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  1. Beta 4 delayed - partially because I've got too much crap to do, but mostly because the next 2 expansions for ESO take us to Hew's Bane and then the Gold Coast. Since I'm still cleaning up that side of the continent anyways, might as well lump it all together.
  2. ESO: Theives Guild

    Southern Hammerfell, HERE WE COME!!!
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    Meh. It's something I'll eventually release publicly as a set. Beyond Skyrim will be allowed to use it but I'm not making anything just for the project. How and where it's used along with making sure it fits into BS's file folder structure outlines is not something I am concerned with.
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    Made a new tiled texture for rock and decided to finally export a peak I've had done for a while to show it off: At 8 AM in the CK: No atmospherics/daylight: Might darken and desaturate a smidge. It's suppose to be a dark reddish basalt but it looks more like granite in the CK. Then again, granite can be useful... Closeups: 08:00 12:00 16:00 20:00
  5. DC Elder Scrolls Online User IDs/Character Names List

    No idea, but I play on the NA megaserver and I think most everyone else plays on the EU one...
  6. Show us what you're working on!

    Huh. I wonder if that was because your models are just that darn good or because I've dumped links to copious amounts of TESO screenshots around here...although back during the TESO beta I put on the entry application that I was going to do just that once the NDA was up, and they still (eventually) let me in. Yeah, I'm gonna assume that it's because your nordic stuff is just that awesome.
  7. Disabled Audio in the SkyrimEditor.ini - So far, over an hour and no crash in Skyrim's CK on Win 10. Before it wouldn't last 10 minutes. This will take some more testing.

    For SCIENCE.

    1. Transbot9


      5 hours (most of it idle) and still running. Good sign.

  8. *Looks at game asset creation crap on Steam* Hrm. Most of this is junk compared to what I already have or know how to get for free (open source stuff).

  9. Texture resource sites

    Saw that on the free side of things...
  10. Texture resource sites

    Substance Share is great if you have Substance Designer. Not so great if you don't because I don't know of any other program that can open the file type. Licensing is a very unrestricted creative commons. Deviantart has a lot of textures, quite a few are free w/ attribution or released under some form of Creative Commons. Might take some digging to find what you want with the right license - every post can have their own rules for usage, although most users are consistent with their own products. I hadn't been by CGTextures in a while...their new credit system is weird. I guess they had problems with people understanding how file size download limitations worked.
  11. Addressing complaints of Fallout 4

    Aesthetically, I would think Fallout 1, 2 fans should like it better - it's more colorful and visually accurate to Fallout 1 & 2 than Fallout 3 was.
  12. Addressing complaints of Fallout 4

    Just something I feel like writing up... 1. The UI sucks! No argument there, but I think I'm getting Stockholm syndrome. Bethesda tries to make a clever UI instead of a good UI, and it always backfires (Skyrim's UI was pretty good for consoles but not PCs). In this instance, the Pip Boy menu is intentionally designed to work like a clunky old DOS shell and having grown up with that sort of thing, it succeeds. 2. The wasteland is too barren! Eh, it's better than Fallout 3, even discounting the settlements. And it's a wasteland. The big difference is that downtown isn't one big megadungeon like DC was in Fallout 3. Bethesda really aimed to give off a specific feel with the Commonwealth, and they succeeded, but it's an artistic vision that, at least in some instances, sacrifices gameplay. Not arguing that it's a good thing, but I do recognize it for what it is. 3. There is too much emphasis on settlement building! Again, I agree. It's a fun part of the game, but switching between settlement building and the normal UI is awkward at best. I've only built up 3 or 4 settlements of the dozen I have access to, mostly because I'm ignoring them. A lot of radiant quests are driven from the settlement route, but managing resources for every settlement is awkward. I actually TGM to avoid it. 4. You get power armor too early! Yep, and then you run out of juice to use it for a while. Not a bad tease and I got to punch a deathclaw in the face. It was glorious. 5. The Lip syncing is terrible! That'll happen when you have a morphable face. The more the vertices are pushed away from the "vanilla" version, the more distorted it gets. No way around it. 6. The graphics suck! You might need to download a new drive. I had to. Then again, my card is now technically mid-range due to it's age and this is the first AAA game I've bought in a long time, so I am not sure what folks are comparing it to. Overall, other than the UI I'd have to say that Fallout 4 is, in general, both an improvement in mechanics and technology from Skyrim (except melee is blander), better designed than the Capitol Wastes, and eventually gets more interesting than New Vegas. So...about everything I expect from a Bethesda game.
  13. Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium

    Hmm..maybe I just haven't ran across that particular portal before..
  14. Fallout 4: Announcement Countdown

    So, after playing Fo4 a bit too much...I'm pretty sure there's been some iDtech added to the Creation Engine. Also, if you are running an AMD videocard, get the latest beta driver. Now everything doesn't look like it's covered in wax and it's so, so, preeeeettttyyyyy...AH! Feral Ghoul! GET OFF MY FACE!! I do like how ghouls act like fast zombies. And that Gamma Guns heal them. The game easily has the best enemy animations I've ever seen from a Bethesda game. CRAZY seeing a Death Claw actually zigzag to avoid getting hit by gunfire! As for Elder Scrolls 6, the crafting system in Fo4 is too popular for them not to include some sort of version of it in TES6. The logical conclusion would be applying Fallout 4's settlement system to TES3's player stronghold concept. Personally, I'd rather have fewer construct-able zones in exchange for being able to build bigger strongholds (I'm a bit disappointed that I can't build up The Castle into Fo4's Citidel), especially since TES is significantly less "wild west" than Fallout.
  15. Show us what you're working on!

    The similarities are vague at best. Rivendell is designed with an airy feel, mostly of wood, as a blend of gothic with a hefty aesthetic of art nuevo. ESO High Elven architecture is heavy stone late gothic. Rivendell is more of a blend with nature where as ESO Summerset's flora takes on an appearance of a well manicured garden. Skyrim's Whiterun has more in common with Rivendell than ESO High Elven. I could go further with the analysis, but since you've already made up your mind...