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  1. Nords, trust your blood!

    Repost of an earlier post of mine on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/comments/5g5lf8/nords_trust_your_blood/ Nords, trust your blood! By Almgrim Blood-Shield, 4E201 To all the able Nords still in their farms, hamlets, and cities: arise! Do not allow the southern heretics to rule over you for any second more, take up arms, and head to the nearest camp of the noble Stormcloaks, to fight for your people, your nation, and your heritage! Remember even in your darkest hour that you are not a weak deceiver, like the southrons and the elves, but a hardy Nord, born from the race of muscle and steel! Through your veins flows the icy cold blood of Ysgramor, of Wulfharth, and even of Talos, the true man-born Ninth Divine! Remember even in the dead of night and the chaos of battle that hundreds of generations back, our people conquered these lands from those who wronged us, and remember stoutly that we will now reconquer it from those who have betrayed us! Is this land not ours? Is the cold not as natural to us as the sea is to fish and the air is to birds? Is the snow not as warm as a well-lit hearth to a true Nord? Nords everywhere, trust your blood, and join the only just cause in existence: join the armies of Ulfric Stormcloak, and rid us of the disease which has infected our lands. Your race wills it!
  2. [Book] [Misc] The Village of the Lady of the Ring, Vol. 1

    I tried to use most of your criticisms, so I hope it's a bit better now. I've edited both volumes. About the lore: I think it's not that terrible to invent small towns, seeing how other in-game novels make up entire cities which aren't featured in the games in the end (such as Jallenheim in Reven's books); also, Whitestone would be so small that if it appeared in-game, it would only be one or two houses or so. I'm going to introduce more actual events in the third book, so that'll arrive soon.
  3. BlackEagle78's poetic ramblings.

    I wrote this one for an assignment at school. We had to pick a painting which inspires us and write a poem about it. I chose to write one in alliterative verse, for Rembrandt's ''The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis''. Here's the painting: And here's the poem I wrote: I also added a document to this post, which contains a rationale with some background information for the setting. The Batavian Traitor.docx
  4. Fully in line with the events discussed in this thread: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/4020-the-emperors-bloodline/
  5. Notes on Thras

    You're free to use the lore as you see fit. I only collected canon lore about Thras and the Sload, and I didn't add any information of my own, so it's free to use anyways. If you want to, feel free to credit me, but don't feel forced to it.
  6. Required Dungeons

    The last weeks, I've practised making dungeons with the Creation Kit a bit, and I think I'm ready to try to make on for Roscrea. Is there any dungeon that you would like me to try?
  7. New Rock Texture

    Dark one indeed looks best
  8. BlackEagle78's poetic ramblings.

    Me and my forgetfulness and my worthless promises. I had a school project (we had to write an epic poem), so what I made is in the attachment. Please give me some feedback if you like or dislike it Cenric & Faetetere.docx
  9. BlackEagle78's poetic ramblings.

    Sorry, but school came in between :/ I'll try to write it as soon as possible, so hopefully today or tomorrow.
  10. BlackEagle78's poetic ramblings.

    Thanks Kettlewitch! I think I will write another poem (maybe tomorrow evening ), and I think it will be about something we all know: jealousy. Again in Norse Mythology, because I just like it too much