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  1. Imperial City Development

    Not on the team, but I know that the Cyrodiil project will be exclusively for Skyrim Special Edition after the release of Beyond Skyrim Bruma. With the 64 bit architecture, there should be far less problems in getting the Imperial City to work well in Skyrim.
  2. I'm still here

    Thank you, will do.
  3. I'm still here

    I've gone through a lot in RL, including searching for a job. I finally got one and I'll have two days off a week, so I can continue contributing now.
  4. Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics

    Yeah, tried that. No dice. And testing it in-game, I try and set the globals manually but the title always stays as Neutral. I'll continue to find a solution because I'm pretty sure I overlooked something when coding up the system.
  5. Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics

    The titles are now done. I'm just battling with that $ issue at the moment.
  6. Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics

    I haven't played Daggerfall. It's more inspired from Fallout New Vegas. I love the Bethsidian hybrid model (classic RPG mechanics with Bethesda's open world design) and want more of it. So here I am.
  7. Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics

    I only just saw this. I'm starting to get my life back in balance, and this weekend, I should finish the titles part and maybe fix that $ issue. The system is not dead, just delayed.
  8. Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics

    The faction rep system has already been started by yours truly. Titles (100%): It shows up as a stat in the General section, and I have about half of the NV titles implemented, albeit with an annoying $ in front of the stat. We should probably not have the stat quest as "Start Game Enabled" until the player finds out or encounters the faction, but for testing purposes, it is "Start Game Enabled". This can be copied across for any amount of factions, but in the meantime, I'm using a placeholder HRGoblinsFaction for testing purposes. Warnings (0%): There are two rep warnings in NV. One is "[Faction] Fame/Infamy gained!" which is outputted as a message on top of the screen. Another is "You have become [Title]. [description of the rank]" which is a clickable messagebox. Only thing, we have to forgo faction pictures that NV has, unless there is a way to get messageboxes to have pictures with SKSE. Hostility (0%): Of course, once the player has an infamy of 1000 or greater, the entire faction should be permanently hostile to the player, no ifs or buts, and all of their related quests should fail. This will be iterated upon, once more quest design work is done in IB.
  9. Addressing complaints of Fallout 4

    The MQ is just FO3's MQ reversed + the same structure as New Vegas. To think people say that Bethesda ignored New Vegas!
  10. An analysis

    Turns out that Skyrim does have a faction rep system which changes with the player's actions. It's already hard-coded in the CK and so we don't need to use globals that much. Attacking the Vigilants of Stendarr or generally committing crimes against them, will reduce your rep with them and any allied factions such as the Dawnguard. But because Betheda insisted on a linear design and they didn't expect this system to be that powerful, you can arrive at Fort Dawnguard and everyone there would be hostile. No failure states, just a quest which is stuck in your journal for the rest of your save. New Vegas pretty much used the same system that Bethesda coded up, but it allowed you to track your rep with the different factions and you were always notified if you gained or lost rep. If a faction is hostile to the player, all their quests fail so you're not stuck with an unsolvable quest. In vanilla Skyrim though, you would only find out that you can't complete a quest too late in the game because you were not notified that your past actions actually did have consequences.
  11. An analysis

    It's possible to have the best of both. The DLCs had improved world building IMO, and there was the same wonder of exploration that I feel in almost all Bethesda games. Obsidian could make great sandboxes fairly well, they just ran out of time in the base game. With IB, there isn't the issue of running out of time because we are a hobbyist project. Valenwood Islands turned out to have three-dimensional characters and great exploration, but the experience is relatively short and lasts a couple of hours (if you don't fast travel and do the indie path).
  12. An analysis

    Here's my promised analysis. My relationship with Skyrim has not always been good. I had to download attributes and spells mods so I could enjoy it as much as previous TES titles, but there was still always something lacking. People in the Fallout forums said that there is another game on Bethesda's engine (but by a different developer) which fills in those things which were lacking, particularly memorable characters - New Vegas. So I dived in. First impressions: The dialogue from Doc Mitchell was amazing and mesmerized me from the first second. The quality of the writing and the voicing really blew me away. I know that Bethesda could never match that level of writing. Current opinion of it: I find the stories, characters and RPG mechanics to be a whole world better than its brother Fallout 3. However, there was never really the urge to explore which was present in almost all Bethesda games. I tend to fast travel more often than Bethesda's games, because the deserts are just the same everywhere you go. Iliac Bay: I can already see that this project will combine excellent writing and mechanics with excellent world-building. I mentioned on Skype about having intro and outro slides. New Vegas's DLCs always set some of the story before you via slides, which were useful. The most impressive slides are at the end, which change depending on what actions the player has done. It could be implemented but via a sneaky way and a possible ChangeTexture command. An example of one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSNDtLj6J8w
  13. [Landscaping] Gold Coast Development

    Ah, Crowhaven. Can't wait to put Lady Stone Villa and revisit it in Skyrim's timeframe.
  14. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    ​That's cool
  15. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    ​Yes, I wrote the dialogue trees and a few extra characters