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  1. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Landscape of Roscrea   

    That's now really out of date. There's a whole new island and ice floes to the north:)
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  2. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Kvatch   

    Ah ok - I can update it later. I was literally going off how the exterior is decorated.
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  3. Bellatrix added a topic in County Kvatch   

    All claims currently locked pending templates for the interiors / NPCs

    1) Kvatch 01
    2) Fighters guild Kvatch 08
    3) Blacksmith Kvatch 04
    4) Kvatch 01
    5) Kvatch 05
    6) Kvatch 06
    7) Kvatch 07
    8) The Brass Flask (Tavern) Kvatch 08
    9) Priory? Kvatch 05
    10) Kvatch (Resistance house) 06
    11) Player house Kvatch 05
    12) Kvatch 07/03 (large building)
    13) Kvatch 03
    14) Kvatch 01
    15) Kvatch 03
    16) Kvatch 06
    17) Kvatch 07/06 (large building)
    18) Kvatch 08
    19) Old Arena
    20) Kvatch 07
    21) Kvatch 05
    22) Shack 03
    23) Shack 02
    24) Shack 01
    25) Kvatch 08
    26) Kvatch 03
    27) Kvatch 05
    28) Kvatch 06
    29) Farm tools / supplies shopKvatch 02
    30) Colovian Brandy Distillery Kvatch 04
    31) Chapel of Akatosh
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  4. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Meyuvon Falls   

    Looks gorgeous!
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  5. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Frulthuul   

    We should get some Roscrean beer bottles - the ones with the broken texture are actually from the Dragonheart Meadery and probably would mostly be drunk in Craneshore
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  6. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Abandoned fort   

    No it's just confused as there's no navmesh. Not sure why but it makes them stand on their back legs:)
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  7. Bellatrix added a topic in World and Locations   

    Abandoned fort
    Working on the abandoned imperial navy fort by Crane Shore. This is probably going to be a quest location - probably involving necromancers.

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  8. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    Thank you for all the interest. Unfortunately we're not ready to record any VA yet but we'll be in touch closer to the time.
    For anyone who's interested in modelling / implementation / level design I'll PM you individually.
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  9. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Application: Scripting   

    Awesome!! I'll PM you with how to get set up.
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  10. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Application: Scripting   

    I'm sure all the provinces would love to have you. I work on Roscrea and were are just about to start quest implimentatin but struggling to recruit an implementer so would absolutely love to have you as it's a major bottleneck for us at the moment.
    Edit: btw if you want me to make any houses for your Bruma alternate start patch just let me know:)
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  11. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Native Roscrean Clothing   

    It looks fabulous!
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  12. Bellatrix added a post in a topic General Signup Thread   

    Welcome to Beyond Skyrim! is the High Rock (Illiac Bay) recruitment area so would be the best place to post if you want to work there specifically.
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  13. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Skingrad Development   

    Been looking at the Oblivion Skingrad kit. There are 4 lowerclass houses, 5 middle and 6 upper

    The lowerclass ones kind of remind me of the lowerclass houses in solitude.
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  14. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Application for Concept Artist   

    If you'd be interested in joining Roscrea we really need a concept artist!
    The fabric designs look a perfect fit for the Viking / Celtic feel we are going for.
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  15. Bellatrix added a topic in Bounty Board   

    [Armour] Roscrean native armour
    Claimed by Backseat Dac
    We have a claim to model the 4 variants of our Roscrean native armour based on concepts by Jhazago (full set is 4 x Armour, boots, helmet and gloves).
    Materials should be mostly leather, cloth and chainmail as our armour is mostly based on Viking armour. One set could be higher status (to be worn by Bandit bosses, key NPCs etc) and include Mithiril. If you're interested in taking the claim please PM me.

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