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  1. Bellatrix added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    OK, I'll make it even more trashed. In the meantime I've finished Gerard's shack

    And Janessa's house / warehouse.

    Not sure if the storage area looks like enough of a storage area - maybe I need to hang a load of fish from the rafters or something We could also really use a small square low end table to use between the two chairs in front of the fire pace in Janessas house.
    Edit: yeah the store room section does look better with a bit more fish based clutter...

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  2. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Crane Shore   

    There is a symbol (of a crane:) on their shields but there aren't any in these pictures as it isn't finished yet.
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  3. Bellatrix added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    Small update to Elinda Grecus's house - this time it's in it's wrecked state

    Do we need a bit of blood spatter decal on the floor? I gues that's one for you Argor as I'm not sure of the quest details  
    Just started on Gerard the Ham's house - hopefully I can have that and Janessa's houses done by the end of the week so we can hand over for implementation.
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  4. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    That would be awesome! We have quite a few models - one thing we really need is some food making if you fancy that? We'd like some Rye bread, smoked venison and a unique cheese a bit like the second image on here - - the largish ones
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  5. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Crane Shore   

    Started working on the Craneshore guards who are now wearing Argor's amazing new Armor (based on the Cyrodiil guard armor variants)

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  6. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Roscrean armor sets   

    Looks awesome! Thanks Argor. Can't wait to see the shield.
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  7. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Abandoned fort   

    Loads more progress on the abandoned fort - it's almost ready for navmeshing
    Cosy nook for nefarious gossip in the flooded room

    Necromancers living area

    Forgotten storage room

    Teaching area

    Boss room

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  8. Bellatrix added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    Elinda Grecus's house (tidy version)


    Needs a bit more clutter but it's getting there
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  9. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Landscape of Roscrea   

    That's now really out of date. There's a whole new island and ice floes to the north:)
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  10. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Kvatch   

    Ah ok - I can update it later. I was literally going off how the exterior is decorated.
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  11. Bellatrix added a topic in County Kvatch   

    All claims currently locked pending templates for the interiors / NPCs

    1) Legion Recruitment Office Firenight (Kvatch 01)
    Two legion officers and one legionnaire work in the recruitment office

    2) Fighters guild Firenight (Kvatch 08)

    3) Blacksmith - Hope of the Forlorn (Kvatch 04)
    Weapons and Armor blacksmith. Ex legion Dunmer quartermaster, Invio, and his young-adult daughter, Norvella, live here alone after the mother who was a guardswoman passed a year or two ago

    4) Kvatch 01

    5) Alchemist Kvatch 05

    6) Weavers Kvatch 06
    Makes lower / middle class clothing.

    7) General goods (Prime goods?) Kvatch 07
    Owned by a single Colovian mother, Anna Vokel, and her two children, Bernard and Renald Vokel. Prays at chapel every day. Small more quaint shop that she and her former counterpart started together. Has recently acquired the aid of a local woodsmen to assist her with her shipments and she has started taking a liking to him.

    8) Hotel Kvatch 08

    9) Priory? Kvatch 05

    10) Silver-eyes House (Kvatch 06)
    Thieves Guild potential member, master-level Lockpicking trainer. A mysterious Argonian and professional burglar. Quiet, blunt, paranoid. There is a trap door which leads to an old section of the kvatch catacombs

    11) Player house Keystone Quarters/Keystone Corner (Kvatch 05)

    12)  Tyrillius' House (Kvatch 07/03 - large building)
    Katel is a painter, and she lives with Relan, her son, and they are the family of a local FG member

    13) Bookstore (Kvatch 03)

    14) Kvatch 01

    15) Kvatch 03

    16) Kvatch 06

    17) Kvatch 07/06 (large building)

    18) Aldmeri Dominio Justiciary Hall (Kvatch 08)

    19) Old Arena - now a memorial garden to the great war

    20) The Colovian Chronicle (Kvatch 07) Bellatrix
    Owned by A Colovian brother and sister with their two friends. Was past down from a generation or two

    21) Kvatch 05
    22) Shack 03
    23) Edinia Pinder's House (Firenight) Shack 02
    Owned by Edina Pinder, a local young, overly outspoken, bard who plays in the streets during the day in between rants - and makes sure everyone knows how foolish these wars are and how uneducated and inept the current Mede dynasty is, for example how the replacement of their town hero and personal relative, Antus Pinder's, statue with a statue of Titus Mede 1 was a travesty.

    24) Shack 01
    25) Brandy Brewery/Distillery (Kvatch 08)

    26) Yanara and Saelian's House (Kvatch 03)
    a couple who are both independent mages of generally accepted forms of magic but are harassed by the locals due to being Altmer mages, so they don't own a store or anything and mostly keep to themselves.

    27) The Brass Flask (Tavern) Kvatch 05
    Owned by a single 38 year old colovian woman named Maisy, who also lives there. This is where the so-called "Hunter's guild" resides at a private table in a corner, and where many of the middle and lower class citizens meet up

    28) Tannery Kvatch 06
    29) Farm tools / supplies shop Kvatch 02
    AgrarianArchitectural/Agricultural Blacksmith - filled with all manner of generic non weapon and armor smithy items with some sort of store front

    30) Colovian Brandy Distillery Kvatch 04
    Brandy storage warehouse/Storefront/Outprocessing

    31) Chapel of Akatosh
    Windwalker Stables (outside Kvatch)
    Carlotta and Hann Irving - a pretty well off Colovian couple who's stables get sort of invaded by a ghost in a misc quest, so enough room inside to have a potential fight without having to move around a table in the middle of the room
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  12. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Meyuvon Falls   

    Looks gorgeous!
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  13. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Frulthuul   

    We should get some Roscrean beer bottles - the ones with the broken texture are actually from the Dragonheart Meadery and probably would mostly be drunk in Craneshore
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  14. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Abandoned fort   

    No it's just confused as there's no navmesh. Not sure why but it makes them stand on their back legs:)
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  15. Bellatrix added a topic in World and Locations   

    Abandoned fort
    Working on the abandoned imperial navy fort by Crane Shore. This is probably going to be a quest location - probably involving necromancers.

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