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  1. The Dwemer of Volenfell

    I keep forgetting about Mr. Siika's resources. I seem to recall that one of the TES4 Dwemer resources were basically Morrowind-inspired Dwemer resources but much higher poly.
  2. HF - Alik'r/ Dragongrove [2A, 2B]

    I've really wanted to develop a Dwemer desalination plant (I'll have to look through the existing Dwemer assets and see if we can hodge-podge something together.) We could always play around with the idea that Dragongrove was a place where an underground Dwemer desalination / refinery ruptured after the Disappearance. Since the intake from the ocean persisted and the rest of the machinery worked, the outflow pipe that ruptured results in a slow but steady flow of fresh water straight forth from under the sands. There would be no sign of the actual pipes under the sand, but perhaps a faint hissing and a constant seepage of very fresh water resulted in a "miracle" oasis, resulting in a lot of religious imagery / Satakal carvings etc.
  3. The Dwemer of Volenfell

    As a player I'm ready to wait a few more years if I can really have unique content. In fact I'd prefer to visit a new land with only two dungeons, as long as they are really interesting and unique, rather than 30 dungeons copy/pasted from skyrim. If I just want "more skyrim", I can already download falskaar or wyrmstooth... This. Don't get me wrong Karhu, you bring up some reasonable and valid points (that show a great deal more foresight than my IT'S PRETTY I WANT IT), but I think it wouldn't be bad to place new models relatively low on the priority list and assemble dungeons with placeholders. Then if someone is struck by it and is interested in creating some new Dwemer stuff, it can be included. What say you? This is basically my thought exactly. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. In the grand scheme of things, dungeons are probably the last piece of CK content in the hierarchy of completion, simply because without an outside world, there is no way for a player to reach said dungeons. I think that a lot of things can be achieved with retextures (and I'll be honest, I'm not sure I'm up to the task skill-wise in creating an entirely new tileset of working Dwemer machinery anyway, because the level of detail is so intense) but that doesn't mean that we can't rough-plot the dungeons out with placeholders. And even if we just use a retexture of the walls so that they have a sandstone aesthetic and then redesign all the tubes to be completely different, you can still have the layout be fully realized and then make a final pass for detail work. The thing with the Dwemer of Hammerfell is that they are more centrally important to the story and history of the province than they were in Skyrim. Skyrim's Dwemer ruins were gorgeous but largely tertiary in importance to the lore. In Hammerfell, they take the place of the Nordic ruins as the primary "ancient culture that defined the province" and it would be a disservice to just copy paste the same items and call it a day.
  4. The Dwemer of Volenfell

    I certainly agree. The Dwemer have had such an amazing style evolution since Morrowind (in terms of the level of detail, things like the Orrery, the larger culture.) It would be a shame to not utilize the benefits of their setting, with wind turbines and solar power replacing volcanic energy.
  5. Looking to help with Music

    These are fantastic! I can't wait to hear more of your work. Shameless plug, if you're looking for something that will make you my favourite forever... During one of our transition periods here in Hammerfell I posted a music inspiration thread, so I could plug this song from the Dune soundtrack. Brian Eno - The Prophecy. I think that's such a perfect atmospheric piece, and isn't all that dissimilar from the Skyrim piece Jeremy Soule - Under an Ancient Sun. I don't actually know quite how the "ambient sound palettes" work in the official OST, just that the "Skyrim Atmospherics" track is 42 minutes long with a lot of faint musical notes, wildlife sounds etc. Either way, welcome on board!
  6. The Dwemer of Volenfell

    The design of the Dwemer automatons in ESO is one of the few things I am unequivocally impressed with. I haven't seen the Morrowind / Skyrim variations, but the ones in Stros M'kai look fantastic. The scarab replacing the spider, the sphere centurion with the silver metal instead of gold etc. They look fantastic. The dungeons themselves aren't quite as inspired - the few I saw in my beta time would be impossible to tell apart if it weren't for the tubes running along the walls, but to be fair the starter Dwemer area is incredibly small. Thanks for these photos, they rock.
  7. In Game

  8. Draft Design Document

    Funny you should mention that I mentioned TLA! It's a pity that we can't change the system of magic for the Ansei. I'm also totally willing to throw out the need to scientifically explain what happened to Yokuda unless there is any circumstance in which we might actually explore Old Yokuda (which would be amazing.) The beauty of the Elder Scrolls is that everyone historian gets their say (and they are all wrong!) Whatever it was, it happened. The Crown will always blame the Forebears for destroying their ancient civilization. The Forebears will always blame the Crown for making it necessary for such a war to break out (as well as a bit of shame that it got out of hand.)
  9. Draft Design Document

    I've always been a little torn on the level in which fantasy settings excuse ignoring core science. I'm fully on board with the pankratosword concept because I can envision something like that happening in the Avatar (TLA) setting without worrying about the science of it (besides, can your science explain why it rains?) At the same time, I find it hard to justify ignoring things that are a core aspect of the only other (known) inhabitable planet, like oxygen, weather patterns, plate tectonics etc. It is entirely possible that the sword wasn't a Hiroshima equivalent atomic bomb splitting the literal atoms of Yokuda, but rather something that resulted in aggravating a "fault line." A real world example would be the San Andreas fault line. This is a personal preference mind you. Growing up on the writing of Frank Herbert as a child of Dune, I find myself more engaged in a setting the less handwaving I have to do. Similar to the "Now I'm not saying it was aliens" meme. Personal preferences aside, Deeza is right in that the core beliefs of the Redguard are built around a continent that no longer exists, corresponding with the timing of a brutal civil war. There's going to be generations of guilt and resentment keeping the event in their cultural awareness, much the same as the story of Jesus being so instantly identifiable and widely spread 2000 years later in our culture. Edit: and unless we are working the pankratosword ability into the main campaign, it can remain whatever the reader pictures it as. If we need to revisit Yokuda or recreate pankratosword as an storytelling element, we can cross that bridge when we get there!
  10. dragonstarroofs

    I feel like a noob, I didn't realize people could comment specifically on images. mind=blown
  11. Draft Design Document

    So, a few quick tidbits / questions. From what I saw in the ESO beta, they have the Ayleid reaching as far as High Rock. I only got to see a tiny piece of Hammerfell so I don't know whether their version of the lore has Ayleid ruins in the Alik'r, but I'm pretty content to throw that tidbit of lore away and pretend it never happened / blame it on drunk scholars. What can we assume about the Rourken clan, in terms of what their journey across Tamriel says about them? Are they ultra-conservative traditionalists that departed Morrowind because they couldn't stand to ally themselves with lesser races? Is there some way to paint them as mirror image opposite of the Crown faction, a group that left the rest of their race behind due to tradition and principle, but were actually very socially and developmentally progressive when compared to the other Dwemer? Was there a faction split that remained in Skyrim, or is Skyrim still technically Rourken clan Dwemer? The reason I ask is that there are a lot of cool technologies we could attribute to a more forward thinking Dwemer clan trying to survive in the wastes of the desert. Early prototype desalination plants to provide potable water to their civilization. Solar / wind power instead of relying upon volcanic energy etc.
  12. The Great ­Üb3rdesign Thread

    I'd like to integrate some Dwemer technology into one of their major cities (Hegathe) but I haven't decided to what extent I want to propose. As well as the idea that Alik'r has swallowed civilizations that we may not even know about yet. There's a lot of potential for the Sloads of Thras as well (I'm a huge proponent of them as an enemy) so the plague could reappear in some form.
  13. The Great ­Üb3rdesign Thread

    Before we totally abandon the idea here, I'll outline what I was referring to earlier. In the Malazan books, there is a mineral called Otataral that's primary use was deadening the effect of magic, and the ability for magic users to access their "warrens" (the realms that they pulled their magic from.) The only location that this mineral naturally occurs is the Otataral mines on an island (known as Otataral Island,) a desolate desert island with one major settlement (that of the town supporting the mining operation.) The purpose of the island is two-fold. One, its importance as a mine of a magic deadening ore is obvious. But because it is isolated, and has the effect of negating magic use (and often driving magic users insane as they lose access to their "warren") it is also a penal colony for political prisoners and magic users. Displease the empire, toil away in the mines until you lose your mind or die. And, because there is literally no other settlement on the island, escape is absolutely pointless because you'll just die in the desert wasteland without access to any free-flowing fresh water. Now, I'm not aware of any ore that has the same effect in the Elder Scrolls universe, but an island that the Crown ships political troublemakers or rogue magic users to mine without any hope of rescue might not be a bad idea at all.
  14. The Great ­Üb3rdesign Thread

    One of my favorite book series (Malazan Books of the Fallen) has a penal colony on an island that may work in this situation as a coolness factor. Let me dig up the details