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  1. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Redguard revolt   

    As of the Second Treaty of Stros M'kai, the Dominion has withdrawn from Hammerfell, so any presence they maintain will be an extremely low one. There's a conflict of another kind planned that we hope you'll enjoy! I can't comment on other things at the moment. Also nice to meet another Redguard!
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  2. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Application witters quest   

    Hi, thanks for showing interest! Could you perhaps submit an example of your work for review, such as a mock quest sample: for instance, say the PC enters a tavern in Rihad and overhears a dispute between a couple NPCs there that the PC would then have the option of helping them resolve. I'll naturally leave the specifics up to your imagination. 
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  3. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Hi Moon,
    Thanks for your application. Unfortunately, I feel your work could use some improvement. I found it difficult to follow the rhythm of your piece as it currently is written. I noticed that you used a lot of commas instead of periods; is this meant to be an epic poem of sorts, or just a general essay? It's important as a writer that we make sure our audience has a firm grasp of how a work is meant to be read, as how it is presented can fundamentally change how our audience perceives our work. I recommend more practice, as it's clear in your work that you're passionate about your writing and you seem to have a basic grasp of the lore. I can't speak for the other teams, though.

    Are there talents in other areas - i.e. implementation, art, etc. - that you can showcase?
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  4. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    That's just the thing; Yoku culture is not  inherently nostalgic, nor are their traditions "primitive", any more than Dunmeri who remain devoted to the Tribunal are or the Nords who honor Ysgramor. They're very much alive and present within their society, even if some of them have changed over the years. There are obviously the extreme ultranationalists who latch on to idealized myths about Yokuda, but those often unrealistic narratives aren't integral to how they conceptualize their heritage overall. Societies adapt, and in tandem with this, so do their traditions, which we intend to show. It's also important to remember - both in Bethsoft and BS' house lore -that Yokuda was not homogenous at all, but a realm with countless societies, some of which were often rivals that warred with each other. While those multiplicities were condensed into the chief social groups - Dunedwellers, Forbears, and Crowns, for instance - even the nations that adhere to those philosophies have regional and ideological variations, not to forget Nedic influences that have persisted amongst others, especially in cosmopolitan areas like Sentinel. Even the architecture carries these distinctions; Rihad, while also being staunchly Forbear, looks absolutely nothing like Sentinel.

    I think it's also worth noting that the Walkabout is a concept clearly inspired by the indigenous Aboriginal tradition of the same name; I wouldn't be surprised if one could find other traditions within TES lore with analogues in the real world, so I wouldn't necessarily consider anything to be too fantastical to be grounded in the real per say. There's an old Hindu epic that could easily pass as science fiction. You might just be surprised if one searches hard enough. Love your energy and enthusiasm though!
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  5. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic LOTR PROJECT ( RECRUITING )   

    MeMod wasn't C&D'd. They chose to preemptively halt it instead of risk legal issues.
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  6. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    I think it's worth noting that Yoku style is distinct and won't be purely arabic. We have a lot of unique stuff planned that will easily distinguish it from simply being an arabic copypasta, as they are more than simply that; there are the obvious Arabic and African elements, but there are Asian influences as well, for instance. TES obviously has strong influences as far as its cultures are depicted but in the best cases - like the Mesoamerican aesthetic and conventions of the Argonians - can be seen as more of an homage in contrast to the Nords.

    I think some of those patterns would be a bit too noisy on buildings and overpower the player, especially given how big some of the  cities are. I prefer a mixture -see the small steps and entranceway, which have tiles patterned with Yoku symbols as an example. The doors and the minaret have  engravings on them as well. It accents the architecture and helps to define it. I imagine the huts with straw roofs could be something more suitable as inspiration for dunedweller settlements.
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  7. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    I just realized that the stairs of the Yoku house have those symbols on them. A very nice, subtle touch that says a lot about the culture without saying too much!
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  8. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Primer: The Abecean Isles   

    Fantastic write-up! I always imagined in headcanon that Raga attitudes toward magick in Stros M'kai would be fairly distinct from the traditional views that Raga have.
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  9. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Primer: Sentinel   

    Gotcha. That makes sense then. I could see a particular group participating in the practice. Thanks for clarifying that, and keep up the great work!
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  10. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Primer: Sentinel   

    I like what I see so far. Some thoughts:

    Re: Dzeno-gyoko, sounds a bit out of character for Sentinese women. Forebears are traditionally open to incorporating other customs and influences into their culture, but nonetheless maintain their own sense of identity. As the Breton women do not, to my knowledge, engage in such a practice, it would make no sense for Sentinese women to do so. Perhaps incorporating fashion, etiquette, and other behavior Breton women have into their own lifestyles that they admire, but certainly not painting their faces to be Breton women. To do so would betray how the Sentinese view themselves according to what you're putting forth, as a unique society of diverse people who represent the best of their respective heritages complementing each other. I do like the notion of masquerades you suggested perhaps as an element of the aristocracy, as well. I also think the inclusion of Covens that have fused Yokudan-Nedic customs as an alternative to this is especially ingenious.

    Is "autokrator" meant to be a Yoku word? If so, there's "Yokeda", which essentially means the same.

    I also appreciate in your characterization of the Fourth Era political relations between the Crowns and Forebears that you aren't turning them into Raga Stormcloaks and Imperials.
    EDIT: One discrepancy I noticed references the Night of Green Fire. I like the idea of there being some sort of reminder in the area of the event, but it's important to note that as of the current time, the event in question happened in 4e 42, so over a century ago. It would be highly likely that the remainder of the temple of Xarxes was either restored or repurposed by the time of Raguda's independence. Perhaps a some sort of tribute to that historical event to commemorate it could also be found there?

    That said, I love what you've done. You've made a pretty sprawling, intriguing narrative and even managed to succintly interweave the events of ESO - I was always curious about IB's stance on incorporating said-lore, given it's reputation around these parts - in a means that feels organic. I think this write-up definitely gives us plenty of room and inspiration as far as questlines, etc., are concerned.
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  11. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Noble House Sigils   

    Great work as usual! Can't wait to see how the finished product turns out.
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  12. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Primer: Sentinel   

    "This belief in the superiority of their customs as the superior middle ground has on several occasions throughout history found an unfortunately racialised expression in the belief that Sentinese, as descendants of both Yokudans and (via Bretons) Altmer, carry “the blood of three continents” and exemplify the best traits of all three as a so-called “universal race”, supposedly the closest remaining heirs to the mythical Ehlnofey. While this belief undoubtedly originated as a defensive rebuttal to Heigidhi and other Old Crown claims that their complex ancestry rendered them “impure” it has over time hardened into a belligerent triumphalism of its own, adding further fuel to the fires of division that have so often scorched wider Raguda."

    Real life analogue can be found in PR concept of mestizaje.
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  13. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Willing to become a writer for any province   

    What lv121 said. Perhaps an in-universe piece of writing sample. If you're familiar with writing quests, creating NPCs, etc., those are definitely skills I think would be especially valuable for various teams.
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  14. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used   

    Hi Gatorfolk! Could we perhaps get an in-universe sample of writing, say some dialogue or some journal entries set within the TES universe? EDIT: Apologies for the delay!
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  15. Mwatuangi added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Awesome work! Now I have to play Shivering Isles again...
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