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  1. HF - Hew's Bane [6A]

    So before I get started on anything, due to my absence I'm still a bit out of the loop on everything. So just to clarify, this is the region: If that's the case I'll need the ground and rock textures of the adjoining regions. I can modify the basalt myself if that's still what we're going with, I may even still have my modded ones around somewhere. As for a layout I was thinking very maze-like with the basalt so it gives the overall feeling of the area being larger than it is. There could be alcoves and caves along the coast and throughout the area that are used as havens by all manner of pirates. I'm also thinking maybe a bit of surface lava if possible, just to emphasize the danger of this area even more, i.e-
  2. Concept Art: Pellentine

    I've been following an artist on deviantArt for a few years now who has made a series of beautiful Assassin's Creed fan-art's inspired by medieval Asian culture. Don't know if it's much help, but just thought I'd share. Their page: http://chaoyuanxu.deviantart.com/
  3. [3D kit] Orsinium

    I have the tower, city wall, gate, and townhouse nifs, but they're incomplete. They don't have interiors or collisions. I believe they're included in the assets for BSHammerfell, but none of them are implemented.
  4. BS Logo Model for Loadscreens

    That's quite alright, I don't have the technology or expertise to take it any farther, so you're more than welcome to.
  5. BS Logo Model for Loadscreens

    I'm very glad to see this, I have no doubt that it will look amazing.
  6. BS Logo Model for Loadscreens

    I did get rid of those vertex colors, and it would be very easy to overlay onto a book or a coin or something like that. As for sculpting something, my PC won't run anything well enough to do that, so I can't help there.
  7. BS Logo Model for Loadscreens

    As I said, whether it's used or not isn't up to me at all. But now the asset is available to everyone. And as for modelling things needlessly, I spend all day modelling. I have dozens if not hundreds of new meshes that will never see the light of day, I don't see the harm in sharing one occasionally.
  8. BS Logo Model for Loadscreens

    Today in the Cyrodiil chat the discussion came up about a loadscreen that could possibly be played when you first enter a new province. My thought was to make a model of the BS logo, similar to the Imperial dragon logo loadscreen, that could be retextured to fit each province. So here it is. Meshes and textures. BSLogoModel.7z Doesn't have to be used of course, but I thought it was a neat little way to tie all of the provinces together subtly.
  9. Orsinium Mine Development

    Its a part of the nif, so there's no need to line it up. And I figured LRocks would be the main texture so I made sure the vanilla texture path works in case there's a replacer for that somewhere.
  10. Orsinium Mine Development

    Not a problem at all. I went with something simple rather than modelling individual rocks. With this mesh variant you can simply swap out the texture and make it look like the cart is full of any kind of rocks or dirt.
  11. [Unclaimed] Sandstone Mines

    Added some of the large halls in today. Still deciding what to do for the supports.
  12. Settlement Claims Summary

    That set is already in progress.
  13. Orsinium Mine Development

    Sorry for the delay, it's been taking some time to get things sorted out here. So to make up for the extended wait, here is the reworked minecart, now with a better texture, scale, and handles added, as well as the rail lantern from my mine set I was working on. It's just the nifs and textures, but in this state they're easy enough to add to any esp. MineCart01.7z And screens of course.
  14. Orsinium Mine Development

    Another quick WIP I threw together when I saw your furnace trouble. Was just an idea, thought it might fit better than what you have there. The mine cart is nearly ready for use, need to finish the UV.
  15. Happy Birthday CalledFireX!!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes!