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  1. Discord

    I would like to say sorry to rob if i annoyed him. he told me to remove a post. and i did. then i joked around with him. that would have most likely pissed him off. Again I'm sorry. i do like going to that discord. it where i come to learn about modding. further my skills. look on updates and wait for job listing that require my skill level in the creation kit. Look if you want to remvoe me for a week or 2 for being a shit head. i understand. Punish me. bit i can help with these projects if given the chance.
  2. I was told to remove a comment and i did, since i guess it might offend somebody. then i got the boot. i do like being there. its good for modding and help with modding. could i pletty please come back?
  3. Wana join up. i make NPC's

    hello sorry. the notiforcations don't appear when you post. sorry, I've had a chat with Elseryr main lead, and he has said he does not need npc creation of yet When it comes to the look of the NPC i can pretty much do anything. its simple but beautiful in my eyes
  4. Wana join up. i make NPC's

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049924920/myworkshopfiles/ thats my old mods. ive doen alot since then. but have all stayed private.
  5. I creat npc. its what ive alway wabted to do with The CK. i can make stand alones Vanila companions ect ect. i dont know how to attach pics here for work ive done
  6. Making life to beyond skyrim

    Shit sorry guys. my notifaction thing wasnt working. didnt see you guys replying. look im happy to work with who eva when eva. Ill send out some messages an shit. get the small stuff done an ready by the time your ready to ship the mod
  7. Making life to beyond skyrim

    Well ive build a big follower mod. 130 somthing followers. ill link that here and more of a prive mod that wont really see the light of day. ill try an put some pics up 130 something followers are here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257344592&searchtext= for your exsample oo yea. if you check that steam profile. you might see ive also played around with lvl list. adding Female guards bandits and imperial an stormcloak Soldier. NPC creation is my thing. even if its a low required Job im happy to pitch in
  8. Making life to beyond skyrim

    Hey guys im Just here to see if i can help out with the small stuff. by making npcs for the project. i enjoy adding life into the game and would like to help out. with Npc creation. be it some ugly ass old redgaurd to a smoking hot imperial. Dont know where to go to join up. so i thought id just post this
  9. I can do it. send m the info and ill keep tabs. or find me on steam.