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  1. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Illustrator/concept artist looking for position   

    Your work is beautiful!
    We would also love to have you join us on the Iliac Bay project (High Rock and Hammerfell).  Your art style in particular would work extremely well with High Rock, which borrows quite heavily from Celtic-inspired styles, and concept art for new creatures, items/artifacts, knotwork patterns, and even important NPCs is something we're definitely looking to have help with.  You can PM me, our 2D department lead TheMightyNovac, or our team leads Deeza and Meliodas if you're interested.
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  2. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Schools of Julianos and Magic College Questions   

     I should note perhaps that while every town isn't going to have a cathedral as such (only major cities will), we will have at least a chapel in every village, and a church in every town.  This is to emphasize the fragmented nature of the province, since before the Warp in the West, every individual city-state had its own regional church and associated clergy/guild, like the Schools of Julianos or the Maran Knights.  These factions will again be present in our version of High Rock, although they will most likely not be joinable factions as such and will instead serve to flesh out the province's depth instead.
    In the current age, although each of the eight kingdoms has its own patron deity (e.g. Camlorn's is Kynareth) and their state churches are structured around that patron accordingly, the smaller city-states within those kingdoms, especially those that used to be independent before the Warp, still maintain their own regional churches, and these retain their original pre-Warp patron deities despite now being part of the larger kingdom's church system.
    The bias against conjuration and necromancy in the Fourth Era is a direct result of the Oblivion Crisis.  High Rock was particularly hard hit during the Crisis, especially major cities like Daggerfall and Wayrest, because it was so easy for Mythic Dawn agents to infiltrate into their systems due to the Bretons' generally lax attitude towards the legality of certain branches of magic.  Naturally this resulted in a massive backlash against not only conjuration and Daedric worship, but also similarly "distasteful" schools like necromancy, and this lead directly into what we've termed the Fourth Era Witch Hunts, where a massive febrile effort was conducted across most of the province in an attempt to purge High Rock of those influences.  Those have since ended long ago, but the distrust remains, and even groups like the witch covens who were considered "marginally" legal in Breton society have lost a lot of respect and earned a great deal of suspicion from everyone else, especially in the western and southern kingdoms.  This isn't true of all places - like Northpoint, whose people don't care what people in Daggerfall or Wayrest think - but it's prevalent enough in most of the province to warrant a general policy of distrust.  This also means that the penalties for using those types of magic will vary between regions, so while in one kingdom it may just warrant a slap on the wrist, in another kingdom you'd immediately incur a very serious sentence/fine indeed.
    Also, as Dobyk has already mentioned, several places in High Rock still practice cremation, which used to be the original method of funeral rites in all of High Rock before the Altmer and Imperials imported the custom of burials.  It's said that this was actually done on purpose in part precisely to make things much more difficult for necromancers lurking at the fringes of their society, so in those places that still practice it it's very hard for necromancers to work there.
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  3. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    Iliac Bay has also already planned for those armor types in both Breton and Redguard variants as well.
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  4. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Landscaping / Environmental design specialist looking to join High Rock / Elsweyr projects.   

    We'd also be very interested in your skills over in Iliac Bay as well.  Most of our first pass of landscaping is complete, but we definitely need people to help work on our second pass, which is where we try to bring all the different claims that have been worked on in the past up to the same standards and fix anything that needs attention.
    In fact, one major area in High Rock that needs attention is the Glenpoint/Tulune area, and Betony probably needs some touching up as well.  They're nowhere near the scale of what you've done in your own mod I imagine, but it sounds like you're passionate about those areas.
    If you've got any experience in interior level design as well, we definitely need help in that department as well.
    If you're interested in IB, we'd be glad to have you.
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  5. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Tamira's New Flowers Resource   

    Yes please, seconded.  This would be incredibly helpful to High Rock and even some parts of Hammerfell.
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  6. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    I'm very excited for this as well.  A lot of province projects will be glad to be able to add these in.
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  7. Sage of Ice added a gallery image in Member Gallery   

    MW Anthology overlay+edits

    In album: Maps (ES Anthology, Concepts)

    33 images in this album
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  8. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Clothing and fashion in High Rock   

    If you're referring to the city of Orsinium, presumably they'll use heavy armor.  However, Orsinium is in Hammerfell, so it's not exactly relevant to this thread.  The old Orsinium that used to be in High Rock has been gone for nearly 200 years at this point.
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  9. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic Clothing and fashion in High Rock   

    We've actually had plans for something like this for a long time.  As seen here, all the various knightly orders in the game will not only have a distinct set of plate mail, but will also have "surcoats" unique to their home kingdom or city-state.
    In addition, all "normal" guards for every kingdom will have their own surcoats as well, just not as fancy as the knight ones.
    Unfortunately due to how physics works in Skyrim's engine, we're limited somewhat in how much we can do, but we're doing the best we can.
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  10. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic [Claimed] Farrun   

    The choice in the color of the whitewashed plaster isn't arbitrary - as said before, the contrast in the city isn't limited to just Breton architecture and (remnants of) Direnni architecture, but the colors as well, which is intentional in this case.  The dark color of the stone is because Farrun's primary resources are slate, which used to shingle roofs all over the province, and the dark stone that naturally pervades the area, whereas the white plaster is meant to intentionally "brighten up" a city otherwise crushed beneath historical and paranormal reminders of the past and also helps make the contrast with the white docks less jarring.  The white marble the Direnni used for their architecture was shipped from distant locations and is not naturally occurring in the region (having all those slaves to transport it for them helped), which is another reason why it stands out so much from the surrounding environment.
    This kind of architectural color contrast happens frequently in real-life as well, even when building materials are not limited, so it isn't entirely unusual.
    E: Also, these houses are used throughout a large area of eastern High Rock that doesn't use the same dark stone as Farrun does for its walls and castle, so we had to consider that as well when the houses were designed.
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  11. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic [Claimed] Farrun   

    The walls are dark on purpose, yes.  The idea is that Farrun is not only supposed to be a rather bleak and austere place, especially compared to other nearby cities, but is also supposed to be a city of contrasting architectural styles and colors.  The reason the houses in particular might look jarring to you is because those are all lower or middle class houses, which use a lot of plaster for their walls but relatively little stonework (which you'll notice shares the same dark coloration as the castle and walls do).  Upper class buildings and guildhalls that use more stone will share the same coloration and will help bridge the color contrast, at least for the houses, but those haven't been made yet.
    The dark stonework is built in a very old Breton style particular to the region (which we're saying is shared with Castle Volkihar just across the border), whereas the white marble structures are all that remains of the Direnni city known as Fal'Ruhn.
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  12. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic HR - Skeffington Woods [18, 19, 25]   

    I think that's largely up to the landscapers, but my gut instinct would say stick with the grey.  I'm guessing by "browngreen" you mean that they're brown rocks with mossy texturing on them?  Ideally what we need for HR are grey rocks with similar mossy texturing, rather than just the plain grey rocks, especially in this particular claim since it's quite wet and forested.
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  13. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic HR - Skeffington Woods [18, 19, 25]   

    I'm going to have to think of a better name, but the main issue is that it can't be named after Northmoor because Northmoor itself is way to the south.  I would just leave it for now, unless I happen to come up with a better name before you're finished with the claim I suppose.
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  14. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic HF - Skyrim-Hammerfell border issue [near 4E]   

    Splitting High Rock and Hammerfell wouldn't accomplish anything with this worldspace issue anyway, because the entirety of the problem lies with how big Hammerfell is.  High Rock alone can fit into the Havok limit area just fine, and even combined with Hammerfell it's still big enough on the y-axis, but Hammerfell itself is just a tad too big along the x-axis, which is why even with the island of Herne at the absolute limit of the Havok range there's still a bit of eastern Hammerfell that doesn't fit in.
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  15. Sage of Ice added a post in a topic HF - Skyrim-Hammerfell border issue [near 4E]   

    This also necessarily means that the goal of having no loading screens is literally impossible at this point, because it's required for the provinces to be broken up into their own separate worldspaces so that they are within the playable Havok limit.  High Rock and Hammerfell are lucky enough to just nearly fit inside the limit together (there's also no way to fit it ALL in - either the Elinhir area is just outside the limit, or the westernmost areas such as Herne, Cespar, and Daggerfall are outside the limit).  Cyrodiil, Valenwood, and Elsweyr are part of yet another worldspace that's still not quite big enough, and Morrowind, Black Marsh, and Summerset all have their own worldspaces.  Even then it's not perfect there either - the easternmost parts of Cyrodiil are within the Black Marsh worldspace simply because there's not enough room for the province in the available Havok range.
    Morcroft even had to compress the entire southern half of the heightmap by 10% in order to get the provinces to be able to fit in the y-axis limits of the Havok range, otherwise we would have had even more problems.
    The bottom line is that the BS team worked for literally at least a year straight on trying to get the continental heightmap to function, and this is the best we've managed.
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