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  1. Argor's Implementing Cyrodilic Armors thread

    I love it! Amazing job as always.
  2. Argor's Implementing Cyrodilic Armors thread

    Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone, and then post screen shots. Great work as usual.
  3. Argor's Implementing Cyrodilic Armors thread

    Ah, yes I remember when I first got this armor. I was a heavy armor user and this thing over encumbered my inventory and I had to throw it to the ground immediate after Savlian gave it to me. He was so dumbfounded by this blatant disrespect that he stood their looking at it until I returned weeks later to ask for Kvatch's aid during the Siege of Bruma. Good times and great work Argor.
  4. Argor's Implementing Cyrodilic Armors thread

    Will the 3E Kvatch armor be a part of the museum quests. Or will that be too big a spoiler?
  5. Argor's Implementing Cyrodilic Armors thread

    Now all you need is a cowboy hat and you'd have a pretty nice ranger armor set. Good job
  6. Show us what you're working on!

    Those look extremely badass. Do we have the armor, or at least concept, to match?
  7. Bruma Clothing

    Amazing work as always Steel.
  8. Aside from giving us one of the worst retcons to date and the gross underusage of Wes Johnson TES: Legends is actually very enjoyable to play and I for one am looking forward to a full release.

    1. Barmaglott


      I don't think this is the retcon, really. For me story of the Forgotten Hero perfectly fill in Great War plotholes. Dominion arimes who notice every imperial step? Goldbrand in Titus's hand? Winged daedra? These things had no sense for me before "Legends".


    2. EridaniNovus


      That and you could interpret Kellen, the man telling the story, as making it up. Orion made a very good point of this when I asked if Legends was going to be considered canon. Which come to think of it is very "Elderscrollsy", blend history with myth until both possiblities seem true.

      Here is the thread in question

    3. Lasur Arkinshade

      Lasur Arkinshade

      To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised Wes Johnson was in Legends at all. It seems that Legends inherits most if not all of its voice talent from ESO (I'm fairly sure they got the voice actors to record Legends stuff whenever they were in the studio to record for ESO content), and Zenimax Online don't tend to work with Wes Johnson since he's based out of Washington and they record their VO in LA.

  9. Red Morpho's art

    I can practically smell the Rat feces paved streets and lingering smell of Cheap Wine from drunkards from here. Great job Red.
  10. High Rock Armor

    Please tell me that they still yell "HALT HALT HALT" at you.
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    The Akaviri spirit you met on Oblivion at Pale Pass.
  12. Imperial Legionnaire Variation?

    I was told we do have plans for regional legion armors in both Cyrodiil and in Morrowind. Mostly, if i recall correctly, we will use re-textures of vanilla armors, and may or may not use a complete new set for the Imperial Watch in the Imperial City.
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    10/10. Would nope the fuck out if I ran into this in game.
  14. Would these shouts then be in Latin?