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  1. Can I donate Asset Packs?

    It is and it isnt, I got a answer, I can use and distribute inside a game, I think the issue with BS is they share between teams and people wheras I am a two man operation at best lol and their terms make it iffy on sharing outside of a given single location or computer. I was very very clear on all aspects of what was going to happen with the assets, the main restrictions are not to release the assets outside the context of a game, or share them, which are both the same thing i guess lol
  2. Can I donate Asset Packs?

    I was having problem with the texture UV maps using the straight export after import, I have modified my workflow to import then export as 3ds then re-import and export as nif, only super annoying thing besides trying to figure out if theres a default setup I can modify for the shader propertys If you could ask Namira then, I know BS shares them but IDK if they buy multiple, IE I am making mine as a esp holding the resources and Elianora is going to make houses etc to use in DW, IE for my project, but she will also release as standalone but slaved to the resource esp. But it will be like releasing parts of my mod multiple times.. IDK if that made sense, if I need to I'll just get her to make a account and buy the assets again dont really gaf just curious
  3. Can I donate Asset Packs?

    I officially love the unity store people... This was the response "Yes, this is fine to do. Just think "If I'm not reselling the asset, then I'm not violating the EULA"." Already going insane converting, once again thanks for even mentioning this, probably should have looked into some other 3d asset places but I'm a idiot sometimes
  4. Can I donate Asset Packs?

    Actually popped off my own email after converting a 14k poly castle correctly with collision etc and getting it to work so wooooo Was just making sure I could do it before even asking, love ya all but ill make sure as well just in case, would suck ass to get it up and running and then be like NOPE! But hell thanks for even posting this didnt know about the unity store before now, then again.. never did much modding till a few years back so bleh
  5. Can I donate Asset Packs?

    well hot damn, so i can buy shit from there and convert and use.. hrmmm might look into it
  6. Can I donate Asset Packs?

    Whats the distribution policy on their btw? dont got time to run through and find it atm but turbosquid nixed any hope we had of d/l and using their shit even if we pay because of the release format of the models in nifs etc. Just curious what theirs is on the unity asset store stuff or if you even know
  7. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66746/?
  8. [WIP] Skyrim: Discworld, Teaser video and progress videos

    Wait till you see the guns fire and blow a hole in a fortified castle wall Got modified AA turret versions of my judgment day turrets to shoot them out of the sky cause one planned scene on DW is to be getting airlifted ALA Halo 2 and shot down, then you have to disable the turrets and they drop you a tank. Giggidy
  9. [WIP] Skyrim: Discworld, Teaser video and progress videos

    AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH I have become death, ok maybe not so much but MURIKA HALO, ETC
  10. Paid Skyrim Mods

    Sooooo too much maybe then? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65022/?
  11. Paid Skyrim Mods

    Meh, my biggest problem with this is still the money split 75/25 is slave wages.. People who opt into that are insane, I'd rather do it for free than give the vast majority of the profit over to a intermediary and a company who 'allowed' me to use their shite engine.. I mean for reals UE4 is a 5% cut.. And I have in the past been no small proponent to allowing modding for $, I just don't like modding for exploitation. And despite if it's legal or not there have been plenty of legal things in our history that were not right, being legal didn't make them any less wrong.
  12. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64911/? This mod was built for the /r/skyrimmods Modding contest. Please go to the submissions thread and check out all the awesome entries!
  13. [WIP] Skyrim: Discworld, Teaser video and progress videos

    I would like to announce that the history monks have taken control and have decided a portion of the final quest in discworld will indeed happen outside the normal scheme of events. I will tease that it involves Nobby, colon, and maybe another person or two, and a pretty epic boss fight so far and I've only been at it a few hours. Stay tuned http://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/324w7b/skyrim_modding_contest_2_boss_battles/