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  1. I feel terrible about not not letting everyone know however many months ago it happened, but I have retired from Beyond Skyrim and modding in general for the time being and probably the forseeable future. It's been amazing and from checking back on you guys, you're doing amazing as well, so good luck. Stepping down from any positions I no longer retain in the projects now.

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    2. Galandil


      I wish you all the best. Sad to see you go. :obgate:

    3. Mattiewagg


      I got kind of burnt out and felt like I wanted to pursue different hobbies @Escha. I'm feeling fine now just don't think I necessarily want to return to modding.

    4. Chiaro22


      Too bad! Maybe you'll feel an itch again when TES VI comes out? Either way, good luck in your endevaours.

  2. [Student Thread] JazzBlues - Mattiewagg

    So sorry I haven't responded in such a long time. I've actually retired from the project, so you may have to find another teacher or place to learn - CK Wiki and others are still great places - but I'll answer this. A linked ref is a reference (an object) that has been linked to another in the CK. The link is purely on the game dev side, but there are functions such as GetLinkedRef() and non-script based ones that allow you to reference the linked object. That script assigns a variable to the value of the linked reference of the object the script is on, allowing you to access whatever object is linked without actually knowing what it is - which can be very useful for multi-purpose scripts where you either don't want to specify an object as a property or the object you're referencing could/should change. An enable parent is connected to all of its "children" through some buttons on references in the CK, which you can experiment with by double clicking a reference in a window and looking at the Enable/Disable Parent tab (I think, it's been months since I"ve looked at the CK). When the parent is disabled, so too are all the children. As such, you can set up this relationship in the CK, and then simply disable the single object through a script, and it will disable all of its children. There's an Actor - just like any other NPC, essentially - in the CK that references the player. It's a little weird because disabling it will crash the game and IIRC placing more than one reference of it can be bad, but you can reference this actor directly, and through it, the player character. Because the player IS controlling this NPC. PlayerREF is a singular reference of the actor Player, placed in some random test cell. The property for PlayerREF will autofill just by clicking the autofill button.
  3. Bruma Implementation Review

    Just so you're aware - I've pushed my plugin. I wasn't able to do all of the Adius Arc quests in the timeframe, just fix the first, partially because the scripts for A Delicate Situation appear to be lost. I was going to redo them but had to go on a trip and now I'm not really able to do in-CK work. However, if you have any questions anyone can ask me, but once my work is merged there's nothing to conflict with on my end.
  4. Bruma Implementation Review

    I was initially gonna fix that Armion scene, but I can leave it up to you since I've been really busy. I'm working on fixing the Adius Arc at the moment, have fixed the innkeep is thing, as well as some random other bugs that I'm going to be entirely honest I don't fully remember. I used to keep an issue tracker of what I was doing but that's long gone. I'll push this as soon as I'm able, this weekend is the first time I've had any free time for the past two weeks. But I'm currently working on the Adius Arc, fixed a few scenes here and there (was going to fix the Renod Restful Watchman scene, as it's a bit of a mess - Watchman is so small people keep teleporting over each other, but I can leave this to you), and then I fixed the innkeep is deal. Any other conflicting fixes would be very, very small, and if they did conflict overwriting them should not be a problem as they're very easy.
  5. [Student Thread] JazzBlues - Mattiewagg

    Alright - I'm now just going to have you do a few more practice things. First off, there's this incredible list of scripts on the CK wiki that range from simple to complex. I'd like you to look through it, and choose, at minimum, three scripts to just double check you understand. If you want you can just look at all of them. If you have any questions about particular scripts or functions or whatever, just ask. http://www.creationkit.com/Complete_Example_Scripts
  6. [Student Thread] JazzBlues - Mattiewagg

    Don't worry about it at all. It's not a hassle to teach, and real life gets in the way. I've essentially been gone for the past couple weeks anyway. So take your time to respond or read the lessons or whatever - part of why forums are so great. You have a really good handle on this, nice comments. One thing I did mess up is registerForSingleUpdateGameTimeAt is a custom function, and I renamed it to iAmAFunction but forgot to do so in the body. Might have done something similar with aGlobal, or that's just a poor leftover. This script is for the Ayleid wells in Cyrodiil. There's an effect that you get from having drawn from the well - like an increased magic effect or something, I don't quite recall. You can take the spell from the well once per day, resetting at midnight, hence the RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTimeAt - you take the spell, which switches states to "off" (disabling the "on" sound effect and light emitter) and then registers for midnight to reset the well for usage again. The checking for the spell at the beginning is just to reset the spell on you if you already have the "blessing" from the Ayleid well. Overall, really good comments and research. Do you have any other questions or things you'd like to check on about this?
  7. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1857435-voice-acting-tips-and-tricks-for-veteran-and-new-voice-actors/ Might be helpful.
  8. Hoping to Join

    Screenshots would be best, though! ESP is optional, screenshots are the main thing we'd like to see though. It's just easier to see your work at a glance.
  9. What do you think of the Blue Yeti? Enjoying it? I like these, definitely better sound quality. I can't speak for the writing directors or voice casters of other provinces, or even my own - as I'm not one - but hopefully someone will come along shortly.
  10. Professionally trained writer, looking to join

    Popping in to ask - do you have any particular interests or even mild preferences for province? There's a bunch of them, and while not everyone is in need of a writer, it might help in guiding you to the right province. I'm about to give these a read, and I work as implementation manager for Cyrodiil, and I'm working on Roscrea as well. Impressive credentials, by the way.
  11. That's a pretty mic. Can't wait to have a listen.
  12. We'd love to hear some samples. If you want to stick with humans, you can just do multiple different human iterations of a single line (i.e. Could try soft voice, condescending, harsh, normal, soldier, etc.). Or, you could try a line and do one per race. Whatever you're up for. I'm sure you can provide good quality, but just out of curiosity - what's your mic?
  13. It really depends on the audio editing capabilities and, primarily, the recording environment. Doesn't mean anything until we hear some samples, anyway, and regardless, I'd love to hear them no matter what. If it's not good enough, I can recommend some great equipment, or means to record elsewhere.
  14. Chorrol Development

    Should definitely check with Markus. That's his thing.
  15. Would love to hear some samples. The headset is definitely not up to scratch, but the Blue Snowball may be - we'll have to see the samples.