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  1. I like to do a little bit of voice acting for fun now and then. Mostly for my friends animated videos, but they're usually more cartoonish. I can't guarantee I could do hundreds of lines for big characters, but I wouldn't mind doing some lines for some smaller roles. My voice doesn't have too much range. I can generally just do a younger male and an older male. Ranging between 20's-40's But it's something and could be fun. Here's two I recorded just for examples. https://soundcloud.com/cladivan/fatherknee https://soundcloud.com/cladivan/lookwhosback
  2. Sure, I'll record it later and post it here when I get the time sometime in the next day or so.
  3. I gave the minotaur a custom shout thst staggers the player, I removed the projectile fx and changed the cast sound effect to be an animals death sound. I also greatly reduced the range so that they can only use it when they're up close. It's pretty convincing to not look like a shout.
  4. West Great Forest Concept

    Saw this on YouTube when you posted it, looks really atmospheric indeed. It really feels like a forest, there's a lot of attention to detail and varied vegetation. Keep it up!
  5. [WIP] Goblin - Take Three

    I'm going to go back and work on it a bit though, touch it up a bit more. I plan on making a large set of tunnels that leads to a very big den full of Goblins.
  6. Leather Armor [Colovian & Nibenese]

    Well no offense to him, but its kind of common sense and its to be expected.
  7. [WIP] Suran's Clannfear

    Very nice! Look so much better than Betheseda's.
  8. [WIP] Mountain Lion

    what's up with this lion
  9. Tell'em! The fashion police won't stand for this! Let those gonads hang free!
  10. Pretty sure the draugr and skeleton use the same animations.
  11. Hmm... Maybe.. Now just hear me out on this.. Maybe we could fit the Minotaur to the Giant Skeleton and instead fit the Ogre to the Seeker's skeleton? The Seeker doesn't have the ability to wield a weapon, but you don't really see the Ogre ever wielding a weapon in Oblivion anyway. They just had huge hands they'd crush you with. Plus with the Ogre being such a dim-witted and violent creature the animations of the wild and crazed animations that the Seeker has it could prove to fit quite well for the Ogre's violent personality. Just a suggestion, the Ogre's animations fit with the Giant so well, but it's just an option. It's the only switch I could see happening. Or you could possibly fit the Ogre or Minotaur to the Gargoyle. It has a very hunched over neutral stance that I could see the Ogre having, and it has a charge attack that could suit the Minotaur very well. But once again; No weapon animations.
  12. He looks like he could squash me in an instant. I LOVE IT.
  13. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see him in action.
  14. I personally think that a headdress seems to regal. He's a lord, an animal at heart still. Too much fine jewelry makes them seem too intelligent, it also seems looks very... Egyptian-esque. I like the more brutal appearances of the minotaur, strong, prideful, intelligent town extent but none the less still very animalistic. That's just my opinion