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  1. High Rock Catacombs Tileset QA

    hrCatFreehangingStairs160 has no collision from the back or sides.
  2. Mess with an object after Creation Kit editing

    Could be an issue with optimization boxes, things like occlusion planes and roombounds. You'll have to enable their visibility in the CK to see if they're in effect. I think that will be under View > Show/Hide Windows > Room Bounds or something like that. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Bethesda_Tutorial_Optimization Does it all look normal/as expected in the Creation Kit?
  3. Application - level design, quests, scripting

    Hello! Saw you were interested in IB on the AU Discord. Sending you the onboarding stuff as soon as I figure out where we keep it...
  4. implementation

    Hello! I've looked over your portfolio and, unfortunately, it's not yet of the quality Iliac Bay is looking for. Take some time and brush up your skills (potentially in the Arcane University), and come on back. Generally, when it comes to implementation, I'm very picky. I demand people to have a 'full stack' of skills, meaning they should be able to handle just about everything in their department, from special feature design and quest development to scripting encounters. The same applies for level designers and writers.
  5. Beyond Skyrim FAQ

    We plan some brand-new features, but aren't aiming to alter the base game in any significant way.
  6. Application: 3d modeller

    You're too late, he's ours!
  7. Application: 3d modeller

    Oh you bet I am aiming my 3D department director at you. Should be along in a bit.
  8. What happened? This place feels kinda empty...

    Beyond Skyrim as a whole as well as Atmora are very much alive and kicking! We're generally hanging around on Discord more than the forums these days. You should be able to find an invite link to the community server around here somewhere.
  9. Modding Tasks You Don't Enjoy, But Do Anyway

    Replying to YouTube comments, probably.
  10. Keeping up with development

    We have a community Discord server where we (very) regular post our work and updates! Come hang out. http://discord.gg/TAzte8m
  11. Three Kingdoms

    Thanks, your input is highly valued!
  12. will the rest of cyrodill be added

    Are you aware that Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is the *prerelease* for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil? There's a whole project doing this.
  13. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

    "Do you get to the Imperial City very often? Oh, what am I saying - of course you don't."
  14. Hello! What provinces are you interested in? (Guessing Cyrodiil by the tag)