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  1. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    What is it?
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  2. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Nice! The only thing I would say is that the textures seem just a bit dark next to the skyrim ships but otherwise really cool!
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  3. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Of Robes and Imperial Battlemages   

    Finished the CoW Archmage robes

    I included a glow map on this one as well, so the daedric symbols glow in the dark!
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  4. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Starcornet, those are fantastic for only CK! You should try using blender, or perusing the arcane university architecture sections and play around with those if you're interested, blender is free and there are tutorials all over the place. Also, the AU has links to a lot of good stuff.
    On a side note, I just finished the College of Whispers Archmage robes, which is to be one of my last few models for Beyond Skyrim so I can focus on the writing side and RL stuff:

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  5. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic [Claim 2] Jehanna (EN)   

    That's looking great!
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  6. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Pells Gate   

    Oh I absolutely love that attention to detail. Great job!
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  7. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Housing & Human Structures Concept Ideas   

    That looks great so far - some of the rocks seem a bit wobbly atm but it might seem better with textures.
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  8. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Rimmen Architecture   

    What system are you modelling these in? They look great.
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  9. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Fighter's Guild   

    The Fighters Guild will absolutely appear at least in Cyrodiil - not sure whether or not they will appear in other provinces yet, but they have an extensive guild and guild questline planned for the Cyrodiil full release and there is a guild hall in Bruma as well - though it only has a small part in the pre-release.
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  10. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    So just to clarify, you're only concepting and modelling regional variants of armors for Beyond Skyrim ? No additional system or implementation layout or anything else? Because that's exactly what Beyond Skyrim is already doing and that means our goals would harmonize perfectly. 
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  11. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Required Spells for Cyrodiil   

    Just read the above post and it got me thinking of the SynCoW questline. One of the two main antagonist factions - the Order of the Revenant - is made up of power hungry necromancers, otherwise known as generic baddies, as well as simple independent mages who were seduced into joining out of hate of the Synod and CoW, a sort of anti-Mages Guild, if you would, and while not usually apparent to the player until the end, ruthlessly killing all enemies to complete the quest might not be the only go-to option for players, especially on replay.
    Instead, maybe Cyrodiil can promote new pacifistic spells, like the calm shield, reflect spells, spells that put everyone in the area to sleep, or turn them all ethereal, the opposite of the ethereal shout where the enemies become ethereal and then can do no damage for a short time. Also charm spells for combat where copies of the player can be spawned to confuse but not harm the enemy, as they do no damage and are just hallucinations via illusion spells, and perhaps somethings like making the enemy unable to see or hear the player without having to go invisible for a short time. 
    Other chain spells might be interesting as well, such as a mesmerize spell for weak enemies where the player gains the ability to command them temporarily the same way they would command a follower to walk somewhere or attack, pick up something - which might open up new strategies for stealing and traps. 
    In tandem with the last spell idea mesmerize, new trap - rune equivalent spells would be an interesting idea - instead of placing a trap on the floor for the enemy to step on, the player could mark an enemy with a trap spell, such as perimiter paralyze when walks to close to another npc, or perimeter chain shock spells or fear etc. Player could then mesmerize an enemy while hidden, put a trap spell on them, and then tell them to walk over to their group of buddies to paralyze them or put them all to sleep etc. 
    In essence, more pacifistic illusion and alteration spells should be added - especially for a guild like the synod which avoids all the useful non-bang bang/freeze freeze/shock shock combat spells otherwise.
    Also like the haste and stoneflesh or temp health regen on non player actor cast spell idea
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  12. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    If I'm reading correctly, you want to include all race armors in all provinces and skyrim via a system of distributing specific race armors to specific races?
    I'm not a huge fan of the idea personally, and getting all the artists to agree to let you guys use their armors presumably outside of BS partially (myself included) in your mod would be difficult, and that doesn't count the fact that BS generally hasn't accepted any form of new organized system like that (at least Cyrodiil hasn't) as it takes it away more from the feel of the original game and the uniqueness and variety in all the separate provinces. 
    That said, if you were saying something else entirely I apologize. Curious to see how the orc armors turn out.
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  13. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic marriage in elsweyr?   

    This seems pretty perfect to me, but how would the player go about marrying another through this practice? Scripting the first scene seems difficult and the second seems rather anticlimactic player wise. Though, I suppose for an outsider the first could be altered a bit due to the moon sugar part and what have you.
    Otherwise seems great!
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  14. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic [Dungeon] Sanguine's Demesne   

    Assuming that Sheo statue is ported but otherwise it looks awesome so far! Love Black Marsh development!
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  15. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    That looks awesome. Well done! 
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