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  1. Sync-up topic with Main Quest Plait project

    Not an author of Second Great War, but yes, their city battles also stem from the cut content civil war battles, and they seem to use the same respawn markers, so moving respawn markers would likely affect them as well. Which could be used to move the battle to outside the city walls (Holds adds pretty solid city walls to Falkreath, and Dawnstar also poses a problem to soldiers AI). But a more natural approach would be to have a section of walls and gates in two states: normal, and for battle (walls damaged, gates opened, ...) attached to some enable-parent marker, so that during battle the NPCs could run freely all over the place without getting stuck. The major sieges have such markers defined for all the fires and clutter, unfortunately minor siege battles don't have them, so it might be tricky to detect them. Concerning main quest and civil war, since they are somewhat intertwined in Skyrim, I am going to release content split in modules, based on relation with the civil war code, among others. So, more or less in the order of release, they are going to be * a "Message To Whiterun" overhaul - removing dependency of Civil War on being Dragonborn, having Balgruuf join Stormcloaks, ... * an unrelated adventure that makes Stonehills a cooler place * Main Quest Dialogue Overhaul - the "overhaul" being mostly adding options "I want to kill you (Kill)" which makes that NPC no more essential, and "I want to meet your leader (Persuade)" for Arngeir, and dealing with the consequences. Kill too many important NPCs, you might find it troublesome to pursue Alduin in the end. (Also more civil war options during the peace talks quest. And the "find N dragon masks to fight Alduin" might end up a configurable feature here as well, as a bonus content that won't be voiced by splicing vanilla dialogue). * a module about Giants, mostly the adventure that gives a player yet another way to pursue Alduin, but also the cut content civil war mission about a giant harassing supply lines * two or more adventure modules that are less related to the main quest (but maybe more to the civil war) * the post-MQ follow up quests, perhaps split in two modules * to conclude, perhaps, the adventure that starts in the beginning in Helgen - and few missing bits and pieces that might be better done after merging all of the above. So the heads-up that I am talking about is mostly this "MQDO". Seeing as it is a dialogue overhaul, it may be quite easily made configurable by cutting away some of the options as needed.
  2. Hi, Galandil A little heads-up on how and why something related to the Main Quest will be changed by my Main Quest Plait mod. Most of it is non-conflicting, like the 3dnpc quests usually are, but a few touches to the main quest flow are considered (that is, I started looking into possible spliced dialogue). The big follow-up is done in such a way that after beating the vanilla MQ and going to sleep, player character has a dream that takes place in Sovngarde, meets a ghost of King Wulfharth there who does some lore exposition on the 3rd Song of King Wulfharth and the Ghost of Alduin, who turns out to be the next opponent to fight (or debate - it's supposed to be the same for the Dov...). Definitely I'm going to retain the ability to skip Blades subplot and do it later, post-MQ. In that case, the dialogue will be altered, Delphine and Esbern will be looking for a way to "stop the dragons", without naming any dragon in particular. There might be some dialogue tweaks with Greybeards leading up the Throat of The World - especially if it will no longer be gated by the knowledge of the Prophecy. A big question is what will happen with the Season Unending if Esbern (and Delphine) won't attend it (assuming it's technically possible) - maybe killing Paarthy will grant the player character the working knowledge of Od-Ah-Viing shout. Speaking of killing Paarthy, there might be a tweak of dialogues in case player kills Paarthy before speaking about it with the Blades (possible but unlikely in vanilla, easier to pull off with my mod). Also, possibly Blades won't ask you to kill him before you express that you wants to (at least until the Season Unending). Another idea is that Paarthy won't be essential before the Alduin's Bane vision, and killing him will simply trigger the Time Wound scene, no Elder Scroll necessary. And killing Odahviing while he's trapped could grant the knowledge where to fly to, still the player would have to secure a dragon to fly there. Is that all? I guess... There's going to be a way to avoid being Dragonborn for the civil war questline, and there'll be some shortcuts for getting Dragonstone and some other vanilla main quest busywork, but these features possibly will be implemented without changing as much vanilla forms as the changes mentioned above. Let me know if you need any help with making Holds compatible with cut content civil war overhauls (come to think of it, it might include the Second Great War mod as well).
  3. Story Synopsis

    But some compatibility patches can be merged with one of the mods and remain invisible to mod users. Now, a relatively common mod request is to side with Thalmor against the Blades. There's a room for it, because it is possible to make that (at worst guarded by a level threshold) Greybeards call again and let LDB to Paarthurnax, who explains pretty much enough to go on. This would require some moderate dialogue editing. To minimize that dialogue editing, LDB needs some knowledge on prophecy and Dragonrend - knowledge of existence for the most part is enough. Oh, and killing Paarthurnax makes you consume his soul and thereby have the relevant info directly when needed.
  4. Story Synopsis

    Hi, so what is your approach regarding essential NPC-s such as Delphine? I could make her protected and have the story go on anyway. On the other hand, introducing things requiring more compatibility patches is the last thing I want to do, both literally and figuratively.
  5. Story Synopsis

    It does not look so implausible, recently someone is attempting that for minor NPCs https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/5t79s6/dialogue_writers_wanted/ And since splicing may not be enough for quests such as http://skyrimmainquestoverhaul.wikia.com/wiki/Academic_Pursuits - so to be able to add new lines to Farengar unconstrained, this https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/688582-calling-all-voice-actors-skyrim-main-quest-overhaul/
  6. Story Synopsis

    Not the SMQO - nowadays I think it was already defunct by the time I got around to making my hands dirty with Creation Kit. Big difference is they wanted to re-record voice acting for major NPCs, and I just have fun with adding new characters (seldom with dialogue lines splicing). Yes, Trinimac was involved, and the basic creation myth is that Lorkhan (vel Shezzar, vel Shor) tricked some gods (including a proto-Akatosh) into creating world (well, at least its primary inhabitable planet). And since then those gods as persons are practically dead; if they intervene it amounts to a miracle. What to do with that? I'm going to insert an NPC/entity who espouses the concept that these long dead gods are in fact slowly reassembling themselves through the continuing formation of, well, basically what the world consists of, including the lives and deeds and works of intelligent races. Much like in e-book "God's Debris". And this entity will claim to be the Akatosh-in-the-forming. If done properly, there should be no clues to tell if this is true or not. There might be a way, however, for the player character to express whether they consider themselves Shezzarine / avatar of Akatosh... and to support their feeling with sufficient prowess in combat - after all, this is an exercise in designing a boss fight (which as a quest mod author I so far lack!).
  7. Story Synopsis

    Good idea! I recall there is such a scene scripted in the main quest. Except that the passerby people involved turn their heads towards a marker above you, implying that the Voice of the Greybeards is thrown at you. Either way it is buggy, or barely noticeable. Especially that usually the call triggers when there is no NPC around to witness it. Generally I'm fine with any of these changes - having started modding when the SMQO overhaul was still a big unknown, I stick to adding content that is conceivable regardless of whether Delphine, Esbern and Greybeards live or die. In particular I've heard some discussions on the subject of Shor vs Akatosh before, but that "debate" is tentatively set to take place somewhere deep underground, so even if Alduin lives on, there is an excuse for why he won't show up himself.
  8. Civil War Story Concepts

    Please, excuse me for posting in this thread now. However, I've recently dabbled with Alduin option, and I arrived at unreleased yet mod in which compatible with World Eater Beater and most others overhauls of that quest. Not sure yet completely how this will end up in the larger context. Still, in a way, there are some foundations of Skyrim it does not change. Yet, there might be some consequences even to this, if you think of it as a choice. In this case I'm thinking of consequences pertaining to some mod-added content, obviously. As far as Civil War is concerned, I've dug into how its missions are launched. Here's a small mod that injects a tiny but mandatory content just before the Imperial Rift mission - Open Civil War: Missions. By design it does not require any patch to use with Civil War Overhaul. No such guarantee for other overhauls. I vaguely consider using this approach to introduce hooks to extra main plots, should the player overlooked them. Inspired by, but not entirely similar to how the vanilla Civil War hooks the vanilla main story during Message To Whiterun quest.