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  1. Help Needed (SCENES)

    ​Thanks for the response, Mattiewagg. I've already tried that, but I get the same results. I also generated the SEQ. I'll try adding the conditions you suggested and debug. Thanks!
  2. Scripting Application

    (ignore the post)
  3. Help Needed (SCENES)

    Good evening, guys. Once more I come here to ask you for help, masters. I'm having some problems with a scene here. I've made many scenes, but this has never happened before. The NPC is supposed to walk to the first marker and say his dialogue. Then, he's supposed to move to the next marker and say his next sentence. Then, next marker and next sentence. Done. Scene is complete. It's pretty simple. The problem is: the NPC only does the first two phases of the scene. He walks to the first marker and say the first sentence. Then he stops. Doesn't move to the next marker, and doesn't say a word. Just stands there, empty. It's the third time I recreate the mod from scratch. The last time I recreated the mod, the NPC was able to say his second sentence, but never moved to the second marker, dunno why. What am I doing wrong? I've made scenes before, and they always worked like a charm, but this one in particular is giving me trouble.
  4. Hello, guys! Well, I got two projects on the go, and I have a small team with a few writers and a programmer. I had two concept artists, but one of them gave up and the other one... died. Well, she just disappeared. Anyway, I'm now in need of concept artists to project stuff and 3D modelers to actually make the models. If you're interested, please PM me. One of my projects, the Mining Guild, used to be hosted here, but I had to stop development for a few months and it's not longer being hosted, but perhaps you've heard of it. The project I'm working on right now is much smaller than MG, and it's a project I started in 2013 which was completed. But I decided to add some stuff to it and make it better. Once I finish Domus Imperatoris, I'll get back to developing Mining Guild. The artist that stopped answering made a few drawings, and they're awesome. Here's an example. Thank you!
  5. Problem compiling a script

    Thank you, Thingy Person. Hm, events. Got it. Well, the user will be able to choose between 4 default armors for him, besides custom pieces of armor the player may add to his inventory. I also tried using SetOutfit, but I got the same error messages. I will try to compile this script you sent. Again, thank you. EDIT: It worked! Thank you! EDIT2: Well, the script itself works, but he won't wear the clothes I set. Nor will he wear the preset outfit. I tried also putting the script in that field that runs the script at the end of the dialogue, but it always gives me compilation errors. EDIT3: I'm taking a read at this tutorial. It is clearer than the ones we can find at ck.com. Hopefully, it'll make me understand better how Papyrus works. I just started learning to program, it's been about 1 month, so I don't understand very well most terms.
  6. Damn it, I'm having trouble compiling a script. HALP!

    1. Vorians


      Click Compile

    2. Thales Alves

      Thales Alves

      Thank you! That solved all my problems!

  7. Hey! Well, I'm trying to compile a very simple script. Ulen is a dunmer I created. There's a dialogue topic to change his armor. Okay, but the script won't compile. What am I doing wrong? I check the CK's Wiki, and it looks like there's nothing wrong, but I heard the Wiki is really vague. Scriptname ZSMScriptSetOutfit extends Actor Armor Property UlenCuirass auto Armor Property UlenBoots auto Armor Property UlenShield auto Armor Property UlenGauntlets auto Function akSpeaker.EquipItem(UlenCuirass) Function akSpeaker.EquipItem(UlenBoots) Function akSpeaker.EquipItem(UlenShield) Function akSpeaker.EquipItem(UlenGauntlets) I tried extending it as Actor, ObjectReference and TopicInfo. Also, I tried creating an Actor Property called UlenActor, and setting as "UlenActor.equipItem(UlenGauntlets)", but no deal. C:Program Files (x86)Notepad++>"C:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSkyrimPapyrus CompilerPapyrusCompiler.exe" "ZSMScriptSetOutfit.psc" -f="TESV_Papyrus_Flags. flg" -i="C:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSkyrimDataScriptsSource" -o="C:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSkyrimDataScripts" Starting 1 compile threads for 1 files... Compiling "ZSMScriptSetOutfit"... C:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSkyrimDataScriptsSourceZSMScriptSetOutfit.psc(7,18): mismatched input '.' expecting LPAREN C:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSkyrimDataScriptsSourceZSMScriptSetOutfit.psc(0,0): error while attempting to read script ZSMScriptSetOutfit: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. No output generated for ZSMScriptSetOutfit.psc, compilation failed. Batch compile of 1 files finished. 0 succeeded, 1 failed. Failed on ZSMScriptSetOutfit.psc I'm compiling the script using Notepad++, but I also tried compiling the script using the Creation Kit itself. Same error messages. About the LPAREN, I tried setting it as akSpeaker().equipItem and UlenActor().equipItem, but instead of complaining of the parenthesis, it starts complaining about the dot (.). C:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSkyrimDataScriptsSourceZSMScriptSetOutfit.psc(7,20): no viable alternative at input '.'
  8. Cell creation problem

    It was exactly that. Thank you!
  9. Cell creation problem

    Well, images are better than words. What happened and do I do? The original room in Severin Manor The one I added.
  10. [REQ] Voice for a male orc?

    Right. Just PM me when you have the lines recorded. If you have questions, just ask ;D
  11. [REQ] Voice for a male orc?

    Dwalin's got a good accent, but Thorin speaks like a regular brit... nothing special about his accent. Gimli has a nice accent too... Dunno, but I think Gimli's accent fits Bjorn better. Well, you choose which one sounds better, haha. Here are some lines you can try. Bolded lines are Dragonborn's. What is your story, kid? Don't call me kid! I'm a grown man! Whoa, I'm sorry, "grown manâ€. *Humph* Well… there's nothing to tell you, Dragonborn. I was born in Windhelm, like my brother, but I never lived there. When my father moved here I was just a baby, and I have no memories of how Windhelm is. I wish I could go visit my homeland. Why don't you go there then? Bjorvarr won't let me. It's like living in a prison… He just wants to protect you, Bjorn. Yes, I know that. I guess doesn't want me to die like Mother and Father… but, anyway… I wish I could leave the Guild sometimes just to see how the world looks. I've been out only few times to help Bjorvarr and Rogdul carry the food here. The only place I've been was Riften… I'll see what I can do, and take you on a trip. I promise we'll go visit Windhelm. Really?! I bet Bjorvarr will say no. No, he won't. He trusts me, and I trust you. Thank you, Dragonborn! Will you train me? Well yes! I can't wait to get started and become a legend like you!
  12. [REQ] Voice for a male orc?

    Or the Lord of the Rings, haha. The dwarves have the accent as the nords from Skyrim
  13. [REQ] Voice for a male orc?

    Alright. Take your time Exactly like that. The J there says it all, haha. Same with "Bjorn"... be-yorn.
  14. [REQ] Voice for a male orc?

    I liked it. The quality isn't that bad. Can you do a nord? (ok, dirty minds, that's not what I meant) An accent like Balgruuf's? With strong /R/ and /T/? Btw, this nord is 16. You can read a bit more about him .
  15. The Gods of Gielinor are coming to Tamriel... Saradomin bless!