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  1. Oh. Good grief. Never mind, I guess.
  2. Since I wrote most of the scripts, and since I did not keep any documentation on these, or the quests, side-quests or most events, or my test-rooms (which contain A LOT of un-implemented tests), if there are questions on scripts, how they work (or should be working), please ask them here, I will answer any questions to make sure nobody has to throw away work or re-do it. If a script contains bugs, or doesn't work properly, or needs an adjustment, PM me the file and I'll take a look and make adjustments or suggestions. I'll not meddle in any other subject (as a matter of fact I won't read ANY other thread on this forum than this one), so for any other subject like texture-work I've done, or details involving the series of events I had implemented as the main story-line, either post them here in the form of a question or PM me. Note that I don't have Skyrim installed anymore or have a copy of the files except the script-source files (they got double backed up on my personal repo, it seems), but after two years I'm sure I'll still know where everything is or should be or was supposed to go. tl;dr If you have script, quest,design or event-related questions post them here, I'll get back to you once a day.
  3. [Skyrim] Problem with weights on armor

    Well seems like there are also problems with the textures and the world-version (the one you should be able to pick up and havoc around) cannot be picked up. /o\
  4. [Skyrim] Problem with weights on armor

    Sorry Zuna I didn't notice your post here. Guess it didn't work out. Would anyone have a few moments to take a look at the files? My area of expertise lies elsewhere, I'm afraid.
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    Mother of god, I hadn't visited this thread in a while, and I'm extremely impressed with all of this.
  6. Animations, with and without scenes

    Glorious, thanks!
  7. Hey all, I was wondering if I could get the attention of some the people here who know the animations-part of the game. I'd like to script a few things, and often I can use scenes to make NPC do stuff. However, lets say that I want a wolf to sit somewhere. Just sit there. There's no idle marker for it, so a scene is out. Then I end up with Debug.SendAnimationEvent(target,"animationeventname"); But for the lift of me I do not know where to find the name to enter there. In the preview window you can see the animations listed with their .hkx names, but how this relates to the name I have to put there I do not know. Thanks in advance, hope the projects are doing well
  8. LOD problems

    Unrelated this directly, but is anyone experienced with adjusting vanilla items (removing meshes in this case and nifskope is not an option), to to edit the LOD meshes? My normal modeler has been quite busy and now a bit absent, and this is a blocker to continue work.
  9. Nifscope-problem: Hide nif, when weapons is sheathed

    I'll take care of the scripting. Thanks, Kettle
  10. LOD problems

    Close enough, thanks
  11. LOD problems

    Would you mind sending me yours via PM? Just so I can test it, don't worry It will never fit but I'll be able to see and test the difference until I find a solution.
  12. LOD problems

    Hey, sorry to necro my own post, but did you guys make custom cloud bank nifs (the nifs that will be used for the cloud textures on the landscape Map view) ? I took the vanilla one, renamed it, edited the nif (just a simple rotation of the 3 layers + the "top"), saved it, and in the CK I attached it to my worldspace in the "Worlspaces" window, in the cloud model box. However, it always keeps using the skyrim cloudbank. No parent worldspace set. Currently there's this bulge where the Throat of the world is supposed to be (I dont have that obviously), and the clouds are too low: they hit and indeed go underneath my ocean water. Thanks in advance, hope everything is going well
  13. Hello all, hope the work progresses well. I have 4 meshes ready (m0, m1, f0, f1), I know how to UV unwrap and I can do the texturing stuff after that too, and once in the shape of a nif I can handle it all from there in the CK. My problem is going from a UV unwrapped set of meshes in 3ds max to a working nif. With luck, what I'm looking for is someone who can take a look, tell me what's missing and when ready, export my mesh, get it into a nif (re-using part of a vanilla nif since I'm basing it on a dragon priests mask), after which I can take it from there once again. i'd be very appreciative to anyone who'd be willing to spend a few minutes mostly giving me pointed instructions. Thanks in advance
  14. Project: Atmora calling! 2015

    Hey Hannes, Hello guys So yeah some of you might know of my not-so-little project, Hannes recently joined me on it. If anyone is seriously interested in viewing the files to review how far it has progressed regarding BS membership/hosting/interest, I'd be happy to PM a link to the files. My personal opinion is that while there's a team, atm work done has been and currently is mainly me, with a few members also working on claims. Personally I'd say I wish more members were active and those that are were investing more time which is why I myself haven't asked to be hosted here.
  15. Agonian Character Assets

    O dear god it's even better then I could have dreamed of...