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  1. How is the development of Thras progressing?

    Hey there! Good timing as it happens, the Thras project will be "going public" by the end of the month. Expect an official project reveal including the opening of; A new Web site* A public/community Discord server A regular presence on Social Media (FB, Instagram, Twitter, reddit, etc) with a steady stream of; Project overviews: (Direction, team, more community engagement) Developer articles: (the first will be about our Music Dept and the amazing work they have done) and as much eye candy/video/AMA's as we can get out! ...If theres anything specific until then, always just post up here and we'll get back to you. *Like Archer mentioned the website is up, we just havent loaded it up with the content planned for the reveal!
  2. Height Map Error

    Ah delighted it's working Ibasitzu and good luck with the rest of your mod!
  3. Height Map Error

    I'm guessing you have gone through other posts here on the topic from the stuff you covered in your op but just in case check this out; https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/11292-height-map-problems/ I don’t claim expertise but the same thing happened to me making the Thras height map and it's not that the hm is too bright, it's that the jumps between "greys" (height difference) is too steep, causing TESAnnwyn to use the max values rather then a gradient. ...Also, try starting with the default water level and get that working first before jumping into custom water levels.
  4. One of our writers ("Graystorms") came up with a great way of explaining how we are approaching the MQ as more a weaving of quests together to create a mythos that acts as our MQ. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Harry Potter movies each quest is self contained but unlocks elements of a bigger story. Taking MCU as an example, Thanos (the big bad) doesn't even get hinted at for several movies. Each movie moves the viewer a bit closer to the end game but the endgame isn't the actual purpose of the individual movies (quests). Skyrim goes big from the start, Alduin is there in the opening scenes and you know it's just a matter of working towards killing him. "Came to Thras, killed a god, went home" is certainly not what we want so rather then hit the player with a straight railroad MQ (kill Alduin) we're going to slowly sketch in elements of a bigger story that eventually becomes a MQ for that players playthrough. In some ways i guess you could say we're not actually going to have a traditional MQ, rather a mythos that unfolds via ALL the quests and turns into something bigger then it's individual parts. We're developing something like the "nemesis system" from "Shadow of Mordor". Dynamic quests is something that's often name checked but we're pushing things so NPC's/factions could, on paper, play out there quests even without the players involvement. Gameplay and narrative won't be forcing the player down a certain route (your dragonborn, you have to kill Alduin to finish the MQ), nor will they be overtly pointing to a MQ (again, go kill Alduin by example) rather the players actions and choices as they go through all quest forms there own MQ for that playthrough. Cosmic Horror: (admittedly based on inner space rather then outer) isn't a MQ in itself....Take Mannimarco. It would be easy peasy to have a super powerful Lich the player fights at end of a "MQ". We'd rather the player eventually witness' Manni in the form of Revanent Moon and is just so out of their depth...you cant stab a moon to death and "win". Classic Cosmic Horror usually places the protagonist more as a witness to things rather then a key player. Thats what we'd like to do with our cosmic horror elements too. (i really hope that makes sense!)
  5. The way down to thras

    Hey Archer! Undecided how big the deep will be, it mostly came about because we realised we couldn’t do justice to "proper" underwater Thras using just the seabed of our height map. It would probably be more end game territory and deal with things like the “Elder Distended One", a mention of a possible cultural leadership among the Sload from this out of game lore; http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/A_Loathsome_Civilization Yup, the website is up (quietly) and we're sifting through content trying to balance showing off what we have done so far and not giving everything away! Thras is very much of the mysterious island vibe, we've been "accused" of secrecy in the past but it's not like you can post detailed maps of Thras and it's locations and hope to keep that mystery going. We'll strike a better balance as we progress ..Oh and yes, an official announcement is close
  6. The way down to thras

    Yeah i hear you, the presumption would be the Sload in "The Deep" would be at a part of their life cycle where it's home to them and they have adapted so wouldn't need the mechanics. ..."while older adults, due to their extreme weight, are completely immobile unless buoyed in water". (pocket guide). We want to have elements of Cosmic horror, not the full Cthulhu experience but certainly using our inner space (the deep) as an analogy of outer space/other dimensions. Sload that are too big to go on land (really ancient ones that would never be seen on land) can fill the role of "elder horrors" for us in that regard and the deep almost like going into space for the player. Just inner rather then outer
  7. The way down to thras

    Well Thras isn't all under water, it rises and sinks according to the lore so we have a nice amount of land above sea level to play with. What your getting at is what we are loosely calling "The Deep" in development, true underwater Thras (off height map, it's own unique worldspace). At certain places on the height maps sea bed the player can go deeper underwater, imagine an underwater trench acting more or less the same way as a cave entrance on land and opening up a new location thats pure deeper undwerwater. At this point the problem (for player) isn't water breathing, it's how not to get crushed by the pressure so Argonians won't have a free ride in the deep of Thras. The pressure at the depths we're talking about will mean they will have to use the same ways to access the deep as other player races. I can't tell you exactly how the player will do that without ruining quests but diving bells, Dwemer mini sub, sentient red coral exoskeleton, etc would all be fair guesses as to some ways
  8. Armor Mesh Problem

    hmm, try assigning the boots to 37 [feet] rather then 38 [calves]. i think whats happening is the feet are not rendering to avoid clipping the calves and causing the gap. Worth a shot anyway!
  9. Discord

    One could be a good idea though, a DC discord. A DC community Discord could help bring the different projects at DC closer together and provide a non BS centric community platform to trade assets and skills between each other.
  10. Recruitment Thread

    @Zeroxbl I've sent you a PM here on DC. @SokolCrew Hi Alexander! Hell yes we would love your help creating the soundscape to Thras ...I'll send you a PM here on DC with our discord link asap so we can chat more!
  11. Recruitment Thread

    Hey Zeroxbl, Would you have any samples of your work? Even re-voicing some skyrim vanilla dialogue and making a few snippets available on soundclound or the like would be great (and you can use it as an application/portfolio to any project your interested in) How's your Thras/Alinor lore? Fair warning Thras is about as far as you can get from "traditional" TES environments/provinces
  12. Prototyping in clay

    Hey there, Your looking for something like Autodesk's "Recap" software; https://www.autodesk.com/products/recap/overview The premise is you take loads of photo's from different angles of your (clay) asset and software like this stitches them into a 3d projection (you touch up in other 3d software if needed). ...There is more to it, there’s stuff like editing point clouds and the like but ask your indie team to get their technical artist(s) to have a look at software like this and find out if it will work for their engine/workflow (it should relatively easily). hope it helps!
  13. Recruitment Thread

    Cool! I've sent you a PM with a link to our Development Discord, look forward to working with you
  14. Recruitment Thread

    Hey DoctorMcTaalik! If your an amphibious abomination enthusiast then Thras is probably the place for you Architecture concept art is very much something we could use help with, we've done quite a lot with Ancient Yokudan architecture already but that would be probably where we'd ask you to start. ...One of the double edged swords about developing Thras is creative freedom vs lack of references. Concept artists can find themselves having to generate a lot of work from scratch (like there’s no real reference for Sload coral architecture). That can lead to a lot of re-work but the pay off is you really will get to leave your mark on the project as an artist. Like most if not all modding projects, all our members will always try to help develop your skills and share their own if there’s interest. We're lucky enough to have some pretty cool and talented peeps on the team and bumping up each others skills is definitely a core vibe of Thras imo. If that sounds ok with you and your still interested shout out and we'll hook you up with a link to the Thras Developer Discord. ...Anyway, loved the Octopus with bowl on head especially, Escher-esque architecture definitely something to chat about for Thras and the pixel art made me want to do an old school 8bit Thras game for phones tbh
  15. Hey Abba, First up thanks for this and never apologise for posting up trying to help any project In general ESO lore can be problematic sometimes, there’s a lot retconning of past lore which can mess up your plans based on "traditional" lore. You have to strike a balance or you'll be changing key lore points every time ESO releases a new DLC. That said there is plenty of really cool stuff, cut content and out of game lore (like this Orrery story) that has lots of potential for use. (In our version of Thras) we're taking the angle the Sload worship neither Aedra or Deadra, in many ways they see themselves as peers to Deadra at least. They bargain with then as equals, not worshippers so they would be unlikely to use the Tamrielic pantheon (twisted or otherwise) as a mechanism to defend Thras. However, it's not like you can ignore the Tamrielic Gods on Nirn so we have things such as the first recorded historical event after the first Dragon Break being the Thrassian plague. Is it possible the Sload released the Thrassian plague on Tamriel as revenge for Akatosh "cheating" and using a Dragon Break to re-stitch time so Mannimarco (their buddy) looses? Probably. We want to suggest suggests that the Sload operate, if not at the level of the gods, at least somewhat in parallel to them. So they could see past things like the warp in the west (Sload remember everything, including timelines previous to Akatosh's meddling). All that said, our first major location will have a Sload "Chapel of all and None" that is somewhat like the Orray idea but i can't give much away!...Oh, and Mannimarco will appear in our Thras but most likely only in the aspect of revanent/necromancers moon. Anyway, thanks for posting. We're feeling 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for the Thras project and I hope it is for you too!