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  1. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic The Elder Scrolls V: Offline Mod Idea   

    Well the problem is, ESO is not interesting to play on your own. It can get hard enough to have fun sometimes even when interacting with others. ESO simply does not look Beautiful enough or has any of that TES magic we are used to. And think on how vast ESO is too, if people attempted this they may overextend themselves a bit..
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  2. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Jehoram!   

    Happy birthday!
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  3. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic The Daggerfall Covenant and the Bretons of High Rock   

    I sent you a PM about it
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  4. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic The Daggerfall Covenant and the Bretons of High Rock   

    This the kind of book that you'll find dusty and forgotten in a ruin or in a library that collects old books, seeing as it was written about a thousand years Before the events of Skyrim.
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  5. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic The Daggerfall Covenant and the Bretons of High Rock   

    I made alot of edits and it looks better now, however I suspect that there is more work to be done...
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  6. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic The Daggerfall Covenant and the Bretons of High Rock   

    I made a few small edits myself were I saw that it was some grammatical errors.
    Edit: Woah, when I looked through this again I can see clear signs that this was made a quite long time ago, I will make corrections myself here and there then you can fix what I've missed
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  7. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic The Daggerfall Covenant and the Bretons of High Rock   

    Aye feel free to make edits, my English is far from perfect and I am aware of that. Aslong as the knowledge that you learn from it stays intact I'm fine with it
    Thank you for your offer to help
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  8. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic [Book] [High Rock] Ranzer, Hero of Shornhelm   

    Alrighty, once again I was only checking if you was aware of that
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  9. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic [Book] [High Rock] Ranzer, Hero of Shornhelm   

    Actually it's Ranser not Ranzer
    And he lost his army at Markwasten Mor, he had his final stand with his last men at a Place called Traitor's Tor to the east of Shornhelm, were he was betrayed by one of his remaining generals and died there.
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  10. Archmage Alator added a topic in High Rock Literature - Draft   

    The Daggerfall Covenant and the Bretons of High Rock
    (This is one of my Writings that I have done for TESO, I Believe that this could be used as an old book that you can find dusty in some ruin or go and find it for some faction. It is my characters Alator that have written it.)
    The Daggerfall Covenant is the great union of the northwestern Tamriel, it consists of the provinces of Hammerfell and High Rock, and includes the races of; The Bretons, the Redguards and the Orcs. The Daggerfall Covenant story begins with Lord Emeric of Cumberland, a Breton noble raised at Wayrest. There he learned many things he would later find useful, such as his diplomatic skills that was much useful to him. High Rock was at peace of the moment, but this would not last.
    For in the craggy mountains of the Reach, Durcorach the Black Drake was preparing for war. In 2E 541 Durcorach led his Reachmen down from his Mountains and mounted an assault on High Rock, Evermore and Hallin's stand both fell swiftly.
    Thankfully Wayrest proved to be too powerful to take, for thankfully, the Reachmen lacked siege engines and could not storm the city nor breach either the walls or the gates. Did he give up though? No, Durcorach left enough troops to keep Wayrest's defenders caught inside the city and marched west. Alas Camlorn also fell to the Reachmen, the newly independant city-state was not prepared well enough for an assault. Durcorach now had his eye set on Daggerfall and contuined his march southwest to reach it. However unbeknownst to them Emeric had taken the lead of the Wayrest Heavy Dragoons and by ships he landed them behind the Reachmen. And as the Reachmen were massing below Daggerfall's massive walls they charged, completely taking the Reachmen by suprise. A sortie from Daggerfall came through the gates and finished the work that the Dragoons has begun, completely crushing the Reachmen and killing Durcorach.
    It was then when the Daggerfall Covenant were signed by the kingdoms of High Rock only a forthnight after. At last uniting the province. The Alliance were expanded with Hammerfell when Emeric wed with the princess of Sentinel, Maraya. A marriage that also resulted in a trade agreement. Alas to marry Maraya Emeric had to decline the offer to marry King Ranser of Shornhelm's daughter Rayelle, wich made Ranser wroth on Emeric and resulted in Another attack on Wayrest, this time by Ranser. Emeric managed to hold the city though and the siege was broken, the war ending with Ranser's defeat. The great Alliance was expanded with the Orcs whom Emeric had promised to give back their home of Orsinium to them and make it a full established province. The Orcs repay this by standing proudly below the lion banners of the Daggerfall Covenant.Emeric took a White lion banner on a blue field as the banner of the Covenant, now it flaps proudly in the wind. It will be used in the Daggerfall Covenant's quest in Cyrodiil to try to claim the Ruby Throne.
    The Bretons of High Rock-
    The Bretons are the dominant race in the province of High Rock, High Rock lies in the northwestern Tamriel with a nature shifting from temperate loose Forests to rocky mountains. They are a mongrel race, having both Aldmeri, Nordic and Nedic blood flowing in their veins. Their origin hails from when Nordic peole emigrated to High Rock, only to find the land already settled by the Aldmer of the Direnni clan. The Direnni interbred with the humans and eventually created the Bretons. The Bretons is sometimes called "Manmer" because of this.
    The Bretons lived as lower class citizens under the Direnni, for quite a while the mer and Manmer lived togheter in harmony. Though this would change... The Breton race was first discovered by a Nord hunting party that assaulted them, believing them to be elves, only to stop when they discovered that they were no actual elves. This was a new kind of race, a mongrel Nordic-Aldmeri one. Outraged by this the Nordic king Vrage declared war on the Direnni to free their Breton brethen, and later on the Alessians. Though the Alessians campaign against them ended with their own destruction, it also destroyed the main bulk of Direnni military power at the battle of Glenumbra moors. Eventually these hostilites had weakened the Direnni enough for the Bretons to start to become the dominant power in High Rock. The Bretons did not take High Rock by force. Instead they did so peacefully, they simply took power by slowly assimilating the other populations, but also through trade and diplomacy. More and to a greater extent they began to replace the Direnni in the positions of power. The Bretons came to be the dominant race in the province of High Rock, most of it were under their control in 1E 500, and has remained so even to this day. Clan Direnni has fallen back to Balfiera were it still holds dominance.
    The Bretons have always been united in their language, bardic traditions, culture and heroic legends. Yet until now that is all they have been united in. The Direnni left a Power Vacuum that made the Bretons split up into numerous kingdoms and city-states, uniting only when threatened. The most powerful of these smaller kingdoms have been Daggerfall for a long time, yet the rise of Wayrest from a small fishing hamlet to one of the greatest cities in High Rock made these two kingdoms eachother's main rivals. His Grace Emeric is the first High King of the Bretons. 
    Passionate, eccentric, poetic, flamboyant, resourceful, highly intelligent and willful. The Bretons have benefitted greatly from the interbreeding. They certainly have many talents, and are reknowned as talented craftsmen, shrewd merchants, excellent cooks, and great wizards to only name a few. Their mostly reknowned talent is likely magic, many great sorcerers have come from High Rock. The Bretons are one of the shorter races in Tamriel, they look much like their pale-skinned human brethen, but at an inspection you can see that they have some of the sharp elven appearence, some even have slightly pointing ears.
    The Bretons villages are usually humble settlements made mostly by wood. Their cities however, being sprawling trading-hubs, is quite different from the smaller settlements. Daggerfall and Wayrest are two examples of their grand cities. Here you can find the grand stone architecture of the Bretons, a beautiful style that looks like the Bretons themselves, a mixture between Nordic and Altmeri. The Bretons society is split up in a middle-class, a magical elite above them, and highest of them all, the nobles of High Rock. While some may look on this as unfair, that the middle class lives in moderate living conditions while the nobility lives in a great luxury. Many Bretons embrace this as a challenge to rise in ranks and carve their way up to nobility.
    The Breton political system is bewilderingly complex, their politics is more or less "managed" by the large powers such as Daggerfall and Wayrest, were much of the politics circle around trade and gold wich they are the dominant Powers in, however from all corners of High Rock nobles and kings contribute to the political situation in the province. Before Emeric united High Rock it was split up in over forty city states and small kingdoms, and these were constantly feuding and warring with one another. The Breton nobility has certainly not helped to unite High Rock, for there is little lack of ambition among all the noble families, with the vast majority of them trying to become greater than their rivals through differing means. There is an old saying among the Bretons; "Find a new hill and become a king." and many Bretons have taken this into heart, as the history of High Rock reveals before Emeric united High Rock, even after the Alliance was made had been made things were not entirely peaceful. King Ranser of Shornhelm started a new war in High Rock that ended with his defeat. For now, no more conflict has erupted and things are calm and stable, something that bodes well for the future of High Rock. However if it will last or not, only time can tell.
    - Archmage Alator Virane
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  11. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic HR - Caecilly Island [26]   

    You are doing a great work with this
    Well not all High Elves are powerful wizards, and the Bretons is practically the generally second most powerful wizards. Wouldnt the Bretons magically overwatch the Thalmor and the island itself considering its history for magical activities etc? They use magic in the most so I do not doubt it, and would the Thalmor there have enough power to hide an entire fleet? I am unsure about that aswell.
    Wouldnt it be easier if they had just hidden half a dozen ships that they used to bring equipment and mer for their operations? Unless they wanted to invade some part of High Rock I do not understand why they would need a fleet...
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  12. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic [Book] A beginners guide to magic   

    I usually do not write books IC, and if I do it has always been in my style. Well maybe a little edited depending on what character "wrote" it but I did not change it a lot, so I am unsure if I tried when I had the time if it would turn out especially good.
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  13. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic Dragons   

    He were mentioned in the 'Atlas of Dragons' in the 'known to be alive' part of it. It talks about how he frequently made pacts with human protectors.
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  14. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic Dragons   

    Yeah the Nahfahlaar-Nafaalilargus is a nice one, that can get interesting to have in this!
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  15. Archmage Alator added a post in a topic Dragons   

    Well we are only developing existing lore (Tiber's dragons) and making up a possiblity for what could happen
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