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  1. Show us what you're working on!

  2. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    Oh is this the Atmora forums? My bad, I didn't even know. Got to it from the home page lol.
  3. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    Hey love your stuff and welcome to DC! Have a preference for a specific province(s) you want to work with?
  4. Fallout 4 beyond Boston

    There are fortunately plenty of projects already doing this, or at least remaking those games, but since the timelines of those games are so close to the timeline of Fo4 making a "modern day " take on it like what Beyond Skyrim does with the other provinces would be irrelevant.
  5. Question about Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil release date

    Some other province's pre releases like Bruma will be for xbox most likely, but full mods won't be.
  6. Bravil

    I think the player home in Bravil should be one of the waterside shacks, a poorer house, maybe the lower part of 31. I always liked that in Oblivion each home felt really unique and some houses you could get would be poor and cheap.
  7. I'm not sure about the latter question, but as for the former, if characters are travelling to another place in the same province (ex. Bruma to Skingrad) then almost definitely will you see them. However, if they claim to go to another province (ex. Bruma to Alik'r Desert in Hammerfell) then it's not likely, as different teams make the different provinces. If it's deemed worthwhile enough for the character to appear and interact with the player, then it's still possible if the teams collab on it, but still unlikely. Of course, that far down the road where two or more provinces are out, who knows what could happen.
  8. Ferrymans Crossing

    I think I have a pair of old Bosmer relatives living in one of these. Have to check.
  9. Emperor and the Imperial Palace

    It will most likely appear in some form or another. Not sure about the new clothes though.
  10. Baronies

    A don't think Sutch is a Barony. If it was it would be of Anvil County, not Kvatch. It's like a Barony I suppose, but I don't know if we are actually going to add a Baron. It' s more like a Legion controlled city/fort place from what I know. Maybe it will have a Governor? It would be the only one in Cyrodiil though. Sancre tor is like the Vatican in Rome, so yes.
  11. NPC driven questlines

    Well like you said a lot of us in the Cyrodiil writing team love to create fleshed out characters so hopefully most of the NPCs you interact with will remain at Bruma quality. So far we haven't planned any small side questlines like the Adius Arc out yet but considering we are still in the relatively early stages of writing, it's likely that it will happen at some point.
  12. Application: Concept Art, Illustration

    I never noticed this thread. I like your work! Sorry no one responded to you!
  13. How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?

    Actually a sad story here, but Cladivan was originally making his own SI in the 4th era mod and it was fking glorious. It had unique models, great landscaping, and an amazing world built and story overview. The sad part comes when his hard drive crashed and all of the work he had done on it, and basically the whole thing was deleted, so he cancelled the project. That was back when Battlespire was a potential expansion as well. Cladivan's Shivering Isles was looking so amazing, too.
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    Nice job! They look great!
  15. Questions Concerning Culture, Clothing, and Armor of Cyrodiil

    I also love Smalish's Steel armor design, but to be perfectly honest the team doesn't really think that far into the details of the armor's styles. We usually just give our concept artist's a general overview of they styles and designs, maybe a few references to what a couple of us feel would be a good evolution from Oblivion into a more modern, less generic medieval, more culturally inspired, similar to the imperial armor in Skyrim, armor, and then let them come up with the specifics based on their own tastes.