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  1. Hello World

    1. Argor nash35

      Argor nash35

      Matth! The World says Hello! :ninja:

  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Was debating whether to post or not. Figured I might as well show people I am still alive, more or less! Found a cool concept by a Connor Sheehan of an edgy necromancer like sword. Figured I'd take it as a warmup experience, and went with it. The hand is a placeholder, just to test out silhouette. It's going to be a skeleton hand, or at least a lot more creepy looking. The handle isn't finished, and I am debating whether or not to just make a clean good blade in 3ds max, or try do make something out of this in zbrush. My biggest issue is the asymmetric with the thumb in the eye. I need to fill the other side with... something? Hopefully it'll look good whenever I finish it! ... Or, you know, I end up scratching the whole thing out of frustration in a few days. Who knows
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    Good god, Suran. You've gone into complete hyperdrive since I last saw your models! Your stuff went from "very good" to "next-gen-professional level"!
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    Never rely on the 3ds max renderer. Always check in A) The shader you are going to use. (That would mean getting it in-game for us, eh) B ) A better rendered. 3Do is okay, Marmoset is fantastic, Unreal is more or less the same as Marmoset.
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    Just to add something to the last part: I disagree. Manually editing is done a lot -- and i mean A LOT. Simply because it saves time, and is easy to do. if you got a wiggly line, due to a misadjusted cage, or your cage was too small in a certain area, you can simply clone/smudge it to be in perfect quality for a game. The only other option is to rebake -- and rebaking a normal and AO map at 4k can take an hour, if not two. Learning to actually work with a normal map is a very valuable skill. Also. 3ds max normal map algorithm is inferior to XNormals. There is a reason we use XNormal for 99% of the bakes. It's simply better. The only time I'd consider not using it, would be for a test bake within 3ds max.
  6. Show us what you're working on!

  7. Show us what you're working on!

    Always create textures at at least twice the resolution of the planned size, then downscale as needed when benchmarking and adjusting texture density. It's easier to turn a 4k texture to a 1k/2k texture, than to turn a 2k texture to a 4k texture It's a rule of thumb that can, and will, save a lot of work down the road, and it makes for pretty beauty renders. Anyways. Looks good Suran!
  8. NifSkope Help

    Right. Hm... Okay. There are two things you should try, to limit the possibly issues: 1) Copy and paste a BsLightingShader node from any other bethesda mesh. If you can see the model in-game, it means it's either your texture or your BSLightingShader node that is the issue. 2) Redo the nif. I know it might sound odd, but half the issues in Nifskope are solved by redoing stuff the exact same way you did before. I'll be back on my computer tommorrow and I can be of more help then!
  9. NifSkope Help

    Solid black usually means the vertex color is set to black. Check that out. Go under the NiTriShape --> NiTriShapeData and look for vertex color. Try setting it to "0", or expand it and check that the color is not black. You might need to get rid of the vertex color flag within the BSLightingShader as well. (As a side note. You might want to make a new collision for the model. You might see some odd havok stuff with the current collision. But that's probably not important until you get the model showing up in game )
  10. NifSkope Help

    Upload the nif somewhere so I/We can takea look at it. It's almost impossible to debug a nif from a video. It can be a thousand different things that is causing it. Invisible mesh is often the case of A) Mismatch of settings, causing the engine to have no idea how to display. B ) You have set the alpha setting to 0, causing the mesh to be invisible. Check your BsLightingShaderProperty -> look for "Alpha" and set it to "1!. C) You got some weirdass export error which causes the engine to go spastic on you. To fix this, redo the nif. Surprisingly, Einsteins definition of Insanity doesn't apply to Nifskope!
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    Ah, I apologize. I didn't mean it towards you, Viltuska. It was more towards Billyro's comment of: "Why would I try to imitate the vanilla style? Skyrim's weapons are terrible, IMO". As you said, Bethesda often get bashed for the wrong things. 99% of the issues comes from the god awful engine, followed by time constraint. The design and quality of the models are AAA worthy and very well done!
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    That's the _0 body, I am afraid. Big mistake to use that as a base! I could change it and fit it to the _1.. but.. eh. In the end I'll just explode the _0 to the _1.
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    The style used, and the one used for the Witcher 3, is what we call "Hyper realistic". It's a style where you want it as realistic as possible by using a material instead of a texture, so that the shader does 99% of the work. if you look at the WItcher 3s metal, you will notice all the swords uses the same metallic material. You can see this by a very unique clad of dirt(looks like a birthmark really) that is on every single shiny metallic surface. Bethesda uses another style altogether: A semi realistic fantasy stylished style. And just to point out one thing: Bethesdas weapons, and models in general, are not bad. Have you seen the sculpts? They are magnificent, and above anything you, or I, could do. Heck, they look good in-game at 256x516 resolution -- better than 95% of TheNexus models at 2k and 4k resolutions. These guys are top notch AAA professionals. We can argue the style choice; But the style was set in stone pretty much from the getgo. No Bethesda game has ever utilized a realistic style. alas. I digress. To make up for that and get the topic back on track; here, my current messy WIP model. Mostly interested in working with the micromesh chainmail, which turned out nicely! I admit, creating a set of armor 100% within Zbrush is messy at times. Smacking shit around until it works is not an elegant solution! I might finish it. Who knows. I said I was done modelling like half a year ago
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    I see you don't like feedback. My apologize then.
  15. Show us what you're working on!

    @Billyro be careful with such a strong shine and reflection. Both because it clashes with the vanilla style(Style, not quality), and because it's super heavy on the engine, which suffers from a lack of memory. And you should consider a high poly --> low poly bake workflow. At least for important assets such as weapons! The texture lacks, well, definition. You need more than some dark color, some noise and a lot of reflection. Different kinds of metal have different properties. Both in terms of how they corrode, but also how they shine. And be careful when you handpaint scratches. It might seem random, but the randomness from having good overlays is more realistic than what we can quickly paint by hand. Here, check out Racer445s video on texturing, he explains it better than I can! http://oesterkilde.dk/racer445.html Otherwise it looks good