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  1. Advanced dungeon ambushes

    Thanks Bella I knew about the first way but the wave thing was new to me. When I find the time to properly finish Nagastani I'll be sure to use some of this.
  2. Heartlands Claim 2

    Oh my bad, then I didn't say anything Good luck with the rest of the claim. I know from experience these wide open areas can be difficult to make so I'm curious to see what you're going to do with the place.
  3. Heartlands Claim 2

    Looks good, I'd also advice you to make is less rocky. Things like (dirt)cliffs tend to clutter up the area really fast and I believe the idea of the Heartlands was to have these green, open farmlands, with the occasional wilderness parts here and there. Also try not to mimic the style of the area in the direct vicinity the Ayleid ruins. I made the Ayleid ruin and the surrounding landscape but in hindsight I made it a bit too rocky as well. Best to leave the ruin untouched entirely actually. When I worked on it we didn't have a lot of Ayleid clutter resources so that's why it looks a bit empty, but I was planning on finishing it when I'm done with the interior.
  4. Asset Submission

    I've made a download link so you can download it. It's only onine for 7 days because I don't have an account though. So if anybody wants them after they're gone just PM me or something. Oh and like I said you'd probably want to let a modeler take a look at it (if you're not a modeler yourself of course) because most of them don't have collision yet.
  5. Asset Submission

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I've still got some rock models a friend of mine made for Skyrim a long time ago. I believe most of them don't have collision and I don't know if that is a hard thing to create but I thought it would be worth posting nonetheless. Maybe a modeler is interested in them, and it would be good to have some more variety for our rocks. Here are a few screenshots that show some of the models.
  6. [Claimed] Farrun

    Wow the house looks nice. It looks medieval yet still fantasy like which is very good for a province like High Rock. Great work!
  7. Thanks for the help guys that did the trick. Good thing I made a backup of my file otherwise I would now be mad as hell lol.
  8. Hey all, Because I was away for a time I had to update my BSHeartlands and BSAssets files. Problem is after updating them all my custom made cells are empty. Not gone, they still have their lightning settings and their names but all the objects in the cells are gone. Also when I try to place new objects in any cell, so not just my own ones, it won't do anything either. The problem lies not with my own file because I made a backup before updating the masterlists and the backup had the same problem. Does anybody know what the problem might be? It's not that some directory file paths have been changed or something causing the objects to disappear because I used a lot of vanilla stuff as well which is also gone.
  9. Your Funny Skyrim Moments

    Funny moments in Skyrim? My Skyrim?? Well, not in mine unless you have a very dark sense of humor. Why? Because of legions of fucking orcs. No not your usual Orcs from the Elder Scrolls universe. These Orcs are sunshine and butterflies, who will tell you old stories while you sit their lap drinking chocolate milk in front of the hearth compared to these New Orcs. It began long, long ago when the creation kit just came out and I was in my LotR hype phase. With Whiterun looking so much like Edoras, and Markarth reminding me of Helms Deep, somehow I needed LotR Orcs in my game. There were Falmer but they were not enough. After browsing the Nexus to no avail, one unlucky day I finally found what I needed. A mod called Third Era Wars. It added some Uruk-Hai enemies with the right armor. And that was the beginning of the end... Very quickly I became dissatisfied with the lack of variety and I knew I needed the little buggers with their pitched screams and rusty swords for the ultimate Orc experience. So after a thorough search of the internet, I managed to extract about 20+ Orc sound files from the movies, found two sets of fitting orc armor, and managed to find a converted mod of the Realswords goblin mod from Oblivion. Then after months of modding as I still sucked balls at it, I finally had my own leveled random Orcs. Oh how happy I was. "This is going to be fun! I'm going to place them in the world of Skyrim and I'll have cool Orc battles!". Little did I know that these Orcs were going to wreck the province of Skyrim... I just placed some random groups of varying sizes here and there. Let's say groups of 20-40, that seemed realistic. I also placed some major engagements here and there against my own custom soldiers let's say about in total 150 npc's. So when everything seemed in order I traveled to one of the major engagements on the Whiterun Tundra. When I arrived I couldn't believe what I saw... It was a massive slaughter. Piles of dead bodies, some decapitated some not, some burned. Blood everywhere. If Skyrim's gore system was 100% realistic I'd probably puke. The Orcs massacred everyone and everything, not even the birds and animals were spared, and now that entire army of Orcs had their sights set on me. So of course, I ran and I ran. If i'd die the game would probably crash and I was not in the mood for a crash. So after running across half of Skyrim literally I managed to escape them. After I escaped I arrived in a small village, and one of the kids asked if I wanted to play tag. Waning myself safe I thought why not, perhaps I get a lead to a quest or something. So I agree and she starts running and suddenly I hear a noise. A high pitched,very recognizable, almost animal like scream. But this was no animal. Before I knew I heard more screams and then I saw them. A group of 40+ orcs at least descending upon the village. I tried to save the poor kid but thanks to Skyrims AI and like 60 arrows flying through the sky she was nothing more then a pincushion. So much for playing tag... Knowing I stood no chance I fled again, betting they would be too distracted massacring the entire village. They were and I hoped they would stay there for the sake of my game but somehow this group, no this army in turn started to wreak havoc on the World of Skyrim. For some dark reason they managed to organize themselves and must have joined up with the other raid groups, as the village they massacred was abandoned when I later traveled through it. If it happed through pure luck or something more sinister, I don't know but one thing was certain, nowhere was safe anymore. So yeah, I can't take a stroll now in Skyrim without a probability of 60% that Orcs are going to ruin my day, and kill everyone and everything within a radius of 40 orc miles or whatever. But I'll have to keep the mod enabled so I won't wreck my saves, and I'm not letting my still pristine save with hundreds of hours go to waste because of these bloody Orcs. Oh well when one province of Beyond Skyrim is finished I will finally be rid of them. Skyrim has become boring anyway. The lesson to be learned here? Be careful with what you mod! One wrong decision, a valuable save file and your entire Skyrim world is living in an age of fear and misery.
  10. Student Thread: Matthiaswagg

    I'm not an Arcane University teacher or anything, but I have to say Mattie, for someone who is just getting to know the basics of level design it already looks very nice What I always do when I make something, but I have the feeling it needs something more, is to just sift through all the models in the category (f.e trees of something), and just look for something that fits. It might be mushrooms, some additional small rockpiles. I always know it when I see it. The sequence in which you add your objects also matters a lot. And I don't know if you did it like this, but I believe the best way to create organic looking landscapes, is to follow a natural sequence when placing different layers of objects. I actually learned this by watching a making-of video from BGS (I believe it was Oblivion's). For example you should first start with editing the landscape itself, and then placing rock, mountain and (dirt)cliff objects with the appropriate landscape textures where needed. I mean those mountains would have been there first. The landscape surrounding it adapts to the mountain (sort of, this is kinda hard to explain ). The mountain would have been there earlier then the village, or the forest so everything would have grown around it. Then second you can add small plants, grass, roads, rivers, small rockpiles. Basically all the small things. By then you should already have noticed your landscape is getting more cohesive, making it easier (for me at least) to fill in the blank parts so to speak. Here you shoud as well try to follow a natural sequence with for example the plants. Let's say you have plant x here, could the wind have carried it's seeds this far so other patches of it could grow there? There is a river here, am I working in a biome that alllows for water plant to grow? Like I said before, it's all about following the natural sequence. Last but not least you should add all the major things like trees, broken down trees, basically the big things. As you probably would have expected by now the idea here is to follow a natural sequence as well. First place a big tree on a place where there would be a lot of sunlight. Then add some smaller trees around the big one, and perhaps add some saplings if there is room for it. Depending on the landscape you can change the density of the tree clusters. In a forest you can make it very dense, but if you're working on let's say grasslands it would be better to just place some lonely trees with some tree clusters here and there. TL;DR: Follow the natural order of things when placing different layers of objects. So that was my advice of the week I hope it helped you, and anyone who might have read this, in any way. PS: A bit late but I always do it by picking the right radius, holding my left mouse button, and swiping up and down in short strokes with my mouse. I don't know why it works but it works. xD
  11. [Landscaping] Nagastani

    Oh really? Then I'll have to download the latest update I guess. When everything is sorted out I'll make a thread in the forums. And yes I know. This isn't the first time I've worked with a group of modders so I am (sort of) familiar with merging. Just let me know if it's merged, then I'll probably see it in the new update and then I'll continue working on it.
  12. [Landscaping] Nagastani

    So now that I'm back I figured I'd let you guys know that when the models are ready I am willing to work on the interior of the dungeon as well. I don't like interiors but after seeing Markus's new screens of the dungeon tileset I just have to make an interior. And if this is the place where you find that sexy looking Ayleid sword I plan on making it big. Like really big. I always hated how most of Skyrim's dungeons were once supposed to be cities but looked nothing like it in terms of layout and size. Yes! We have a thriving city, but to get to the market we just have to get past the poison darts, hanging scythes, and what not. It were more temples then cities really. In the meantime I'll make sure the exterior is finished. I still have some minor adjustments to do, and I need to add some ambient stuff like fog, critters, etc. The things I always safe for last because otherwise it just becomes too full.
  13. [Landscaping] Nagastani

    Hey guys, I've made some progress with the nearby landscape. I think it came out really nice. It's now really starting to look like an ancient city. When I'm done with the landscaping I am still going to make one pass through the city though. It looks good but it's still too empty. I think I just need to add that one final layer of clutter and then it'll be perfect.
  14. [Landscaping] Nagastani

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. Using Nagastani as a testing ground for the new models is like like music to my ears. Just let me know when you've finished the models ( I'll probably know anyway by lurking in your thread) and then when they're uploaded I'll replace all the files I have with the new ones. I'm really curious how it will look because usually my game looks like this. (with the right lightning, perspective, models etc. etc. of course) Also the guide sounds like a good idea. I know my way around the grid but for some reason the pieces never snapped like they should. A guide as to how the models fit together should really help with that.
  15. [Landscaping] Nagastani

    And here I am again, This time not with a status update but with some in-game screens. I really can't wait until Markus has finished his work on the Ayleid Tileset. As of now it looks nice, but it's far too shiny during the day. I'm excited as to how it will look with the new models. I might even be motivated enough to create an interior for the ruin if it looks really epic, but don't get your hopes up as I usually hate working on Interiors.