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  1. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Beyond Skyrim FAQ   

    the BS font is "ringbearer" Destero;
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    In album: more kettlewitch rubbish

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    In album: more kettlewitch rubbish

    78 images in this album
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  4. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Concept Art of Thras   

    LHE ghosty vibe play with one of the Veve's Griff has been working on;

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    In album: more kettlewitch rubbish

    78 images in this album
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  6. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Exploring Under Water   

    Hi Bloboxo!
    Thanks for the ideas (the spell/bubble one is interesting for sure) and yes, Thras is hoping to have a lot of cool underwater locations and features to take advantage of the water theme the place has. Theres lots of planning and organisation under way about things so expect to see more on the topics soon.
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  7. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Nifscope Question   

    dont know about float_min off the top head. i'll ask around
    anyway check this out, it should help a lot.
    (it's really just a change of flag settings in nifskope to get the colls to follow things)

    section 7,a
    Now that we got a bhkCollisionObject set up, there is a few settings we must change. Let's go from the top:
    bhkCollisionObject --> Set flag to 137 (from 129) for animated objects. For statics keep it at 129. Then make sure the target is the NiNode the collision is linked. 
    bhkRigidBodyT --> Make sure the SkyrimLayer are set to whatever you are working on. This means Static for statics and AnimStatic for animations. Then change the following values:
     Then go into the shape of the collision (Whatever is under bhkRigidBodyT) and set SkyrimMaterial to whatever you want(This is for sound) and finally, if you used Packed Strips Collision, set the target to the NiNode you are under.
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  8. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Atmora   

    Bard would it be possible for the council to put a copy of BM's gold standard application somewhere you don’t have to be a member of BS to see?
    Thras had this issue when we applied, that a lot of the rules and standards set for BS applications are not viewable to non BS members.
    The council is happy to officially review an application from Atmora
    This places the Atmora Project in the status of discussion group and that in turn was recognised as good enough reason to be able to give BS membership to discussion group members;

    ...which would nullify the problem. The Atmora leads should have access at least?
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  9. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Atmora   

    Hi Hannes!
    There’s no real official guide at BS on how to start a new province but Transbot lays out the basics here;
    Then you need to check this out;
    and then get as active as you guys can here on the other provinces formus.
    While understanding there are no guarantees, this will give everyone a place to ask questions and for you to show your project so far.
    After a bit of time and by meeting certain criteria you can apply for your team to become a “discussion group”. This is an agreement with BS that your team/project is developed and organised enough that BS will accept a province development proposal from you.
    This proposal has a gold standard set by Black Marsh's proposal;
    Once the proposal is submitted the BS council will chew it over and there needs to be a unanimous “yes” vote between them that the project is viable and a fit with BS.
    If it's a “yes” then the project officially becomes part of BS with it's own forums, responsibilities and privileges laid out in the BS charter;
    Having your own team and development to show gives you a head start on most applicant projects. Show it off, talk about it and get it involved with Beyond Skyrim in general for now. Remember the most valuable thing you have to offer Beyond Skyrim is what your team can bring as members of the community here.
    Don't take any silence of response as a sign BS isn't interested, just keep selling your pitch by showing what you already have. Show the community the Atmora project is well worth becoming a Discussion group here on the other lands threads and go from there.
    Welcome to Dark Creations and Beyond Skyrim!
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  10. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Nifscope Question   

    If your using nifskope it will do the conversion for you;
    click on the NiTriShape, then rotation in the block details. clicking the highlighted button will switch between the rotational expression formats.
    If not the conversion is snipped onto that pic.

    Here is a good place to post any wild card questions btw;

    Hope it helps!
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    In album: more kettlewitch rubbish

    78 images in this album
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  12. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Advanced dungeon ambushes   

    awesome! Top work.
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  13. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Pyandonea Project   

    I was mainly making this thread to guarantee that nobody else would start a similar project, because that would obviously have problems.
    Sorry but you can't "reserve" Pyandonea in any way. If another Pyandonea project comes along they'll be told the same things you have been and expected to follow them to have any real chance of even being noticed.
    By trying to "reserve" a province you are indirectly claiming affiliate status with Beyond Skyrim, it won't be allowed to happen.
    For the record i would be one of the most vocal voices here when it come to expanding BS and looking at kickstarting the "other provinces" and I'm trying to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.
    If your not willing to even consider the guidelines laid out then you won't succeed, most likely you'll be ignored and/or dismissed out of hand.
    Even if you turn up with a completed project in the future there would be several months of looking at how that project would be integrated with the rest of BS with no guarantees. The whole point of following the guidelines set out is to examine how your project would "fit" with the larger BS community, if at all. This isn't optional.
    Beyond Skyrim's process for even considering a new province have been laid out in response to your initial post. You can follow them to give yourself the best chance of success or you can ignore them and face almost certain rejection.
    It's up to you.
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  14. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Pyandonea Project   

    Like Stark mentions the whole point of BS is collaboration and each province fitting well with the whole. Us getting to know you and your plans is the first step along with a clear declaration from yourself you are willing to follow the guidelines mentioned. Even then there are no guarantees
    If you don't feel you can do any of those things, then BS is not the place for your project. No project will be considered for even discussion group status at BS without following them. It just won't happen, ever. (I know because I went through it all last year with the Thras team!)
    Again as Stark mentions you could ask to have your project hosted on Dark Creations and once it is completed then consider applying for discussion group status but even then you would be expected to follow the protocols anyway. You would also be expected to work with any existing BS teams on potential project overlap. It would be up to your project to adapt to BS, not the other way around.
    You need to spend a good 6 months here on the forums posting, chatting and convincing with hard evidence what your plans would be. Thats how it all starts if BS membership is seriously what you want here.
    All the best whatever you decide!
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  15. Kettlewitch added a post in a topic Maormer Discussion   

    It's probably a question more for "The Pub" Henrietta!
    I'm sure you've been told before but the neck and feet are the most painful places to get a Tattoo. Seriously!
    Consider commissioning an artist, tattoo or otherwise, to design something unique for you and always, always do a hell of a lot of research on the tattoo artist/studio your thinking of using. Make sure their record and reputation is immaculate and try to find someone already inked with their work for advice. Take your time deciding on things, it's not something you can go back on without laser surgery and will be a part of you forever.
    Only for what it's worth!
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