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  1. Creatures of Thras Discussion

    That is work by Gendundrup, I haven't seen them around for a good bit but you could try contact them here; https://www.darkcreations.org/profile/4530-gendundrup/
  2. At a glance your mixing Oblivion format NiTriStripsData and Skyrim format NiTriShapeData in the same nif. Oblivion engine doesn't know what NiTriShapeData is so it cant render it. Both of these formats/blocks are how your actual mesh is stored in a .nif. They are your mesh basically. Oblivion uses “NiTriStrips” and corresponding “NiTriStripsData” Skyrim uses “NiTriShape” and corresponding “NiTriShapeData” SSE uses a different ones again. TL:DR I'm guessing you imported a skyrim shape, converted/merged with oblivion skel. etc but when you exported to .nif it kept/exported the (mesh) data as the Skyrim format in block 17 in your .nif. Hope it helps!
  3. Landscape Textures With Cube/Evironment Maps?

    I don't see why not but you'll have to experiment a bit. -In the CK head on over to "Miscellaneous"-"LandTexture" -Open one up and you'll see LandTextures are associated with a textureSet (and actual Ck entry, TXST). -Open up the TextureSet entry and you'll see you can hook up extra maps other then diffuse+normal/spec including env map (ck-Environment mask) and Cube Map (ck-Environment) So you can assign Env. mapping to landscape textures (as well as other things) but in vanilla they don't in general to help performance. Hope it helps!
  4. My Post Modern Tamriel Project

    Hmm, dragon riding is triggered after (i think) dlc02MQ06 has fired. Maybe that quest and its stages have to be fired/finished before the mechanics kick in properly? I'll dig a little deeper when i can but if you find out let me know Edit: from uesp, "Unlocking the third word of the Bend Will shout starts the final quest of the Dragonborn main questline, in which you're likely to ride your first dragon. After you do this, a help section will be added in the menu for dragon riding."
  5. My Post Modern Tamriel Project

    oh sorry im wrong. That will only stop them flying through mountains and such. Just add your custom worldspace name to the formlist of allowable worldspaces for tamed dragons and you should be good to go. https://www.darkcreations.org/gallery/image/16746-worldspacesjpg/ Edit: That should make bendwill work too
  6. My Post Modern Tamriel Project

    heh, awesome. Cyrodiil 2133 looks great Dragons in custom worldspaces: Load up your worldspace in the CK Menu-World-Generate max height data for worldspace select your custom worldspace from list that should do it but dont remove the scripts attached to the dragon.
  7. "One of us, one of us..." As many of you know, Thras has been a developer only project for some time but we have finally got to the stage where we would like to open out doors to the wider community. We are only starting our community focus so you will have be patient with us while we find our feet but please feel free to join us on our new community platforms Discord: https://discord.gg/FjuNdph Website: http://fullmetaldragon.com/thras/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thras.The.Coral.Kingdom/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thras_Skyrim?lang=en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thras.the.coral.kingdom/ Thras: The Coral Kingdom is a new lands mod for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim exploring the strange and terrifying world of the Sload. Slug-men Necromancers whose actions and history are shrouded in mystery but possess a malice that is legendary. Set on the Coral scarred Islands of Thras to the south-west of Tamriel, horror both survival and cosmic await the player. Themes of exploration, learning and survival turning to more daunting mechanics that unlock the further the player pulls back the curtain of the Sloads alien great game. Core Game play -Exploring and expanding TES races such as the Sload, Sinistral Elves, Ancient Yokudan and Maormer to create a weird and wonderful new playing experience on the islands of Thras. -Introduce new game mechanics across the player experience such as an "Information Economy" (on Thras knowledge is a currency more valuable then gold), a more dynamic NPC/Quest system and several other elements we hope will make for a unique story telling experience. -A lovingly custom made world space for the player to die in... I mean explore. The project is a modest size and this allows us to put extra time and effort into planning and making a truly unique experience for the player. Art, story, music, mechanics, all aspects of the project are being crafted from the ground up to create what we hope will be an unforgettable TES experience. We are developing on the Legendary Edition of Skyrim and plan to port over a version of the project to Special Edition (SSE). A PC version of the project will remain the primary targeted platform but we will be looking into a console release. Thras: The Coral Kingdom will always remain a non-monetized project that hopes to support and add to the modding community. Its members are volunteers from all walks of life and every corner of the globe and we hope you'll join us on this adventure!
  8. What happened to the Thras page in Beyond Skyrim website?

    No your not tripping, Thras isn't part of Beyond Skyrim anymore is all.
  9. How is the development of Thras progressing?

    Hey there! Good timing as it happens, the Thras project will be "going public" by the end of the month. Expect an official project reveal including the opening of; A new Web site* A public/community Discord server A regular presence on Social Media (FB, Instagram, Twitter, reddit, etc) with a steady stream of; Project overviews: (Direction, team, more community engagement) Developer articles: (the first will be about our Music Dept and the amazing work they have done) and as much eye candy/video/AMA's as we can get out! ...If theres anything specific until then, always just post up here and we'll get back to you. *Like Archer mentioned the website is up, we just havent loaded it up with the content planned for the reveal!
  10. Height Map Error

    Ah delighted it's working Ibasitzu and good luck with the rest of your mod!
  11. Height Map Error

    I'm guessing you have gone through other posts here on the topic from the stuff you covered in your op but just in case check this out; https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/11292-height-map-problems/ I don’t claim expertise but the same thing happened to me making the Thras height map and it's not that the hm is too bright, it's that the jumps between "greys" (height difference) is too steep, causing TESAnnwyn to use the max values rather then a gradient. ...Also, try starting with the default water level and get that working first before jumping into custom water levels.
  12. One of our writers ("Graystorms") came up with a great way of explaining how we are approaching the MQ as more a weaving of quests together to create a mythos that acts as our MQ. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Harry Potter movies each quest is self contained but unlocks elements of a bigger story. Taking MCU as an example, Thanos (the big bad) doesn't even get hinted at for several movies. Each movie moves the viewer a bit closer to the end game but the endgame isn't the actual purpose of the individual movies (quests). Skyrim goes big from the start, Alduin is there in the opening scenes and you know it's just a matter of working towards killing him. "Came to Thras, killed a god, went home" is certainly not what we want so rather then hit the player with a straight railroad MQ (kill Alduin) we're going to slowly sketch in elements of a bigger story that eventually becomes a MQ for that players playthrough. In some ways i guess you could say we're not actually going to have a traditional MQ, rather a mythos that unfolds via ALL the quests and turns into something bigger then it's individual parts. We're developing something like the "nemesis system" from "Shadow of Mordor". Dynamic quests is something that's often name checked but we're pushing things so NPC's/factions could, on paper, play out there quests even without the players involvement. Gameplay and narrative won't be forcing the player down a certain route (your dragonborn, you have to kill Alduin to finish the MQ), nor will they be overtly pointing to a MQ (again, go kill Alduin by example) rather the players actions and choices as they go through all quest forms there own MQ for that playthrough. Cosmic Horror: (admittedly based on inner space rather then outer) isn't a MQ in itself....Take Mannimarco. It would be easy peasy to have a super powerful Lich the player fights at end of a "MQ". We'd rather the player eventually witness' Manni in the form of Revanent Moon and is just so out of their depth...you cant stab a moon to death and "win". Classic Cosmic Horror usually places the protagonist more as a witness to things rather then a key player. Thats what we'd like to do with our cosmic horror elements too. (i really hope that makes sense!)
  13. The way down to thras

    Hey Archer! Undecided how big the deep will be, it mostly came about because we realised we couldn’t do justice to "proper" underwater Thras using just the seabed of our height map. It would probably be more end game territory and deal with things like the “Elder Distended One", a mention of a possible cultural leadership among the Sload from this out of game lore; http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/A_Loathsome_Civilization Yup, the website is up (quietly) and we're sifting through content trying to balance showing off what we have done so far and not giving everything away! Thras is very much of the mysterious island vibe, we've been "accused" of secrecy in the past but it's not like you can post detailed maps of Thras and it's locations and hope to keep that mystery going. We'll strike a better balance as we progress ..Oh and yes, an official announcement is close
  14. The way down to thras

    Yeah i hear you, the presumption would be the Sload in "The Deep" would be at a part of their life cycle where it's home to them and they have adapted so wouldn't need the mechanics. ..."while older adults, due to their extreme weight, are completely immobile unless buoyed in water". (pocket guide). We want to have elements of Cosmic horror, not the full Cthulhu experience but certainly using our inner space (the deep) as an analogy of outer space/other dimensions. Sload that are too big to go on land (really ancient ones that would never be seen on land) can fill the role of "elder horrors" for us in that regard and the deep almost like going into space for the player. Just inner rather then outer