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  1. Arena Equivalent for Skyrim

    Actually one of the things I was thinking of was staying away from bringing in an arena like in Oblivion. The idea was to differentiate it from Cyrodiil, and make it a different experience from what you did in Oblivion. That way we don't just end up treading the same ground as Bethesda already did, and try to be less like a clone of that questline. Since the Arena was based off of the Roman gladiator games, it could work to help further this divide between Nords and the Empire with how they treat bloodsport. What I could see us do as a compromise is have an arena in Solitude, something that the Legion would frequent a lot as the Civil War goes on or if they win. This would be a place like the Arena in the IC. It's not that big, or as impressive. It would sort of be like as if the Empire sort of shoved it in there, trying to make the city more like a Cyrodilic one. However we could have a very publicly known Pit in Windhelm. A real Nordic place in the undercity, which I am saying as reference to the older cities that Windhelm is built over that I believe we should add. This one is bloody and brutal, but Nordier than Ysmir's beard. It'd be like a temple to Sovngarde itself. Looking to emulate the afterlife on the mortal world. Dueling and Pitfighting could be two distinct aspects, perhaps even further divorced from each other by not making them dependant on one another. Such as being able to join either after reaching a certain point in any one questline that would reasonably earn you the right to take part in either. The big one is being known a the Dragonborn, which is always a big deal. I would prefer to be known as something else for the majority of your rise to the top. Reasoning being some could see this as cheating, or people will just quit out on you. I could imagine your Pit sponsor finds you after you have killed a dragon in any hold and then go to a tavern, then someone tries to direct you to a man who would be interested in your talents, and is willing to pay. He takes you on thinking you're going to be his big break. But you keep your identity hidden so you can go sweep through the lower levels, and earn some easy money that way. Then you move up. Should you use your shout, or get knocked out, thus knocking your helmet off and revealing who you are, you get in trouble for deceiving the Pit. But you can still fight, because having the Dragonborn in the Pits is going to bring in the crowds. Being the Dragonborn would also make you a valuable Duelist, or the Harbinger of the Companions, or a high ranking soldier. Any of those could have you being approached by someone representing a different sponsor for Duelists, or Dueling House. Then you go right into all that.
  2. Large Scale Open Field Battle System

    One thing you have going for you at least, is the fact that this is a mountainous country. So a single pitched battle could be fought all across a mountain, with enemies around every turn. It could be like a really really large and deadly game of king of the hill, with you having to take and hold the top. The Witcher 2's Eternal Battle segment could be something to look at, they have somewhat similar engine limitations as Skyrim Legendary Edition does now. So it could be possible to follow their path. Having only a few soldiers show up at a time for you to fight, but there are enough in your peripheral vision to make it believable. We could go even further back in time and look at older games like Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Where they had a static animation playing in the background rather than actual NPCs. This may be the best way to go, with a focus on certain people and units as you cleave your way through. It could be that battlefields are a separate cell that you get summoned to after agreeing to go to battle. Spartacus is pretty good about hitting the right cords for presenting a battle cinematically without having to blow their whole budget on a single battle.What they do is focus on one large open area for you to see, but keep a few fighting men in the background to give the appearance of a larger battle. One thing to take note of in this video is the shield wall the Romans form as they march forward. That would be a great way of creating a moving physical barrier for the player. Having a static Imperial and static Stormcloak with a raised shield and weapon that screams at you without doing anything might be interesting to look at.
  3. Arena Equivalent for Skyrim

    Yeah if you want the dragonborn name to really have an effect, one idea is to have your identity made secret, like in the arena questline. Since you can enter any of this at any time in the story, it would make sense to erase who you are in there. An idea being that the Pitboss just yells that you aren't anything to the Pit. The Pit don't care about names and titles. The Pit just eats men and shits corpses! Obviously in a more TESesque way of conveying that thought though. Yeah that's what I was thinking too, since it would be really weird to randomly buy something and someone call you out on it. I could imagine that ordering it would illicit a response from the barkeep. Like, "Someone go tell the Hall of the Dead to get a slab ready!" Another fight starter could be ordering a drink for someone in the tavern. Like in Deadpool when he ordered a blowjob(the alcoholic beverage) for the big fat biker. This could be done with something like ordering an Imperial themed shot for a Stormcloak soldier (veteran if the war ends). Yeah that would definitely be an interesting and cool little place. Could add some life to the bandits too. I think zaric zhakaron made a good point in one of his videos, where he was arguing that the bandits were like the true nords of skyrim that we always heard about. They were the barbarians that raided the coastlines, and were warring with the Dunmer during Oblivion. Even disregarding that notion bandits would have some good fighters to throw into the Pits, and they could have some good guys to ride up to and fight. I'm actually thinking it might be cool to bring back the cart for a scene, where you get in a covered and caged cart, and you're let out as if you were some sort of animal. A stage act to make you seem more wild, and it also reuses some assets that could serve us well. As for the whole, only Riften. I feel that pit fighting should be dirty and disgusting. A far cry from the arena of the Imperial City. Instead of a crowd like in the arena, who yell and shout like at any sport event, you have a rabid mob craving blood. They'd be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. But other cities could have them, as long as they're appropriately placed in the dingy forgotten corners of the city. The sewers in Solitude, they have to exist we have manholes in-game, could lead down to the lower levels where you fight over little open gaps in the ground allowing light to shoot upwards in a really interesting way. Windhelm, which I feel should act as a city on top of innumerable cities, could lead to an old lost barrow underneath. Where you can fight in some of the more ancient and traditional way of the ancient Nords, all while slaughtering each other. In Markarth would be obvious to have Dwemer stuff everywhere, but it may be more interesting to pull a fast one and put it in the Reachmen's section, past their foundries and smelters. In there you have steam shooting out, fires here and there, and the reachmen could easily capture wild animals to throw at you. All while there is all this tribalistic shaman stuff everywhere. Dawnstar, because now I have an idea, could take place on a floating prison. Having you fight over the cages of condemned men, against condemned men. The Jarl seeing it fit that the raiders they capture along his shores die as they should, by the blade. One idea for using the amphitheatre could be a cross between dueling and the bard's college. With you either dressing up as, or facilitating a battle between two fighters dressed as, heroes from nordic history. Bit of a two birds one stone, and adding a bit more to each. My opinion is that there should be a strong difference between duels and pitfighting. And even more so between them and the Arena in the IC. The Pits could act as your continuous arena, with the variety that would keep it fresh and alive for replay value. But the duels are the big bucks, and the most interesting. Taking you to mysticcal areas full of history and lore. Maybe another culture could be thrown in as well should we deem it so. Like having an Orc stronghold take umbrage against a House or Thane and threaten a raid if they don't allow them to erase the stain on their honor. But whereas the Pits are stagnant, and keep the same place, the duels could be held in different locations and be unique in their rules. Like a maritime dispute should be held in the waters, on two separate boats, and if you fall in, you lose. Or it could be a test of strength, with the two warriors having to compete for pelts. Or a test of skill, with you trying to snipe birds with a bow. This could lead into your next point which I could bring up. You bring a good point here. Though it has been pretty much confirmed in out of game lore that Morihaus was a minotaur, and the Emperor after Alessia was too, it's been meant to be muddled by the lore to make you question it. Of course, some sort of dragon break could probably make both pints true because TES. But I went with Morihaus, because he was a warrior deity amongst the Nords after the events of the 1st era, and is probably associated with arenas and defeating adversaries. Since he and Pelinal were slaying demigods left and right. But you bring up a more interesting point. I was thinking in terms of having one patron deity of dueling, but as I thought of more trials and challenges for the last point, I thought why not have multiple deities? For the various challenges, you could take up the mantle of a god or demi god and fight in the duel, hoping to receive their blessings, or simply because the rituals demand it. Nevertheless, a certain priesthood could officiate these events, while you have noble onlookers assembled to spectate. There are a lot of ways to evolve this story. It could really be treated as two separate storylines. Your adventures in the Pits, and your adventures in the Duels. A big part about the Pits is that you could almost treat it like boxing. You just keep fighting until you beat the best, but then anyone who also wants that title could just as well take it from you. If that happens you could go through a whole slew of quests to gain it back, because the person who beat you decided to dishonor you by letting you live with the shame. But the Pits could be the more brutal side, with fighters juicing, stabbing each other in the back, murdering each other, or trying to tarnish each other's names. I mean you could be just as likely to be killed outside the Pits as you are in it, but that is generally frowned upon because nobody makes money off a corpse that isn't made in the Pits. The Duels are a place of honor, so if someone gets murdered, it's a big deal. And making sure that none of the fighters are monsters or other dishonorable beasts would be important too. A portion of the story could be told about cheating, or corruption amongst the priests to sway the events. Which could be a way of earning a unique title for redeeming or preserving the Duels, by rooting out corruption. Or like I said, killing a guy who wants to ruin them.
  4. Arena Equivalent for Skyrim

    These thoughts randomly popped into my head, so I thought I'd get them out there for here. But I've been thinking about the means of getting an arena questline for Skyrim, without trying to add in a huge arena somewhere. My thoughts on the matter is that when it comes to fighting, the nords do two things. Brawling, and dueling. The former being the common nord's choice, while the latter is done by noble warriors and has a long storied history in Skyrim. Since you usually start out at the bottom in questlines, you got to be like that for this. Part I: Brawler This one is a simple and fun one, as the most commonplace for a good Nordic brawl is at the tavern. Some say the night isn't over until someone is out cold and bloody. But my idea is that if you order the right drink at the bar, someone will pick it up as a sign that you want to fight. The prime example would be waltzing into the tavern over in Riften and ordering Honningbrew Mead. A practical slap in the face to the proud people of Riften. Next thing you know, Bjard the Brewmaster from Black-Briar Meadery, has thrown you to the floor for insulting him. That's when the fight happens. After this fight, or if you enter another one like this somewhere else, someone tells you how the person you just beat up was the local brawling champion, and that if someone takes on enough of them they can be allowed to fight in the pits. A less than secret fighting arena in the Ratways. People from all over come to watch the bloodsports here, entering in from the basement of the Bee and Barb, if they're deemed worthy. It would also be possible to learn about all of this by hearing a rumor and then going down yourself to find out about the local champions you have to fight. Part II: Pitmaster After beating up enough people, you've finally built up a good enough rep to go down to the Pits. Here you're stripped of your armor and given some fighting rags, which will be improved with some additional armor until you get a pitfighter set, and your weapons are randomly chosen for you. Though no bows or staffs, and each are appropriately leveled for your opponent. The rules laid out is that only one man can leave the arena alive, and that there can be no magic or shouts allowed. And god help you if you turn into a vampire or werewolf, then everyone goes after you. When you enter the Pits, you're stuck in a cramped, enclosed arena. The crowd is held back by cages, yelling and screaming for blood. A few bodies hang above you, reminders of the results of failure. It'd be like a cross between Conan's pitfighting, and the pits in Spartacus. Look up the Spartacus one yourself, be warned, the first fight has a fighter cut off anothr's face and wears it around. The next few bouts involves you going through increasingly tougher fighters, each more ugly than the last, but with a few debtors and people Maven wants disappeared thrown in too. Then finally after beating however many enemies, you get the attention of a more noble lord. And that's when you learn about dueling in Skyrim, the nobleman's version of the pits. If you get a patron to sponsor you, you could make a lot of money fighting other duelists, or an appropriately more nordic title. Part III: Duelmaster (It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel) After securing a patron by killing some harder than anyone has been killed before, you're now in the most exclusive bloodsport in all of Skyrim. Duels have been fought for centuries in Skyrim, and come with certain traditions. This can connect to the whole debacle with Ulfric vs Torygg, with some saying Ulfric did not properly go about dueling him, so it was murder. Though many people take up the duels themselves, many people have others stand in for them, professional duelists, like you, who are run by people like your patron. The most honorable thing is to fight for yourself, but extraneous circumstances had let people in the past allow this, and it had since grown into a much larger thing. Some of the duels involved are actually means of solving disputes over contracts between Nordic nobles and houses, the occasional land dispute between the holds, or for the simple enjoyment of the crowds. Yes, that means you could be decapitating someone because of a disagreement over a corporate merger. A big difference between the pits and duels is going to be the clientele, these are proper people and act accordingly. In the pits, you'd have people screaming for blood and murder. Calling you all sorts of slurs and insults, while just shouting at every blow. Here you are greeted by more proper applause and shouts, with a bard in the background playing some appropriate fighting music. Besides having nicer people, you also fight in more pleasant arenas. Sacred battlegrounds could be placed around Skyrim for people to fight in. I imagine place that look like a more refined stone henges, but other places like the little stage in Solitude would be good. Rather than messy and dirty pit fighting gear, you get armor that abides by the rule of the ancient rituals of dueling. And get a choice in your weapons, still no magic or bows. A lot of the rituals could be related to Morihaus, given his statue being present near the arena, he could be like a patron saint of honorable combat. So wearing bull's heads would be a thing for combatants. For this part of the story, there is no more end goal, I don't feel like it would be really appropriate to having the title of the king of duels be the endgame, but having another approach would be better. After having won one too many victories against the rival of your patron, your next duel sees you poisoned, and backed out, your stand in is killed easily, and your patron has been murdered while no one is watching. Now without a leader, you must avenge your previous patron, and the dishonor against you and the art of dueling. The next step is that you must find the priests of Morihaus, the ones who referee and officiate the duels, and convince them that your rival dueling team have disgraced the duels. If you bring proof, they say the means to cleanse this dishonor is for you to duel their whole dueling guild/house/team. If you fail, you die and your sponsor's house/guilt/team is forever disgraced. You and your rivals are summoned to the ancient arena in the heart of the Temple of Morihaus to fight, and when you combat them , you have to go through every single member one on one, back to back. Fighting increasingly difficult opponents, until finally you kill the patron of the other house. Though, having seen his whole house obliterated, resorts to cheating to try and take you down with him, perhaps giving his soul to a daedric prince so as to kill you and everyone there. Once slain, you are dubbed the savior of the temple and preserver of the ancient traditions. And can be given a unique helmet in the shape of Morihaus' face that matches your dueling armor. Really this is a very barebones idea, not 100% thought out, but I wanted to share the idea of it here.
  5. Civil War Story Concepts

    Perhaps a work around to the battle option, if it proves impossible to work out believable large scale battles, is to make the Dragonborn part of an elite group of soldiers for either side. Having the DB going on a mission behind enemy lines to disrupt the battle, execute their command, or sabotage their artillery. Trying to do a little research into the subject of medieval special forces, only to see none really existed. However, there is the idea of reconnaissance squads moving ahead. This could work as a means of showing the scale of the war. By having you and your little squad moving forward to see a reasonably sized army for you to return and report on. I mean you can only show so much on screen with these games, so the idea is to show a lot, or make enough references to make it believable that there is a larger war going on. This is much easier for sieges, as you can cut off chunks in the city because parts of it are on fire or something. That way you can move the player around it in the right way, and then have bodies and enemies everywhere as you move. Then in the background, you have the clanging of swords and shields, screaming, and all the other sounds of war. As I posted last year, wow time flies, an interesting idea to build up the narrative would be to gather weapons and artifacts of power. With each side needing to claim ome sort of ancestral right to the land. Really that is an aspect that should be discussed, as both sides delve into the history of Skyrim as being an explanation for their right to rule. With the Stormcloaks trying to bring back the glory days of the Nordic Empires, and the Imperials saying how the Nords have always been part of the Septim Empire, and should remain so.
  6. [Claimed] Anequina Farmhouses

    I think ot would be better to actually have something under the huts. Especially if you mentioned it being on angles 45 degrees and more. Could use just rubble or something. I remember seeing a picture of a house where it was built off a hill and supported by a few dozen tires. Not saying use tires, but perhaps refuse or rubble, or even bits of ruins if the village is built near one.
  7. Solitude

    I like these ideas a lot, Solitude should have been a much more busier place as the capital of Skyrim, and the capital of Imperial power. More emphasis should be made on Castle Dour being the main Imperial Garrison. The Legion should really be mucking up the place in a way, with tents, campfires, soldiers, and camp attendants everywhere. The Imperial banners should be on display all over the place, and Solitude guards discuss with the legionnaires about their lives as soldiers, trying to one up each other. So if you join the legion, you'll have a nice little tent to sleep in, and a sack to store your stuff in. Solitude is also the cultural and academic center of Skyrim too, and you don't really see that either. Having more academics walking around and occupying the tavern would be interesting. People from all over would go there to scour the ancient tomes of the Nords. The Bard College is likely the source of this knowledge, and the term bard would also have another meaning to Nords as the ancient historians of their people. So you could expect students debating in the local tavern about how the pre-imperial economies of the early Nords was a utopia and the capital forming effects of military mobilization. But those same students could also be having a battle of the bands is next month too. Some of these students could possibly be radicalized and heed the call of Ulfric Stormcloak, and a plot within the college would need to be stopped or executed by the player. And that would mean GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, OH YEAH. I think possibly having a reporter from the Black Horse Courier or something would be interesting too. Like an odd side quest that pops up along the way as they go there to find some old books about the history of the Nords to understand them to report back to the papers in Cyrodiil, and then go off to find out about the Stormcloaks. This would obviously lead to him being seen as a spy and you have the chance to save them. Honestly, I'm thinking of someone like the Adoring Fan's grandson or something. I imagine them saying, "By Azura, by Azura, by Azura... I've really gotten myself into a sticky situation this time!" They said as they sit in a boiling Hagraven's pot in the middle of a Forsworn encampment. The collapse is an interesting dynamic that should be brought up. Something that would be interesting to both sides of the war too. Could have letters from Stormcloak saboteurs and Imperial agents discussing this apparent vulnerability, though noting that bringing down an entire city looks bad and would be incredibly difficult. Perhaps you could find some plans to reinforce the city, and the arch it rests upon. Sv en's refuge around the lighthouse is a great idea. In some of the concept art, the lighthouse was more fortified around there, and built with walls around it. It could be remade as such and have an ever growing population of refugees come there as the dragons increasingly attack the city and the Stormcloaks push towards Solitude. There could even be a guard there for the player to interact with. Giving you information and having you take on the odd fetch quest or two to help out. This could, of course, be done over in Windhelm too. The docks are the major point of an improvement for Solitude. That whole bay could be built up upon. On both sides really. The whole place could be revamped with new buildings, but that would be up to you on what you want there. I think one of the big things would be to add some Imperial ships there, I know someone modeled a bunch of types of ships on the Nexus as a resource, those just need to be textured really. The EETC presence is something that could be expanded on too, I would be happy to lend the EETC armor Morrowind is planning on doing to your team, but that isn't a decision for me to make really. A drydock would be interesting too, perhaps patching an injured Imperial ship attacked by Stormcloak funded piracy. Another would be the fact that timber is an important part of Skyrim's economy, it should be floated down the river and be loaded onto ships going out of Solitude. One thing that actually came to mind before hand made me want to post on here earlier. The little gatehouse outside of Solitude could be revamped completely for the area. I'm thinking a sort of triumphal arch for the Imperials after the sacking of Solitude under the Wolf Queen. Nothing too spectacular, but something to make the city more unique. I was thinking of the Imperials utilizing spolia, and taking older Nordic ruins and pieces to build it, so scenes of Nordic conquerors would be juxtaposed along side triumphant legionnaires. It could be defaced by the Stormcloaks if they take the city.
  8. All about Beyond Skyrim

    Summer 2014 is our release date still right? :P
  9. Imperial City Banners

    That red white and black is giving me a slight nazi vibe. It might just be me, but look at this flag and tell me if you don't get the same feeling after seeing them side by side. Also, perhaps we could get some ideas done for Japanese styled banners/flags. The Akavari influence from the Reman Dynasty and the Potentate is still a lingering feeling in Cyrodiil.
  10. Sutch Development

    That's really cool and interesting, but one of the ideas is that the Niben would use more Byzantine designs and aesthetics.
  11. Black Marsh Inspirations

    This is an interesting design, besides the meso american influence. But this could be some sort of Argonian shaman armor that amplifies the user's abilities massively. And this would be a nice idea for fancy cloaks in Black Marsh. Feathers from birds of paradise. But these are also some great concepts for creatures. I would argue for you guys to make all animals part insect or reptillian at the least. Making the Black Marsh fauna all so alien. Creating a mixture of beauty and terror.
  12. CHIMtrails' Creature Designs

    These could be interesting for helping make new cliff racer designs for black marsh, or whatever would b flying around down there.
  13. Crane Shore

    Exactly, plus it gives you some more room to decorate the place.
  14. Clothing and fashion in High Rock

    So I found this on Pinterest, and I keep thinking about it, and how awesome it is. The cloth coif on the king, and the fancy surcoat of the charging knight. I was thinking that there could be something like this in game. A combination of the coif and fancy surcoat. One that would go over the standard steel armor set of southern High Rock. However, there is another idea I want to discuss besides this one. We could release a blank template for the armor out to the public, and have a contest to design it, or at least some sort of legendary variant of it. I think it would be awesome to engage with the community in this way.
  15. Crane Shore

    That seems way too big for there to be no support beams.