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  1. Full voice reel (Incl. Battlespire demo reel)

    Just have! I'll get to work on those new ones and send them across once completed!
  2. Full voice reel (Incl. Battlespire demo reel)

    Well, we're a team, aren't we?
  3. Full voice reel (Incl. Battlespire demo reel)

    Thanks alot! Hope you enjoy it XD
  4. Hey there all! Just checking in again with another voice reel. Based on several comments sent forward (Thank you, by the way ), I have been informed that my previous voice reels required more of a variety. So, I have created this short video presenting voices I've previously attempted as well as several new ones (some obviously turned out a lot better than others XD). Link to the Voice Reel: As always, both criticism and praise would be most appreciated! A list of voices performed in this link: (Characters marked OC represent characters that I have created) - Two variants for different Barmans - Elder - Madman (OC)* - Town Drunk - Guard - Swindler (OC) ** - Doorman *** - Haskill - Sheogorath *The Madman is basically a crazed individual similar to Cicero from Skyrim. He could be a possible enemy or a follower. ** The Swindler is a carnival owner representing "Haardvir's Circus for the freaks", a freakshow that travels across Tamriel. Unbeknownst to most however, the show is nothing more than a scam with actors and fraudulent props and costumes *** The Doorman is a character created by the Battlespire team. The lines spoken are parts of the script sent to me. Thanks again!
  5. The Black House [Possible Book/Quest/Location idea]

    Just updated this to actually have something in it
  6. Thanks for all the responses! It's recently been brought to my attention that Beyond Skyrim already has a voice actor for Sheogorath (It's actually incredible how much he sounds like the original XD). All the same though, I'd like to thank everyone for the support of my attempts and I hope to release a video shortly of more attempts (Mainly villages and an idea for a follower I've been thinking up. Thanks again!
  7. I'm not to sure if this is the right place to submit ideas like this, but I sort of wanted to share it around at the very least for anyone interested, and possibly for some feedback. So, without further ado, I present... The Black House "Damned be the man who dare turn the lock to enter that house. For it is by his bravery or foolishness, that he has crossed a line beyond death itself. For no good came from opening locked doors" - Vigilant Hemlock (One of the founding father of the Vigilant of Stendarr) http://static-2.nexusmods.com/15/mods/110/images/18480-3-1339256881.jpg (Rough idea for what the house would look somewhat like) Years after the Oblivion crisis, the Vigilant of Stendarr had made it their goal to rid the world free of darkness, shining the light where it would dare show its face, as they had so proudly declared. Surviving the attack of Volkihar Clan, those few members of the Vigilant were successfully able to scour the land for recruits, slowly able to regroup their clans and inspire the next generation of practical 'monster hunters'. Even to this very day, the vigilant have sworn to rid darkness wherein it lies... With the exception of one place. "Let me give you a word of advice, stranger. You see a house as dark as pitch, and howling with the screams of the undead, you best turn around and go back the way you came..." - Wardviir In its ancient nordic tongue, it is known as 'Nimbus Domus', roughly translated to The Black House. It is a small cabin built from scratch by one Sadean Black, an escaping refugee from Hammerfall towards the beginning of the Fourth Era. Being a redguard mage, Black had made it his life goal to escape the unholy prejudice of mankind, thus taking to building the shack in the deepest recesses of The Great Forest within Cyrodiil. There he believed, would he be finally safe in the seclusion of the tall trees and immense tundra of the forest, and free at last from the struggles of humanity alongside his young daughter, Minia. But this treasured time was not to last. On the eve of her seventh winter, Minia had contracted a fatal disease; a poison that swept through her body, resulting in horrid, white spores upon her fair skin. Desperate to save the life of his only child, Sadean turned to darker resources. Dark magic as it were. Every last spell and incantation the young mage knew, but it was all for naught as the young Minia had past away several months later. Unable to live with the death of his daughter, Sadean began along the path of necromancy with the intent of bringing his precious Minia back from death's firm grasp. But for that... He required flesh. Victims. Anything for his daughter. Posing as a beggar on several of the many roads that mapped out across Cyrodiil, Sadean would warmly invite them back into his cabin in the woods for food, rest and general shelter to the many lone souls that wandered the landscape. There it was that he proceeded to harvest them, testing with whatever value they had that he could collect, before disposing of them in the house's lower sanctums once they had outlived their purpose. Sadean repeated the process until the lives he'd taken meant nothing more than tally marks on the wall. Until his own morality and sanity vanished completely. Until he'd died. With its owners long since deceased, The Black House still stands in the middle of that God-forsaken place. Serving no real purpose but as a place for dust to gather. For years, the Vigil had done what they could, to attempt to quell the darkness that resided in that house. Though even they dare not speak of that which lies within. Many passer-bys report hearing the tortured cries of the ghosts of Sadean's many victims from within the walls of The Black House; their last, blood-chilling moments of life, as if on a permanent loop, begging and pleading to be freed from their demise. Others report seeing Sadean himself, wandering along the river beds that surround the house. His mad, indecipherable ramblings still escaping past his lips as he prepares himself for the death of another. And, on even rarer nights, the squeals of young Minia can also be heard, pleading her father from beyond her small grave to cease his experiments. Whatever the case, trees almost refuse to grow anywhere near The Black House. Birds know better than to fly above its rafters, as fish no better than to avoid resting upon its banks. For The Black House stands... Waiting to be unlocked and secrets to be revealed...
  8. Hey there everyone and a happy (late) Halloween to you all! It's TheMadAnime back again, this time attempting to mimic the voice of Sheogorath (a surprisingly fun character to voice-act). As a side note, I was uncertain of whether or not the Shivering Isles or even if Sheogorath himself are going to be included into this amazing project, but I'd be more than happy to provide any voice work needed! As before, any criticism or praise would be much appreciated! Thanks again! Link to the voice-reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf0eJLelBg4&list=UUvr2Pe0OyJP0yqjnfm3yP7w
  9. Thankyou very much for the welcome. It's nice to be here! I hope they enjoy it
  10. Hey there guys. Sadly I'd only heard about this amazing project recently. What you guys are preparing to do is incredible and I hope it works out. I'm an aspiring voice actor and am told (at least by friends (Hopefully they're honest XD)) that I've got an ideal voice for video game characters. I was just going to leave a link of me doing a short voice reel of a potential character in your project, and am gladly open for criticism and/or praise for my 'work'. Best of luck for your amazing idea! Link to my voice reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgS-3LL6vw8&feature=youtu.be