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  1. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    I have been absent for a great deal of time due to being very occupied with school. However now when everything is done I would like to rejoin and get back to writing
  2. New palaces at this time were extremely expensive, and takes time. The Royal Palace of Sweden, wich was built in the 1700s, with a great deal better technology that built it than at this time took 39 years before the royal family could move in (Versailles took 18 years although the French did have waaay more resources at their disposal than Sweden). Seeing as everything has to be created from scrap and you have no machines that can do it for you. And to add another district and to actually having more than a hollow shell of a Palace, that would be extremely expensive. In my opinion they would not be able to afford that after being sacked by Corsairs 13 years ago. Nor have the time for it. Edit: My apologies, I forgot about magic, don't mind that about the time Maybe the time is enough, but would they still be able to afford the cost? I mean decorations etc costs, and mages doesn't work for free either I would assume. That is if they want the standard suitable for a Breton monarch.
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Offline Mod Idea

    Well the problem is, ESO is not interesting to play on your own. It can get hard enough to have fun sometimes even when interacting with others. ESO simply does not look Beautiful enough or has any of that TES magic we are used to. And think on how vast ESO is too, if people attempted this they may overextend themselves a bit..
  4. [Claim 10] Shornhelm (EN)

    This is looking really good Perry. If this is of any help in ESO Shornhelm has two "districts" the Castle one and the City one. In the upper (Northern) district wich takes up about a third of the city you find the castle, a massive manor for one of the more powerful houses aswell as the great barracks, aswell as the courtyard wich is quite large. It's protected by an inner wall of the city, about as high as the outer one. The upper part takes up maybe a fourth of the city. Also would Wayrest really send forces? Aren't they quite weak at the moment? I can see Daggerfall-Camlorn (Who basically Control a third of High Rock) wanting to force Shornhelm into their fold, by force unless it works through diplomatic methods, and the Eltheric League would not want that. And Wayrest might help Shornhelm against Daggerfall, Would they send forces to claim it themselves though?
  5. Happy Birthday Jehoram!

    Happy birthday!
  6. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    I am not talking about the large mountains such as the Jerrals, but in the middle of Sweden there are hills that can be like a thousand to two thousand feet high, some are higher, they are much more round and instead of bare rock is covered in grass and forest.
  7. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    High Rock is quite mountainous so I see no problem with a smaller mountain range, or you could just make large green hills instead that are like some kind of half-mountains? Just enough for that you will not be able to see the the other city when you are near or in one of the cities
  8. Definately... it was really difficult to get the dates right. I could'nt find any sources about when the caecilly incident took place and then there was this line about chimeres son, so I imagined that it could not have been this far in the past. Well, I do'nt think that the exact date is that important. :-) Thanks! Great that you like it! The fact that the Thalmor are still present on the island is a solely personal preference. :-) I really like them as antagonists and would like to implement them in the storyline. Of course these personal preferences should always stand back, when official lore is in the way. I totally understand that and - to be honest - I'm not totaly satisfied with this part of the story either. As you say, it makes sense that they are on caecilly, but maybe we can find a more suitable way to explain there presence. Maybe we can smuggle a covert thalmor operation on the island or something like that. :-) The Altmer are powerfull wizards, right!? How about a magically hidden fleet of thalmor ships on the coast of caecilly. Hidden with some kind of concealment spell, like they did it with "Dol Guldur" in the latest Hobbit movie!? They could have anchoured on the north-western tip of the island and converted the ruins in this place to an hidden outpost, that can only be seen when the player casts a revealing spell at some point of the quest line. Chimere is the most important character on the island, for sure. He is THE expert, when it comes to daedric princes, the void and so on and a very powerfull wizard too. I was'nt sure if there is any official lore about what happened to him after the island reappeared in Tamriel, so I did'nt write anything special about him. It would be great to work out a solution and a concept for him! ---------------------------------- An other point it did'nt mention before is that I'd really like to create the island with a concept of sounds! We have the "resonance crystals" that can be used to travel from Tamriel to the void, which - in my imagination - should be activated through special sounds, shouts or chants. Then there was this line about Chimere and that he was cursed to live forever surrounded by the voices of his friends and family. I'd really like to scatter about 30 ghosts in the void and call them "echos". There could even be a collector quest, where the player can collect an echo out of the void (using a special soul gem) and set it free on an altar in the crypt of Trybador on the Tamriel side... with a fitting reward of course. You are doing a great work with this Well not all High Elves are powerful wizards, and the Bretons is practically the generally second most powerful wizards. Wouldnt the Bretons magically overwatch the Thalmor and the island itself considering its history for magical activities etc? They use magic in the most so I do not doubt it, and would the Thalmor there have enough power to hide an entire fleet? I am unsure about that aswell. Wouldnt it be easier if they had just hidden half a dozen ships that they used to bring equipment and mer for their operations? Unless they wanted to invade some part of High Rock I do not understand why they would need a fleet...
  9. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    Oh, thanks for clearing that up for me
  10. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    Is that big structure in the higher class district the Royal Academy of Magic?
  11. [Book] A beginners guide to magic

    I usually do not write books IC, and if I do it has always been in my style. Well maybe a little edited depending on what character "wrote" it but I did not change it a lot, so I am unsure if I tried when I had the time if it would turn out especially good.
  12. Dragons

    He were mentioned in the 'Atlas of Dragons' in the 'known to be alive' part of it. It talks about how he frequently made pacts with human protectors.
  13. Dragons

    Yeah the Nahfahlaar-Nafaalilargus is a nice one, that can get interesting to have in this!
  14. Dragons

    Well we are only developing existing lore (Tiber's dragons) and making up a possiblity for what could happen
  15. Dragons

    Oh I thought you meant Skakmat from TES2 Daggerfall...