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  1. [3D Art] Bruma City Walls and Towers

    Yes I agree your work looks awesome but I think espacially in a snowy region like Bruma there would be at least a few tower roofs to prevent snow from laying onto it which would piss off the guards I suppose .
  2. Actually I think you guys will add this anyway but I wanted to ask if there will be mines with friendly NPCs too, like the Orc Mines in Skyrim because in Oblivion for example are always Bandits, Vampires and other hostile creatures which is kind of annoying. I mean seriously, whole cyrodiil without any kind of normal mine with normal miners.
  3. West Weald and Elsweyr development

    Well I´m not a DEV or anything but I think this Thread fits best for my question. Will somebody try to add the Priory of the Nine (It should be abandoned for at least 100 years)? I think it would be a great location even if the Priory is destroyed and there are only some ruins.
  4. General Signup Thread

    Hello, I would like to help the Cyrodiil team in terms of translation from English to German. I dont know if help is needed at all because I read that there is also a german Team working on another province. If you need help in terms of translating books/dialogues just send me a message. Looking forward to work with you, Lumnuon