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  1. Connor

    Thank you, local lurker
  2. Don't dig up dead threads, please
  3. My Post Modern Tamriel Project

    holy guacamole
  4. Previous Games' Uniques and Artifacts

    Don't necropost please.
  5. Lore of Yneslea

    Great to see you pick up the Uutak Mythos since their last attempt to create ingame Yneslea got nowhere.
  6. The Lost Isles lie actually between Tamriel and Akavir and are not in proximity to Thras. Moreover, Yneslea's lore in particular is influenced by this.
  7. will the rest of cyrodill be added

    In the best case it should be compatible.
  8. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    You're not a member, so why should you?
  9. Is this cancelled?

    We're doing Blackmarsh which is at least as difficult as Valenwood, so...
  10. Question about Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil release date

    The released mod is Beyond Skyrim: BRUMA, so no, the unfinished Imperial City is not accessible unless you disable the invisible borders which I don't recommend.
  11. Skyrim's scale is smaller than Morrowind's (but larger than Oblivion's) therefore Vvardenfell will be a bit smaller than seen in TES III. All of our Morrowind is easily twice the size of Skyrim though.
  12. Sancre Tor Development

    Don't reply on a three-years-old thread.
  13. Sutch Development

    You can figure that out by reading the previous page...
  14. Question about Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil release date

    1.) All questions about release dates are futile. 2.) Bugs on release are inevitable regardless of the amount of prior testing. It's still a Bethesda game afterall.
  15. This thread has been silent for five years. It's most likely outdated.