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  1. Well at the moment II have a TT eSports shock gaming headset due to alot of my shit getting stolen I have to buy a CAD U3 which will have soon and I use Audacity for recording.
  2. IDK who to talk to join so i will post it out here i can make voice and would like to help the project if they need my voice if not that is fine PS. I can make alot of Voice tell me what to make i'll try it if you like it then tell me how i can help any team for BS. I also am available usually at anytime other than early mornings and Thursdays because of college. would love to contribute because I have seen what you guys have done on the project and it looks and sounds awesome.
  3. TooMuch

    amazing work!!
  4. WorkInProgress

    this is truly a master peace I loved Oblivion and you and the rest of the Cyrodili team are making my skyrim nerd dream come true.