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  1. Roscrea Music

    Oh, and I forgot to say, I'm using Requiem for my choirs. I've never tried Symphonic Choirs but it seems to have held up really well. I like its sound a lot but the word builder looked like a lot of faff to me! Requiem is quite shouty, so great for combat tracks but harder to make it work in the gentle exploring tracks. I think some of the problem with the sound of the track is that the overall levels are low. Since I swapped to Logic X the metering is different and I'm still getting used to it. In the DAW, it looked like I was creating the perfect level of headroom but the track has come out too quiet, even after compression and normalisation.
  2. Roscrea Music

    Ah, OK - thanks for the references. You mean you'd like it to be a little busier/faster in the rhythms? If you think it works now, great, but I'm always able to make more changes. The reason I like Beyond Skyrim is the dedication to details and quality.
  3. Roscrea Music

    Done - added an extra layer of drums at the start. Subtle but I hope it works. The link above is now updated, but here's the track again: Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Roscrea Music

    Thanks so much, Xae. I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge your feedback on my last track but it was definitely needed and taken on board! I think I agree about the opening. I was listening to Skyrim's combat music and a lot of it starts very slowly, even sluggishly sometimes. I was going for the quiet opening to make the build bigger but I do think it can be hard to grasp the tempo. I'll add an extra layer of light drums and see if that gives it an energy boost.
  5. Roscrea Music

    Hi everyone! I've dipped my toe into the world/minefield of combat music. I hope I've managed to include more of the 'native' sound in this track. I earned a bit of money from my music recently so I splashed out on a few new tribal samples I don't totally get how combat music is implemented in the CK but having done some research, this track has a few potential loop points and a 'finale' section. All feedback appreciated, as ever!
  6. Roscrea Music

    Hi Hayden, welcome to Beyond Skyrim! Glad you're interested in Roscrea. The usual route for getting involved in the mods here is to make a post introducing yourself in the Bard's College recruitment section and showcasing some of your work. We tend to be oversubscribed with composers and so to be able to demonstrate the quality of your work is key. Xae is overall head of music and he checks out potential composers and their work. Deeza and Nago are the creative directors of Roscrea so I delegate to them on whether there's room for your involvement on the Roscrea project. On a musical note - you've definitely got the idea of the musical world of Roscrea - a blend of Native American and classic Soule style. I don't think the synth flute quite cuts it on the sound-quality front. I'm aiming to use live flute where possible on the soundtrack as it's such a key element of the island's lore. If you've got a real ethnic flute that you're able to record, I'd be interested to hear it.
  7. Roscrea Music

    Awesome, glad you like it, guys! I had a bit of writer's block going on while I was working on this, so it took forever! I'm really glad to have finished it.
  8. Roscrea Music

    Merry Christmas, everybody! Here is more music, now featuring a proper choir VST!
  9. Roscrea Music

    Hey guys, thanks for the extra ears. Argor, I think I agree, I'll tone down those higher frequencies when the cello's playing. Guin - I can't believe you think I'm ripping off Secunda! Whatever gave you that idea? Actually, the cello is already panned to the right a bit, but perhaps all the reverb makes it hard to tell. EDIT: Added in everyone's suggestions - cello stands out a bit more and is panned further right:
  10. Roscrea Music

    Here's the revised version: I changed the link in the original post too. Sorry about giving you an earworm, Joseph. If it makes you feel better, it's much, much worse when you're writing the wretched thing!
  11. Roscrea Music

    Yeah, for ages the cello was disappearing in the mix so I boosted it up - obviously too far! I'll tone it back and re-up the mix later. I suck at mixing/mastering - I spend quite a while working on it. If you have any other critiques I'll make the changes. I'm actually meeting up with my buddy who's a full-time composer/producer next week to pick up some mastering tips, so hopefully things will improve...
  12. Roscrea Music

    Hey everyone! Here's the latest addition to the Roscrea soundtrack: After naming this track, I discovered that there's a track on the Skyrim soundtrack also called Frostfall (which also features a live cello). Therefore, I say the Elder Scroll Modder's Prayer: 'Bethesda, please don't sue me!"
  13. Beautiful stuff, Wellpapp! I love the detail in the streams. It all looks so organic and believeable.
  14. Roscrea Music

    Thanks for the info, Guin - that's really useful. It tells me that I can't just rerecord the flute parts for this piece as they go too low but I'll definitely start using it in the future - and those Native Flutes too when they appear! Argor - dude, that sounds amazing! Now I know why you were sensitive to synth flutes - you've got the real deal there! I'd love to have some of your flute work in Roscrea. I'll message you about it to work out details, thanks so much for the offer. It'll really help bring the soundtrack to life. Also, you live in a recording studio? I want your life!
  15. Roscrea Music

    Hey Argor - I hear you! I feel the same way, it's just a flute that comes packaged with Konkakt. I'll find something better for the next bunch of tracks, I have my eye on this: http://embertone.com/instruments/jubalflute.php I have a couple of weird ethnic flutes/whistles in the studio which I need to break out too. One came from a market stall in Thailand, so it's probably not awesome quality but might just have the right kind of sound for Roscrea...