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  1. The descriptions were impossible to read. Updated the guide with black font
  2. Hmmm, not a fan of the city wall and how many right angles there are, but I am guessing that is the only way to make that wall set work?
  3. Yea... I don't know what to think anymore. All so sad. #Orlando

  4. Possibly overlooked assets

    Definitely a possibility. We could get a list of birds from Sage of Ice that he thinks would be in each province and Escha may know someone looking for work to do regarding animals and critters.
  5. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Ill add here Still would like to see landscaping but interiors are nice
  6. Updated pictures of some small updates to the area. Added flora, some fixed textures, & fixed, & flatter paths
  7. Claims

    numerous claims I have worked on.
  8. High Rock Regional Threads have been now updated to include maps for both the territorial area as well as the temperature. Weather has also been added to regional threads for High Rock as well.
  9. It may be too much water off the rocks, I cannot tell though. It depends how how the river water is
  10. In the second picture off to the left, what is that object? Is it a rock or water? I cant exactly tell haha >_<
  11. HF - Tigonus Swamp [3A]

    Wow this is amazing, the swamps actually look like real swamps. This feeling is actually pretty hard to make. I need to implement some of this concept for the Northern marches. I can't wait to start after I finish this last paper for school, and then I am free for the summer.
  12. Wow, this is is really nice. I like the moss effect and the use of the spruce tree
  13. I am not going to do a summer session for college this next semester. Screw that. I need a break

    1. Nick_R


      Good idea. Everyone needs a break every now and then. It's how we stay sane :lol:

  14. Almost done with my semester

  15. Claims are available for work once more in the Illiac Bay Region in case you didnt know