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  1. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Elder Scrolls VI Betting Pool   

    No, the map wouldn't be tiny, because they don't have to use the same scale. They have been using different scales in each game. It can be the same size as Skyrim or bigger by using a bigger scale. And it would be better this way, the bigger the scale, the less lame things like the tiny Riften lake with those ships... (it is supossed to be a big lake, but it looks lame in this scale).
    Remember than Daggerfall is supossed to be the size of Great Britain more or less, they can make the scale all the big they want and it would still be smaller than the "real" size.
    Btw, I still have fainth in the synth A-2018 meaning something. I wouldn't believe Todd Howars words too much. He is pretty much like M'aiq the Liar, take everything he says with a grain of salt.
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  2. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Elder Scrolls VI Betting Pool   

    5000 septims it will be Alinor/Summerset. The synth A-2018 can't be wrong!
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  3. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic TES VI implications on Beyond Skyrim   

    It is very unlikely that Bethesda revisits Morrowind, even if it is the mainland that we never saw. Even less likely with the Dragonborn DLC release, since they just gave us another taste of Morrowind with that. Story-wise, Hammerfell and Summerset are the ones that are more likely to happen in next game, but I'd say almost any province is more likely than Morrowind or Blackmarsh.
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  4. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Fallout 4: Announcement Countdown   

    The problem of going to 64 bits is that once they can use all your RAM, they can also could hang the whole computer if they use it all
    If they have memory leaks here and there, even 32GB may run out soon or later. Although to be honest, I don't know what happens in Windows when all the memory is being used. I guess that it will be detected and that the system may shutdown the offending program. But at the end, that would be like a crash of Creation Kit.
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  5. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Warning: Do not update to W10   

    Beware with the latest Nvidia drivers too, apparently the driver 358.50 is cuasing a lot of problems.
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  6. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Cheydinhal Development   

    That reminds me that MB is referred as a "she" in some book...  maybe you could use that to do something Bethesda hasn't done yet, show a female Molag Bal. And if someone ever complains about that being not lore-friendly, throw them that book at their faces (literally, print a copy of the book and throw it to them!)
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  7. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic [Help] Setting a condition to a faction   

    Well, I wouldn't use stages condition for that quest. Instead, use the GetInFaction([whatever CW faction]) == 1 on the player, since anyway I think the player is not an effective member of that until the end of that battle.
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  8. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic [Help] Setting a condition to a faction   

    No, the only way a faction added by a quest gets removed is if the quest is stopped or the alias cleared, both of which can only be done with scripts iirc.
    But why would you want to do that anyway? There would still be soldiers of the other faction in their campaments.
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  9. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic [Help] Setting a condition to a faction   

    No, there wouldn't be a way of stopping it without scripts. But I wouldn't worry about such a small quest running forever, since anyway it doesn't have any scripts.
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  10. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic [Help] Setting a condition to a faction   

    You can always give TES5Edit a try, where you would be able to add the conditions to the faction without checking the vendor checkbox.
    That said, if CK only allows to set the conditions after checking the vendor checkbox, it is very likely that those conditions are only used for the vendor stuff and that it will be useless for your purpose. But I guess you can give it a try to confirm it or deny it.
    There is another way, though, of implementing what you want, writing 0 scripts. You can add a couple of quests with a "change location event" and add the quests in the Story Manager (never forget the "shares event" checkbox) in a new branch node.
    In one of the the quests, have an alias called Player (or whatever) that points to the player (Specific reference -> any cell -> Player). Optional checkbox UNCHECKED and "allow reserved" CHECKED,  in the faction section add one of the factions.
    Then add the conditions for that faction, either in the story manager (in the conditions for the quest) or in the player alias itself, both will be fine.
    Write the second quest exactly like the above, but with the other faction and the conditions for the other faction. (I'm assuming the condition on this one can't be met at the same time as the one on the other quest)
    The above will cause that everytime the player changes location, it will try to start one of the quests. It will fail until the conditions you put there are met. The idea is that one of them would run after the player is a real member of sons or imperial. Once one of the quests runs, the faction will be added to the player. Forever, since the quest won't be stopped.
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  11. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Steam hacked   

    Not surprised at all. It's 2015 and companies still don't take computer security seriously.
    Hire someone specifically to review the security of the code? (someone that didn't participate in it) Oh why, a loss of money!
    Hire a security expert instead of putting that generic programmer with no idea or sense of security? They want't to get paid more, so no!
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  12. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Fallout 4: Announcement Countdown   

    I just hope they keep that voice actor thing out of TESVI. Well, we already have voiced PC in Skyrim with that shout, but that's not a big deal.
    They also have 6 months to make that optional and not rely on mods to do it.
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  13. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Province Development forums missing?   

    The development forums of Roscrea, Morrowind and Iliac Bay remain private. In the case of Morrowind and Roscrea, they have been like that since the page change, but the Iliac Bay has been changing between public and private several times.
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  14. lazynumber13 added a topic in Public Discussion   

    Afflicted in High Rock?
    So yesterday I read this book which I hadn't realized before (mainly because Bethesda forgot to put that letter in a non test cell) , which is related to the Peryite quest. The letter seems to suggest that the afflicted came from a town/village called Cul Aloue -which seems to be safe to assume it is from High Rock - that is now "an empty, haunted place." Then I also remembered this afflicted guy you find in some random encounter that talks about returning to High Rock.
    Do you have any plan for this faction or for that Cul Aloue town?
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  15. lazynumber13 added a post in a topic Vigilants of Stendarr bigger presence?   

    That sounds like Cutting Room Floor doing.
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