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  1. Recruitment Thread

    @Zeroxbl I've sent you a PM here on DC. @SokolCrew Hi Alexander! Hell yes we would love your help creating the soundscape to Thras ...I'll send you a PM here on DC with our discord link asap so we can chat more!
  2. Recruitment Thread

    Hey Zeroxbl, Would you have any samples of your work? Even re-voicing some skyrim vanilla dialogue and making a few snippets available on soundclound or the like would be great (and you can use it as an application/portfolio to any project your interested in) How's your Thras/Alinor lore? Fair warning Thras is about as far as you can get from "traditional" TES environments/provinces
  3. Prototyping in clay

    Hey there, Your looking for something like Autodesk's "Recap" software; https://www.autodesk.com/products/recap/overview The premise is you take loads of photo's from different angles of your (clay) asset and software like this stitches them into a 3d projection (you touch up in other 3d software if needed). ...There is more to it, there’s stuff like editing point clouds and the like but ask your indie team to get their technical artist(s) to have a look at software like this and find out if it will work for their engine/workflow (it should relatively easily). hope it helps!
  4. Recruitment Thread

    Cool! I've sent you a PM with a link to our Development Discord, look forward to working with you
  5. Recruitment Thread

    Hey DoctorMcTaalik! If your an amphibious abomination enthusiast then Thras is probably the place for you Architecture concept art is very much something we could use help with, we've done quite a lot with Ancient Yokudan architecture already but that would be probably where we'd ask you to start. ...One of the double edged swords about developing Thras is creative freedom vs lack of references. Concept artists can find themselves having to generate a lot of work from scratch (like there’s no real reference for Sload coral architecture). That can lead to a lot of re-work but the pay off is you really will get to leave your mark on the project as an artist. Like most if not all modding projects, all our members will always try to help develop your skills and share their own if there’s interest. We're lucky enough to have some pretty cool and talented peeps on the team and bumping up each others skills is definitely a core vibe of Thras imo. If that sounds ok with you and your still interested shout out and we'll hook you up with a link to the Thras Developer Discord. ...Anyway, loved the Octopus with bowl on head especially, Escher-esque architecture definitely something to chat about for Thras and the pixel art made me want to do an old school 8bit Thras game for phones tbh
  6. Hey Abba, First up thanks for this and never apologise for posting up trying to help any project In general ESO lore can be problematic sometimes, there’s a lot retconning of past lore which can mess up your plans based on "traditional" lore. You have to strike a balance or you'll be changing key lore points every time ESO releases a new DLC. That said there is plenty of really cool stuff, cut content and out of game lore (like this Orrery story) that has lots of potential for use. (In our version of Thras) we're taking the angle the Sload worship neither Aedra or Deadra, in many ways they see themselves as peers to Deadra at least. They bargain with then as equals, not worshippers so they would be unlikely to use the Tamrielic pantheon (twisted or otherwise) as a mechanism to defend Thras. However, it's not like you can ignore the Tamrielic Gods on Nirn so we have things such as the first recorded historical event after the first Dragon Break being the Thrassian plague. Is it possible the Sload released the Thrassian plague on Tamriel as revenge for Akatosh "cheating" and using a Dragon Break to re-stitch time so Mannimarco (their buddy) looses? Probably. We want to suggest suggests that the Sload operate, if not at the level of the gods, at least somewhat in parallel to them. So they could see past things like the warp in the west (Sload remember everything, including timelines previous to Akatosh's meddling). All that said, our first major location will have a Sload "Chapel of all and None" that is somewhat like the Orray idea but i can't give much away!...Oh, and Mannimarco will appear in our Thras but most likely only in the aspect of revanent/necromancers moon. Anyway, thanks for posting. We're feeling 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for the Thras project and I hope it is for you too!
  7. A pleasure to see you guys.

    Thank you Pokeness, it means a lot!
  8. How is the development of Thras progressing?

    Hey Archer, Thanks for your interest in Thras! There’s a proper project announcement and new website on the way but in the meantime I'm pleased to tell you not only is Thras going strong but has actually grown in the last few weeks Our first major location is trundling along (we're all pretty excited about how it's turning out) and development continues on pretty much everything... Music, custom languages, new game mechanics, animations and creatures! Like i say we'll get everyone a proper project announce/update pretty soon, lots of eye candy and exciting news (ah what the hell, some concept art/renders attached of that location i mentioned, more soon!)
  9. Underwater Walking

    Hey Kesta, Sounds cool! Yes Thras is very much developing underwater mechanics. Black Marsh jumps straight into mind also and Illiac were playing with Dreugh last i heard so it could be best to hit up "Kelretu" https://www.darkcreations.org/profile/8389-kelretu/ head of the Arcane University here and make it something all the community can play with? Like you say, it's something that could be used for loads of things. Even if a province isn’t water centric it opens up the possibility of sunken cities in big lakes and the like for everyone. Thank you!
  10. Show us what you're working on!

    Me too
  11. Blender to .Nif - dark spots and see through

    for the black/dark parts..... in nifskope try going to the top menu drop downs; "spells" "batch" "update all tangent space" the "see through" parts... its hard to tell from the screens but the normals could be flipped... fine but facing the wrong direction (letting "light" pass through them and bounce off the inside of the mesh rather then the outside) right click on the NiTrishape with the error, "mesh" "flip faces" ...if that doesnt fix just do it again to put it back the way it was.
  12. Is there a way to scale grass?

    ok, because its just the planes you want to change scale of you can get around the whole nif export thing. export you new scaled mesh as .3ds (it should be activated as a format by standard in blender) open up the old nif with the original scale in that nif go to file-import-import .3ds-ok-select you file just exported from blender pic1: im using a box as the new mesh, but the above will get you to here. pic2: notice that by importing .3ds it has created a new niblock outside the root chain...at the moment that mesh wont be rendered pic 3: click on the original nitrishape. in block detail below find "data" (this is a ref for the ni block to tell it what raw mesh data to use) click that and change the number from what it is to what the number of the shape data in the new block is (so im changing "2" to "9" in this case) pic 4: now the new mesh has been swapped in for the old one while keeping all original nif info/animation/etc etc. lastly you MUST remove all the blocks highlighted in pic 4: use "remove branch" to be safe. that material that is imported with the .3ds format will crash the game everytime especially if it stays in the nif TL:DR...it's not pretty but you can cut and paste shape data between nifs and 3d packages without importer/exporter plugins for nifs themselves. oh PS: "Lord Hayden" has a nice tutorial on using the blender/nif exporter here at DC; i mostly use 3dsMax for exporting nifs so im afraid i cant help much with the blender exporter errors but you could find the solution in that tutorial for what its worth.
  13. Is there a way to scale grass?

    Yes theres is. Your absolutely right, changing the scale of the grass in the nif doesnt do anything (it should, it's usually only the root node you cant change) and i'd guess this is to do with the grass meshes being spawned by hardcode in the engine using the base ground texture as a link ref. Actually i found changing the scale caused some grasses not to render at all in game Anywho, what you can do is extract the mesh (the planes) and scale them up/down/whatever in the 3d package of your choice. then re-inport the new scale mesh into the nif and boom, new scale grass. normal and ridiculously scaled up screenies here;
  14. Nif Issues

    Kelretu has you covered on your other post about this, your exporting to oblivion format by the looks of it not Skyrim. Skyrim engine doesn’t use materials the same way as oblivion, there should never be a NIMaterial property in a Skyrim .nif, you'll just CTD if there is on asset load in game. Pretty sure nibinaryextra data was replaced with just "extradata" too. ...anyway, what Kelretu said on your other post, other then that it looks like you have it!