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  1. will the rest of cyrodill be added

    Are you aware that Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is the *prerelease* for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil? There's a whole project doing this.
  2. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

    "Do you get to the Imperial City very often? Oh, what am I saying - of course you don't."
  3. Hello! What provinces are you interested in? (Guessing Cyrodiil by the tag)
  4. They've probably a more convenient way to talk to them, but their forum section is here: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/612-thras-the-coral-kingdom/
  5. Thras isn't a part of Beyond Skyrim, but are working on, as far as I know, a very similar area. Have you talked to them?
  6. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    We don't have any plan to prohibit people from making sub-mods based on our .esm, to answer a part of your question. I'd encourage it, even. What've you done? From my experience, any willingness to tolerate the Creation Kit's quest making system is commendable.
  7. Application for Concept Artist

    Iliac Bay chiming in here. I've been begging for more proper environmental concepts for years now and would absolutely love to have you on the team!
  8. Application Level Designer

    hahahahah you are too late, he's ours now
  9. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

    Are you aware of the rest of the Beyond Skyrim project in general? https://beyondskyrim.org/
  10. Application: Level Designer and Landscaper

    Have you tried out the the Creation Kit wiki's guide on interior creation? I highly recommend the guide as a good starting point both for the basics and advanced techniques. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Bethesda_Tutorial_Layout_Part_1
  11. Application: Level Designer and Landscaper

    Sure, we can always use more level designers. Have you done interiors before? I would like to get some people on doing dungeons for High Rock in particular. Outside of that, there are also a lot of exterior areas that need more detail and polish.
  12. Application: Level Design and Landscaping

    Sure, we can get you on the IB dungeons team if you're interested. Some interesting opportunities there, especially once the sandstone cave set is ready.
  13. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    Believe me, if I had the space for a full sized farmland area, I'd totally do it. But our worldspaces are limited due to the engine to 128x128 cells, which was barely enough to squeeze in our current implementation.
  14. A request for the Cyrodiil team.

    That performance hit is one reason why we're looking at only supporting 64 bit Skyrim. The 32 bit game can only barely handle what we're throwing at it.
  15. The pool of female voice actors is quite limited. Talented ones are very likely to show up in many places.