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  1. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden   

    Alright excellent! BS has a little bit of wiggle room in terms of polycount so we can go a little bit over what they did for the vanilla meshes. If you're confident in your modelling you can go ahead and start it whenever you like, but if you'd like me to walk you through the modelling process too just let me know and I can post up a tutorial covering it.
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  2. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden   

    No big deal if you can't get the Texture Works plugin working, the nVidia plugin for CS5/CS6 can export .dds files as DXT5 in the old Skyrim format which is also compatible with SSE, there's only a little bit of detail loss.
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  3. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden   

    I believe the nVidia .dds plugin will also do what you need it to for now (I'm assuming that's the one you're using). The only possible problem that might pop up is the .dds format we save as. The nVidia .dds plugin was the default plugin used for saving out texture files for the old Skyrim engine (using DXT5 compression) until the release of the Special Edition, this is when Skyrim was able to use newer and better .dds compression methods that are only available through the Intel Texture Works plugin (BC7 I think the new compression method is called). You can check out this Reddit thread if you wanted to go into finer details about how and why, as well as see some examples.
    I should've asked this earlier, do you have the original Skyrim and/or SSE?
    That being said, a lot of teams are still using the original Skyrim to mod and have not jumped over yet to the Special Edition, although I think a lot of them plan to do so at some point. It's not a problem if you're unable to get your hands on the Intel plugin, but just to be safe, I'd keep a backup of all your texture files in the highest resolution you can in a lossless format such as .tga, that way you'll always have the original files in the case someone needs to create SSE versions of your texture maps.
    Regarding BSAOpt, it hasn't been updated in quite a long time, so I think that's the correct version. If in doubt, you can always try to extract a Skyrim.bsa to see if it throws up any errors.
    Your Claim
    Now, regarding your claim, we've got a clutter claim that's only been partially completed that will be used throughout Hammerfell (keep in mind that clutter sets like this can also be used all throughout Beyond Skyrim wherever it might be appropriate, so the chances of your models appearing in other provinces all over Tamriel are quite high!). Here's a link to the Beyond Skyrim: Iliac Bay Trello board post. Most provinces use Trello as their planning and organisational website for a lot of art related stuff. This is where we post concepts and screenshots of some of our claims. 
    The board should be public, but in the case that it is not; here is the concept we have for the clutter set:

    At the moment, everything along the bottom row has not been started or claimed except for the blue plate on the left. I'll have to see if anything is still available along the top row as well, but for now, the bottom row can be our starting point. 
    If you like the look of the style and this claim, let me know which one you would like to start with (I'd suggest the vases or bowls just to start). I'll pick a similar object in the claim, that way you can follow along and we can focus on getting the workflow down, and getting the model in-game. If you're not a fan of the style or anything, feel free to have a look over the board and find something that grabs your eye. The left hand side board shows all the current members who have claimed what on the board so you can see what's avaliable, so once we've confirmed your claim I'll add you in there.

    Also, no rush if you're away for a weekend or a couple days here and there, I've also got studies to attend between as well so it can be a little bit of time between when I can get tutorials out, although I'll always be able to jump in and keep you updated/give you feedback on your work.
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  4. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)   

    Your thread is up.
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  5. Lord Hayden added a topic in 3D and 2D Art   

    [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden
    Hey there! So, to get started, it's best to get all the programs we will need set up for the workflow. Depending on what you have access to and what kind of workflow you have, the texturing process can vary, so I'll cover it when we get to it. 
    Your Blender version is 2.77/2.78, so it's compatible with the Blender exporter in my tutorial thread about exporting statics from Blender. Just open up Blender and go File -> User Preferences and select Add-ons from the top bar. You can then click on 'Install From File' at the bottom of the window and browse to the .zip of the .nif exporter. I believe you can also go into your Blender directory and unzip the files there manually, but I find the first method easiest. Now you should have a 'NetImmerse/Gamebryo (.nif)' option in your Import and Export options.
    The programs in the tutorial thread cover just about everything you will need to go from Blender to Skyrim, although one extra tool you will find useful (and will most likely need) is BSAOpt, a program that can decompress .bsa files. A .bsa is a Bethesda Softworks Archive, pretty much a compressed file that contains scripts, models, textures, etc. Kind of like a .zip file, except you need a special program to open it. You won't have to worry about creating .bsa files as we just use loose files most of the time for modding. The only times .bsa files are distributed would be for full releases to the public, and even then that would be handled by the team leads. What you will want to do is use BSAOpt to extract some of your vanilla Skyrim files into a working directory (this can be anywhere, My Documents for example) where you can find them. The .bsa files you will want to extract from your Skyrim Data directory (.../Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data) are Skyrim - Meshes.bsa and Skyrim - Textures.bsa. These are both the meshes (.nif files) and the textures (.dds files) used in Skyrim. These are useful for not only looking at the models and getting ideas on how Bethesda got around the geometry and texture use, but also for opening up in NifSkope and figuring out how the file structure works and what everything means (I will go into detail about this when we finally export our own model)
    For texturing, we will most likely be using Adobe Photoshop to save out our textures to a .dds (DirectDraw Surface) file format, although this isn't included in the default Photoshop install. The best .dds plugin around at the moment I believe is the Intel Texture Works plugin, so get that installed and ready.
    To sum up the main programs and plugins you will be needing:
    Blender 2.77+ and the .nif ExporterBSAOptNifSkopeNifUtilSuiteAdobe Photoshop and the Intel Texture Works PluginIt might sound like a bit of work, but all this stuff only needs to be done once, and sets you up perfectly for the rest of your workflow. If you wanted to test out if you installed everything correctly, you can try importing one of the vanilla .nif files you extracted into Blender, and open up a .dds texture file in Photoshop.
    Once you've got all this done, let me know and we can move on to your Iliac Bay claim  Or, if you're running into any troubles, just either post here or send me a message and I can help you through it.
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  6. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)   

    Excellent! I'll have a look around Iliac Bay and see if I can find a good entry level claim to get started on together, your thread will be up within the next 24 hours.
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  7. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)   

    Excellent work! I'm sure we can get you up to speed on what's required. I'm more than happy to take you up as a student if you're happy with that. 
    Did you have a preference as to which province you would like to work for? We've currently got a few province teams going and I'm sure they all have some open work available. Ideally, what I'd like to do, is pick up a smaller claim, such as a clutter set (bowls, spoons, etc.) and then walk you through creating one or two assets together and getting them in-game. After that, depending on how you like it and how comfortable you are with it, you would be free to continue on the claim by yourself.
    I'm currently using Blender 2.78, and I have a intermediate tutorial that can be found here. Don't be intimidated by any of the stuff in there as I'll be walking you through it all when we get to it, the most important stuff you will need is the links to all the required files in the first post under 'Getting Started'. If you're happy for me to be your teacher I'll make up a student thread tomorrow (got a big day ahead today so might not have time later today). I'll also send off a message to whichever province you're most interested in (or any province at all) and try and get a claim set up that will cover all the basics.
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  8. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)   

    You've piqued the interests of some people already.  Although I do have some questions, just to get a better idea of where you're at in terms of skillset and tools. By the looks of it you've got a pretty good grasp of making a model that resembles the concept art, which is the best place to start. From there is how well you know/manage edge flow and topology, but that's more on the technical side of things and can be taught along the way. If you've got a past model that you can post in a wireframe of a previous model showing the topology that'd be a great help in determining where to start. And last question on the modelling side of things: do you know how to UV unwrap/map?

    Secondly, you're interested in both architecture and clutter, which is good as the current Blender exporter can export those very smoothly. What version of Blender are you using, and do you have any experience with the .nif format? No problem if you don't, it's very easy to pick up, especially since you've got past experience getting models in-game.
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  9. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Native Roscrean Clutter   

    Great, I'll try get that Atlas up to scratch over the next couple days
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  10. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Reorganizing [Forum and Sub-Forums]   

    From the responses I've had from team members thus far, I've culled the Bounty Board down to 18 claims, still waiting on more responses though, at the moment I'm only aware of 1 claim that has been asked to stay up there from Iliac Bay, as well as potentially the 3 Roscrea claims as they're recent. 
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  11. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Native Roscrean Clutter   

    Been a little while but I've gotten around to finishing up just about everything geometry-wise aside from the loom I think. Sorry it's taken so long, I'm going to start again on the new texture atlas for them all now that I have just about everything done and hopefully that will be that unless I've missing something. One thing I'm unsure about is the upper-class beds not sure if I've gotten the right shape on them, as well as what kind of mattress they would use. I've just copied vanilla Skyrim bedding stuff over for the moment as a placeholder unless it's appropriate to keep, not sure what Roscreans/Vikings would use, maybe the same kind of stuff?
    And yeah as I said with the upper class bed, not sure if I've got the shape right, the reference was a little hard to see in the picture so I kind of just went with what I could make out. Maybe the shapes need to be bigger? My only concern then is the animations to get into the bed.
    Here's the lot so far that is still untextured:
    Once the atlas is done the texturing process is fairly quick, and can all be done in a few hours. 
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  12. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Reorganizing [Forum and Sub-Forums]   

    What about links? Would they show up in searches a bit better if they were simply links to the tutorial pages here on DC?
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  13. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Reorganizing [Forum and Sub-Forums]   

    We've already got some tutorials on beyondskyrim.org, although I'm not sure how much that helps in helping people find the AU.
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  14. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Reorganizing [Forum and Sub-Forums]   

    Yeah that's true, we don't make them very discover-able, and DC is a little hard to navigate as it is with so many different projects, forums and sub-forums.
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  15. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic Reorganizing [Forum and Sub-Forums]   

    Yeah I agree, and in most cases their info is outdated or doesn't even apply anymore. Although there's been the odd case where I've searched for something and found 1 or 2 threads from here.
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