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  1. Thalmor in Roscrea

    There might be the odd one or two
  2. Bravil

    1) cyrBraviLargeHouse05 2) cyrBraviLargeHouse02 3) cyrBraviLargeHouse04 (Fighters guild) 4) cyrBravilMediumHouse02 5) cyrBravilMediumHouse03 6) cyrBravilMediumHouse02 7) cyrBravilLargeHouse06 8) cyrBravilLargeHouse05 9) cyrBravilLargeHouse01 10) cyrBraviLargeHouse02 11) cyrBravilLargeHouse01 12) cyrBravilLargeHouse06 13) cyrBravilMediumHouse02 14) cyrBravilMediumHouse01 15) cyrBravilLargeHouse05 16) cyrBravilMediumHouse03 17) cyrBravilLargeHouse01 18) cyrBravilLargeHouse04 19) cyrBravilLargeHouse02 20) cyrBravilLargeHouse07 21) cyrBravilLargeHouse03 22) cyrBravilLargeHouse04 (mages guild) 23) cyrBravilLargeHouse01 24) cyrBravilLargeHouse02 25) cyrBravilLargeHouse07 26) cyrBravilLargeHouse03 27) cyrBravilLargeHouse06 28) cyrBravilLargeHouse02 29) cyrBravilLargeHouse04 30) cyrBravilMediumHouse02 31) cyrBravilMediumHouse01 32) cyrBravilMediumHouse03
  3. For The Cyrodiil team, as long as your mod is dependent on our esm and you don’t redistribute our assets it’s fine (basically the same as Bethesda and skyrim permissions). There are various patches / player home / alternate start mods out there already using those permissions.
  4. Village of Weye Planning

    Just been fixing up the Weye interiors for implementation but thought I'd add this - there's a cute little path from the village down to a bench with what will be a spectacular view when everything is finished
  5. Weye

    Tidying up Weye for implementation. this is the good alchemist
  6. Kvatch

    Strating to update the interiors with Mirrou4ka's gorgeous new interior models. Clutter will need a bit of a tweak but they look stunning!
  7. Venglot

    1) ROSVenglotinterior01 Alaena Silver-Wave She was born and raised in Vengolt, and, like most, has taken on the local trade of fishing. She actually is rather skilled with the trade and is quite pretty even still. Naturally, Alaena has become quite popular amongst the other villagers. 2) ROSVenglotinterior02 Freilaclan baar She is a fisherman, no more no less… and she despises it. She is bored of the tiny village she has been forced to call home for the past 10 or so years due to a bounty almost as high as the sky. This bounty was actually accrued in Skyrim due to certain activities that are generally frowned upon in most societies. Yes, once upon a time, she was a bandit/highway thief who left Skyrim after generating too much heat with her excursions. She stays in Vengolt now, and avoids larger cities just in case her story has decided to spread itself to Roscrea. 3) ROSVenglotinterior03 Alvanira Seersong Alvanira is a traveling bard who has made a home in Vengolt. As such she will make frequent stops there where she will play at the inn for the time she is in Vengolt. She is quite pretty and has a fine voice. 4) ROSVenglotinterior04 Venglot Fishery Calder Felgeir and Fiske Onaaren These two cousins run the Fishery. Since they are both fishermen as well as merchants, they have made quite a living amongst themselves. 5) ROSVenglotinterior05 Arctus and Bridok Bjormuth (live here but work in the inn) A couple that runs the inn located in the small village of Vengolt. They have done so for many years, and have been married just as long (with no immediate plans to start a family). They both have taken on the jobs of innkeeper and merchant. 6) ROSVenglotinterior06 Inn 7) ROSVenglotinterior07Keelhan (the Not-So-Bold) and occasionally Suljarkyr the Bold when not adventuring Keelhan is a fisherman and his brother who occasionally visits is an adventurer (sleeping bag on the floor for the brother?) 8) ROSVenglotinterior08 Fjormalde the Fisher Just an average fisherman living in Roscrea. With nothing to interesting going on in his life (past and present), he tends to enjoy telling exaggerated stories that supposedly happened in his past. However, there is one story in particular that almost always make the other villagers roll their eyes in vague annoyance; The one about the “simply gargantuan” fish that he caught that one time on that one day many years ago. And while there is a small bit of truth to it, every time he tells the story, the fish always seems to get larger along with his ego. 9) ROSVenglotinterior09 Latkariren Whale-Tooth A quiet, elderly man who mostly just keeps to himself. He lives in a rather small home next to the ocean, mainly leaving only for trading and the occasional drink. He does have his own story to tell, however. Whether or not one chooses to believe it, is up to them. Note: Think something along the lines of “The Old Man and The Sea”.
  8. Misc Farms

    Sorilus Distillery - Flin distillery 2 Buildings - 1 house, 1 distillery Greenglow Farm 1 buildings - 1 house Crentulius Farm 2 buildings - 1 house, 1 mill Papus Ranch 2 buildings - 1 house, 1 mill Bright Ruby Pastures 1 building - 1 house Kynareth's Bounty 1 building - 1 house Heartland Pastures 2 buildings - 1 house, 1 mill Nibenay Farmhold 1 building - 1 house
  9. Ferrymans Crossing

    Interior01 CYRLCHouse01 Interior02 CYRLCTavern Interior 03CYRLCHouse03 Interior 04 CYRLCHouse02
  10. Application Level Designer

    Hey! We would love to have you on Cyrodiil if you have time to work on more than one province.
  11. General Signup Thread

    Hey Ibasitzu! Do you have some examples of things you've done in the CK?
  12. Application: 3D mesh and texture artist

    If you’re also interested modelling for Hammerfell it could be worth posting directly on the IB section of the forum to make sure they see it. If you have any spare time we could definitely do with a few new weapons sets for Roscrea:)
  13. Join Roscrea Team

    Awesome! Do you have any examples of your modelling? In the meantime, I'll PM you and get you set up with a level design claim.
  14. Level Designer Application

    Thanks for the application - it looks great. I'm sure our exteriors lead will be along shortly.
  15. Pells Gate

    Wulof's house THe rugs are just placeholders until we get the Colovian ones and the lighting needs some work but apart from that it's pretty much done.