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  1. Favourite Music

  2. Favourite Music

  3. Show us what you're working on!

    Kettlewitch, glad you are still around. ..and a fantastic Sload you are making.
  4. Application: Level Design

    Hi Oleg, You are a great landscaper and I am sure you'll be able to contribute to any province in Tamriel. And Tamriel is big, and there is still a lot to do. From High Rock to Morrowind, from Cyrodiil to Elsweyr. So my question to you is, which province do you want to work on? After all it should be fun. If it's Iliac Bay, just let me know. Cheers! JoopvanDie
  5. Favourite Music

    @Scrublord; I love metal in all her forms. I listen to Mastodon lately. Dream Theater is good, gifted artists but I guess too rational metal. Oh Patti Smith is not metal, but punk but a sort of laid back punk. Feminine punk perhaps. Anyway I like that too.
  6. Show us what you're working on!

    Starcornet, you make great houses! That last one is fantastic!
  7. [Claim 2] Jehanna (EN)

    City of Jehanna as it is now:
  8. Would like to join

    Great! Good luck!
  9. Would like to join

    Hi Seleucus, What about making a nice cave? We need caves anyway, so why not starting with one. You can use your creation kit; experiment with lightning, critters, everyting. You may make it as big as you want to. You may show your progress here, or here: You sure will receive some advice so you can proceed and improve. It sounds like a test, but it is more than that. If we are both fine with the endresult, and you give us permission, we can implement your work into our Iliac Bay masterfile. Is that ok? So show us what you can. If you have any questions, just ask. JoopvanDie
  10. Would like to join

    Thanks for your response Seleucus. I'll contact you soon. No worries, I will. One last question: I see you are doing both landscaping and interiors. What would you like to do the most?
  11. Would like to join

    Hi! Thank you for your offer. Few questions: What did you landscape exactly? You placed for example that town in the last picture? And did you make everything in the first picture, or just some adjustments (which are ok, of course). You say you have some experience with scripting. Tell us more about it.
  12. Favourite Music

    With the bassist of The Sex Pistols and the singer of the later Ultravox. Good Ol' punk.
  13. HR - Norvulk Hills [7-9]

    Windkeep area, on the very edge of the Kingdom of Evermore.
  14. [Claim 2] Jehanna (EN)

    Jehanna as it is now: