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    TB, I feel I don't know you anymore....
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    What is AfterWorld: Jagged Earth
    Game Primer
    Afterworld: Jagged Earth is the first instalment of a series set on Earth, an uncertain number of years into the future, long after the destruction of most of the human race and subsequent collapse of modern civilization.
    The cause or causes of the ruination of humankind is unknown.  The survivors, scattered across the earth and mostly unaware of the scale of the destruction, eke out their lives as best they can, bewildered but resourceful, desperate but determined. Certain parts of the earth were relatively well protected from the worst effects of The Great Fall and in these areas, survivors are able to do more than just survive – they flourish, rebuild their communities and live healthy, productive lives.  Sometimes.  But too much knowledge has been lost and resources are too scarce to rebuild the infrastructure that once enabled human civilization to reach its peak.
    As generations pass, humankind’s pre-cataclysmic achievements fade into legends, then to myths and to fables.  Communities grow and decline, decimated by raiders, disease, infertility, hopelessness or more sinister causes.
    As the years pass and the deprivations of existence on this now broken earth exert their implacable influence, society changes and evolves – new cultural norms, new forms of justice, restitution and beliefs arise, supplanting the old.
    And although civilization remains largely technologically stagnant, some humans do change, developing new abilities, both physical and cognitive.  Some become something other than human.  Feared.  Scorned.  But searching for their own place in the world.  And their own identity.  Some few discover new forms of life and of existence...
    And on one island, far from the worst effects of The Great Fall, a fragile peace exists amongst the inhabitants, a peace constantly tested by the rivalry for resources, the lust for power and the clash of belief systems.
    An island which hides many secrets, secrets that might be revealed to the resourceful, to the inquisitive, to those who wish to carve out their own story, find their own identity and discover the reason for this Jagged Earth.
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    Interested in joining the project? Find out more...
    RetroViral Interactive (RI)
    Who are we?
    Retroviral Interactive is an indie game studio founded by three people with a diverse set of skills and talents and a shared love of immersive role playing games.
    In 2015, we spotted a gap in the market for a post-apocalyptic RPG.  We developed some lore and a business case and concluded that with our existing technical skills, business and marketing experience and the right development team we could create something that would appeal to gamers who, like us, appreciate depth, immersion and complexity.
    What are our goals?
    Our aspiration is to create a diverse, immersive gameworld as the setting for a gritty, compelling RPG that players can play in whatever mode suits them:  single player, cooperative or full MMO.
    Our initial goal is to create enough content to populate a small area of our 600 mi2 gameworld heightmap in order to create a playable demo and showcase what we’ve developed.  We’ll use this and ongoing development updates to generate interest in the game.  
    Assuming there’s sufficient interest, we’ll initiate a crowdfunding campaign, look to secure equity partners and invest our own capital into the venture.
    As it stands, the three founders of RI have each invested hundreds of hours into the project, so a solid core of content already exists to build upon.
     At this stage we can't post much of what we've created as it would give away important game aspects we'd like to keep under wraps at the moment.  However, to give you a flavor of what we're creating, over the next few weeks we'll be posting teaser content for some of the concepts we've created thus far.
    A post detailing a comprehensive set of game features will be created soon.
    Looking for a challenge?
    We’re keen to hear from you if you’re a talented modder or a seasoned professional and you’re interested in joining a driven, collaborative team, dedicated to developing an unrivalled gaming experience.
    At this stage of development, we’re primarily looking for modellers, texture & concept artists.  Experience with any of the commonly used game engines is also desirable.  If your talents lie elsewhere but you feel you have something to offer, please feel free to contact us.  If we're not able to make use of you immediately, we may have positions available in the future.
    We’re able to offer:
    a generous equity stake a voice in the design of the game worlda position on the management team for suitable applicantssupport to develop a career in the game industryAll applications are held in the strictest confidence.
    RetroViral Interactive:
    Spectral Dragon
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    Concept Art by Auctor
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  11. Loopy_Cecil added a gallery image in Morrowind: The Star-wounded East   

    Concept Art by Auctor
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  12. Loopy_Cecil added a gallery image in Morrowind: The Star-wounded East   

    Concept Art by Auctor
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  13. Loopy_Cecil added a post in a topic Leveldesigner, Writer and lore expert wants to join Beyond Skyrim   

    Welcome, Lucan.  Morrowind would love to have you.  Your work looks great.  
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    Waffles, Waffles!  Trimming this finely crafted piece of literature would be like turning one or your gorgeous Dunmer robes into a mini-skirt... (mini-tunic?)....short enough to keep you interested, but long enough to cover the important bits.  
    In all seriousness though, I think you're right in that it could be written a little more economically, but then you might lose the Khajiit's style of telling the story, which I think Blackfyre has captured very convincingly. 
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  15. Loopy_Cecil added a post in a topic Proclamation of the Grand Council of Morrowind regarding the Status of 'Adventurers'   

    I'd prefer either one or the other.  We could have a small variety of curses with different effects, some being comical and others annoying:
    Not sure if this can be done but randomly reverse the player's controls (mouse and/or keyboard);Any shouts used have no effect except releasing a swirl of butterflies;The PC exudes a distinct aroma that attracts vermin, nullifies any speechcraft bonus/perks and causes horses to run away;Random dizzy spells.
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