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  1. Bethesda: A Cesspit of Endless Theft and Greed

    TB, I feel I don't know you anymore....
  2. Mephala-Banner.jpg

    Concept Art by Auctor

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  5. Leveldesigner, Writer and lore expert wants to join Beyond Skyrim

    Welcome, Lucan. Morrowind would love to have you. Your work looks great.
  6. I'd prefer either one or the other. We could have a small variety of curses with different effects, some being comical and others annoying: Not sure if this can be done but randomly reverse the player's controls (mouse and/or keyboard);Any shouts used have no effect except releasing a swirl of butterflies;The PC exudes a distinct aroma that attracts vermin, nullifies any speechcraft bonus/perks and causes horses to run away;Random dizzy spells.
  7. Magic/Spells/Armor/Writing - Put me to work!

    Well, your taste is impeccable for starters. I've come across your Lost Grimoire mod several times. Morrowind would be very happy to have you on the team. Let me know if you're keen to join and I'll see about getting you added to the team.
  8. Perhaps there's a tie-in with my Curses & Defixiones thread that I tried to get a bit of traction with a while ago. My suggestion is that if the player indulges in tomb raiding, there is a relatively high chance they will be spontaneously afflicted by some sort of curse - a curse which marks the victim in such a way as to be noticeable by the Dunmer, with significant social penalties and perhaps even overt hostility, when in proximity to Dunmer. The curse can only be removed by making reparations and visiting an Ashlander wise woman who will conduct a ritual to remove said curse - for a price, of course. That's just an idea and there's no lore to back it up of course, but it would be an immersive and interesting deterrent to Ancestral tomb raiding.
  9. As I said above, it doesn't really matter what the document says, it only matters what effect it has on gameplay, because some of it is tongue-in-cheek. The document is quite simple as it is, I would think. Having the player become immediately sanctioned would turn the proclamation entirely into flavour - then what would be the point in having it? One of the points of this was to recapture the feel of TES 3: Morrowind where the PC was treated as a disdained interloper. If you refer to them as negative gameplay restrictions, then by that logic you'd also have to refer to the fact that you can't sell stolen items to ordinary merchants (without the perk) and guards removing any stolen items from your inventory as negative gameplay restrictions too. But nobody views them in that way. This is the same principle, it's just applied in a different and unique way. Another point of this was for the PC to be able to earn dispensation from the implemented restrictions through the factions they join, the quests they complete, and their actions, not through their deeds in Skyrim, which the Dunmer probably don't care about anyway. Also, what if the player isn't playing as the Dragonborn...? Another thing which hasn't been discussed here and hasn't been explicitly mentioned in the document but probably should be as it's entirely pertinent, is that the PC should not be able to loot Ancestral Tombs with impunity. Grave-robbing is a repulsive act and would be mortally insulting to the Dunmer and this should be acknowledged in-game via some sort of negative consequence(s) for those who engage in it if they are caught in the act, or caught in possession of ancestral objects.
  10. Favourite Music

  11. [Book][Morrowind] Memoirs of a Morag Tong I

    Well, I'm afraid BF & I will just have to agree to disagree here. Not something that happens all that often... So let's leave the last word to the late, great Kurt Vonnegut: "Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you've been to college."
  12. [Book][Morrowind] Memoirs of a Morag Tong I

    This is a good idea and could be a useful flavour or background text to any Morag Tong questline we have. However, I've included a critique below: 1. The title seems incomplete. As a suggestion - you could include the rank of the protagonist, e.g. Memoirs of a Morag Tong Grandmaster (list of faction ranks here for reference: http://uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Morag_Tong). 2. You've referred to this as a memoir, i.e. a collection of memories, yet it doesn't read like a memory - it lacks the detail I would expect to be there given it's a memory & in fact the first two paragraphs are about the merchant and the woodworker. The assassin would be hyper alert, registering many significant & insignificant details, weighing risks and opportunities. The short sharp sentences and the fact you've written it in the present tense are a good choice from a narrative perspective but it needs more than that to be a convincing memoir. It needs to be far more personal and revelatory about the protagonist, and especially about the mind of a Morag Tong assassin. You need to show you've gotten into his head and become the assassin, just as he becomes death. 3. Lastly, I recommend you don't use semicolons in fiction. They're more appropriate for non-fiction writing. A period or a comma can be used more effectively in fiction writing, without exception. ;
  13. Introducing myself: Sagittarius

    Whoop whoop! Good to see you made it! I wasn't sure which title to give you so I called you a Mod Engineer....probably fitting given your brief bio above. I have a strong suspicion that you'll be very popular around here....in fact, I see exit has just confirmed it by ninja'ing this post.
  14. Shearing Sheep in Cyrodiil By Lus T Orstraleeyn As the proud companion to a noble sheep I’m often approached by Nords and other reprobates, perhaps driven by a fetish for wool or for other reasons that I shan’t dignify by mentioning, regarding the practice of shearing sheep. One might wonder why I refer to a sheep as a ‘companion’. My reasoning is thus. By referring to the relationship between a sheep and a person as ‘ownership’ implies that sheep are our slaves. They are nothing of the sort and to assert such is to impugn the wonderfully beneficent nature of sheep. These delightful creatures provide us with milk and wool in order that we might improve the quality of our lives. In return they expect only that we watch over them and protect them from predators, which is of course in our best interests, as we can continue to be recipients of their generosity. The milk of a sheep is rich and abundantly nourishing and although most palatable when drunk chilled or eaten as clotted curds with custard, I find it most invigorating when guzzled direct from the teat – a practice that sheep, in my experience, tend to approve of. Sheep wool is a remarkable fibre quite unlike hair – it is crimped, elastic and grows in clusters. Given its unique structure it is particularly well suited to catching and retaining warmth, a benefit I’m particularly grateful for as winters up here in the Jerall Mountains can become rather frigid. I fondly remember passing many a cold winter night in the barn, my stubble rasping in my companion’s musty wool as it cocooned me in its warmth, uttering the odd reassuring bleat. Sheep are often playful and love to butt. One should, of course never play leapfrog with a sheep, and in particular, rams. Although not as dangerous and potentially fatal as playing leapfrog with a unicorn (or so I am told), the inability to sit down for weeks can be rather awkward at social occasions and with one’s spouse. There is also the chance of ‘leakage’ occurring – an embarrassing situation that can’t be rectified by simply brewing and imbibing a potion. Usually invasive surgery and a period of convalescence is required. But to return to my original statement, when I am approached by uncouth individuals regarding shearing any of my beloved sheep, my answer is well practiced and always thus: “NO! Get your own!”
  15. The "Lol" Thread