. Holes on the ground in Savage Land corrected. Hole on architecture in Newly Found Ruins corrected.2015, September, 25 – Version 1.03: Helveton Guard and original bandits armors made playable (except for Warlock vest, as female version causes CTD when made playable, no idea why); New dialogues for some characters after evil ending; added facegendata that was lacking2015, August, 31 – Version 1.02: Elder Thing's Playable Race tag removed; Baku'nan's dialogue corrected; aaaCrisFarmer01 is now owner of his livestock; Dinosaurs added to Qadir Family (chickens are dinosaurs, right?); fixed collision in some stairs, added lights and moved lever at the temple in Shores of Life; Some NULL values ereased; all content is now in one file, no patch needed.2015, August, 30 – Version 1.01: repacking of .bsa file, putting some files out of it, elimination of remaining ITM; script properties missing that were meant to be void anyway remain and will be patched soon.2015, August, 30 – Mod released on Nexus. Permission:On content created by me: you can use for derivative work, but give credit. On content created by others: do as respective creators say. What is not allowed is any of its parts as content for paid mods or any other form of commercialization. Credits:Meshes: Tamira - New Plants 1_3 with Yughues aka Nobiax (http://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=yughues) and Birdy (http://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=birdy) Ga-KnomboeBoy - GKB Green Trees B65ISPat www.blendswap.com –Alligator Textures: Some rugs from www.orientalrugs.com Some textures from http://texturise.blogspot.com.br/ Voice synth: Acapela Group Music: The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Requiem for a Fish Cris Spiegel – Heavy Metal remix of previous song as boss battle theme. Traditional - The House of the Rising Sun (as The House of the Rising Moons) Cris Spiegel – Evil Ending music Additional music: All songs performed by Cris Spiegel Bards songs: Because the Night - Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith I'm Just Your Problem - Rebecca Sugar Black Dog - John Paul Joner, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant Painkiller (as Numidium, the painkiller) - Glen Tipton, Rob Halford, K. K. Downing A Cry From The Edge - Pit Passarel, Felipe Machado BGM: Soon - Jon Anderson; Arrangement by Cris Spiegel Portative organs easter egg song excerpts: Metroid fanfarres - Hirokazu Tanaka, Hirokazu Tanaka - Nintendo Pegasus Fantasy and Mime's Theme - Seiji Yokoyama - Toei Animation The Chemical Wedding and The Alchemist - Roy Z and Bruce Dickinson Inspiration: Tu'whacca and Ruptga's design loosely based on the design of Myzel, Lutemoth and Tamriel Rebuit. Did I forget someone? If you saw something in the mod and thinks it's yours, but you are not mentioned here, maybe I forgot to give you due credit. Send a message if you realized such thing happened! Thank you: The communities at Nexus, Dark Creations, NifTools Forum, Creation Kit wiki, etc. All tutorial makers and those who help us in foruns, especially the eventual debuggers (especially Tamira and Lazarus89). The creators of tools, specially Blender, FO3Archive, fuz_extractor, Unfuzer, MultiXwm, Nifskope, NifUtilsSuite, Oscape, TES4Gecko, TES5Edit and TES5LODGen. zAppeo for Get over here! mod, which I studied. The Freak Fandango Orchestra, for authorizing the use of their amazing song in its original form.