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  1. Were added a post in a topic Important Announcement   

    Did you spend more time on the wall of text than actually working on your project?
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  2. Were added a post in a topic Ayleid Traps & Puzzles   

    Is there a way to mimic mirror shield functionality from Zelda to allow the player to redirect the beams?
    Also got an idea for a room with tons of beams that instakill the player and player would have to carefully navigate it to find the off switch
    (promise didnt get this idea from half life)
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  3. Were added a post in a topic Bruma Implementation Review   

    may as well dump the semi-critical implementaion bugs that i havent been able to fix here,,
    1. Neremus the priest at cathedral wont sell stuff in his merchant chest, only what he has in his inv
    2. Ila the upright at bruma stables wont sell horses for some reason even after double-checking everything
    3. Armions weekly PSA scene (CYRDialogueBrumaArmionWarningScene) could use fine-tuning, actors seem to get stuck in scene or fail to fill alias
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  4. Were added a post in a topic Bug Report Thread (Models and Textures)   

    CYRTrebuchetBroken02 missing model
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  5. Were added a post in a topic Bug Report Thread (Models and Textures)   

    khajiit skull (movable static) missing texture
    BSK74wLongswordAntumbra missing model
    BSK74wLongswordDaedric missing model
    BSK74wLongswordEbony missing model
    BSK74wLongswordUmbraReplica missing model
    BSK74wStaffDaedric missing model
    BSK74wSwordShadowsting missing model
    BSK74wScimitarGlass viewing this model crashes CK
    CYRLowerTable03 weird collision with other objects
    bskGlobeCyrodiil using texture from Oblivion
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  6. Were added a post in a topic Bug Report Thread (Models and Textures)   

    rat meat texture is pretty bad
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  7. Were added a post in a topic Bug Report Thread (Models and Textures)   

    npcs greet you throught the floor in bruma upperclass inn/ mages guild, so if youre on the floor above they will say hello when they are below you
    pretty sure this doesnt happen anywhere else in the game
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  8. Were added a post in a topic Bug Report Thread (Models and Textures)   

    lots of stairs need to be fixed so actors dont get stuck:
    bruma inn/mage guild stairslower class inn stairsbruma exterior ledge stairscloud ruler exterior stairssome of the stained glass windows of bruma cathedral face inwards (you can read them inside) and some outwards (you can read them outside and they are backwards inside)
    cyrbrumawallbend01 has collision thats off by a mile
    if you hit/walk on dragonclaw rock it acts like wood not rock
    saw a few holes in the lower class shack interiors, no screenshots
    iron falchion is missing texture
    cyr middle class furniture missing furniture functions
    snowstone rest inn sign has broken texture
    cyrbrumabanner02 seems to get replaced by some overhauls like SMIM which overrides it with the large imperial banner
    horseshoe texture could be better
    bsknoblebeddouble01 has bad textures, not sure if it acts correctly as furniture
    new deer/wolf/bear pelts use vanilla model/texture
    new gems/jewerly use vanilla model/texture
    still missing custom model/texture for cyrodiil horses?
    it would be great if the dawnguard castle pieces, solitude carpets and sovngarde models in bruma castle were retextured to match the castle kit
    please add polygons under the cyrodiil bedroll model, so its not pain in the ass to place on a slightly uneven surface
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  9. Were added a post in a topic Dragon Encounters   

    why would dragons avoid leaving skyrim?
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  10. Were added a post in a topic Chorrol Development   

    the chapel could have a cool set of stairs leading to it
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  11. Were added a post in a topic New Region in Colovia?   

    I think we need to have some villages detroyed and abandoned, or we'll have way too many small settlements (at least compared to skyrim/oblivion) that need npcs, writing and most likely some quests
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  12. Were added a post in a topic [3D] ultimatec clutter items   

    will this be compatible with the sweeping idle anim?
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  13. Were added a post in a topic Cyrodiil map markers   

    Should player houses have their own marker? Those would be useful spots to fast travel to
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  14. Were added a post in a topic [Dungeon] Capstone Cave   

    I've added more clutter to this cave, as it has some empty rooms and little misc items lying around
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