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  1. I got that boom boom that all the boys chase

  2. Why do people love khajiits but hate argonians

    Yeah but the High Elves ARE stuck up pricks. At least they're pure. :^)
  3. Why do people love khajiits but hate argonians

    Ever been to Markarth friendo :^)

  5. A Dark Creations GTA V Crew

    Excuse me Enstone aryans only please.
  6. Crusader Kings II

    I used to doubt this game. I though nothing could unseat EU4 in my heart of hearts. 200 hours on Steam may have changed my mind.
  7. Have you heard of Duolingo?

    Eh it's okay
  8. Have you heard of Duolingo?

    My school makes me use it for Italian
  9. Interest in Working on a Game?

    Daniel Ran's number one fan!?
  10. Go the Maroons!

    Yeah well NSW is like not a state play some real footy mate
  11. Steam hacked

    http://masterherald.com/steam-hit-by-major-security-breach-many-accounts-hacked/23239/ Oh dear
  12. Thread o' Random Stuff

    *sighs* Goddamn it
  13. Aaaaaaaaagh it's 1am and I have an exam tomorrow but I have to watch Game of Thrones aaaaaaaagh

  14. Happy Birthday Spectral!

  15. B--b-but I liked the old one...