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  1. Primer: Sentinel

    The only amendment I would suggest is that Sentinel earned its current resentment and predicament for supporting the Concordat against the wishes of Hammerfell. As Mwatuangi said in Vol 7: "Such is the bite-back due the man who supported the Pale King against his own people..." And that they were late to the resistance of Hammerfell. As for reasons, you've already shown how important marital alliance is to Sentinel, and some of the characters I had written are related to those in support of the Concordat.
  2. Primer: Sentinel

    Nice. I like the names, but if you were wondering, "Malik Ric" is the arabic/turkish term for "Richard", as per the name of Richard Coeur de Leon.
  3. Any sample will do. Hi Melancholeric. It's good to see you on the Morrowind forums again, but in all seriousness, could you ease up a bit? I don't think this person wanted to be subjected to this, and considering that you yourself have written some shall we say, "iffy" material before, and not been pulled apart like this, it might be nice to pay it forward, and extend that same forbearance to others. For what it is worth, I think Vod actually wrote in a style consistent with many Bethesda radiant quests, to be honest. It wasn't perfect, but could easily be refined. Also, when you react in this way to people just starting out, it can do a lot to scare them off from actually returning, so when people make applications, it's best to let the Writing Directors make official responses for the team, instead of tearing them apart.
  4. That was amazing, technically wonderful, well edited work. I usually hate stories which swap between perspectives on a paragraph basis (not an indictment of your work, just a trait that pisses me off) and I still found your work quite entertaining to read. You're in. No questions from me. Your abilities will be of incredible usefulness. I strongly recommend you to connect with our Discord server, as that is where most of our discussion takes place. https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/10907-official-bsm-discord-announcement/
  5. Hi there SerialSymphony! I think you'd be a fantastic edition to our team! I'm happy to add you in. I looked through your portfolio, and while, at a cursory glance, it's more electronic than Morrowind is stylistically suited to, there's certainly no lack of talent there. You seem to have the right talents for us. I recommend you check out our Discord Server, as that is where the discussions chiefly take place now. https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/10907-official-bsm-discord-announcement/ I also recommend you read some of our thoughts on music we have compiled, both on here, and on Discord. We're going for an Indian/Steppe sort of motif with a lot of our music, and some of the old Morrowind tracks remastered might go down well too. We're trying to sort out a music department right now for our composers to link up and begin working together!
  6. You've got my vote. Welcome to Team Morrowind. And Welcome to Team Aussie. Larrian and I are Aussies, and this is the most important part of being in Team Morrowind. That, and Dank memes, writing good work and enjoying yourself. I strongly advise you to hop on Discord, as we do a lot of our planning and discussion there. https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/10907-official-bsm-discord-announcement/
  7. Recruitment - Semi-Experienced Writer

    This is a fantastic resume. I'm Blackfyre, and I direct writing at Beyond Skyrim, Morrowind. Team Morrowind has real need of great writers like you. Please make a post, with this link to your work, so our team can tell you just how much we enjoy your work.
  8. Hi Nerevarine. You impressed me from the moment you sent something through with "fifth draft". I will be honest, I have never received an application from a screenwriter. However, I can tell you worked thoroughly on this, your grammar/sentence structure is spot on, and you had me interested in your writing very quickly. I was especially interested that you were able to pull off a multi-level narrative, switching between 1600's to 1200's to Present and not seem ham-handed. Better than Assassin's creed! As far as I'm concerned you've got the talent to join, and we could definitely use your talents. You have my unreserved approval. Btw - please make sure you join our Discord Chat, as the majority of our work takes place there.
  9. Writer Recruitment

    Hi There Nerevarine! I'm Blackfyre, and I direct writing for Team Morrowind. Thanks for watching our Beyond Skyrim trailer. We're really appreciative you liked it. I would recommend, especially considering your username, that you apply for a position with Team Morrowind. The generally accepted way to make an application is to post a piece of your best writing so we can judge your capacity. It sounds like you are quite talented if you are a screenwriter and we would love to get to see your creative quill in action for our story. Here is our recruitment thread. Good luck!
  10. Talented Writer Looking to Help with Beyond Skyrim

    Hi Koty. I'm Blackfyre, I lead writing for Team Morrowind. Generally when approving or declining an application, we need a piece of your best writing (doesn't need to be about Skyrim) to assess your ability and whether you are up for the task of writing for us, at sufficient standard. But I recommend for your first project, even before writing this piece or posting it, is that you address a clear spelling error in your comment above. One of the skills you need to be able to display is the ability to edit your work so that it is presentable. After that, please post a piece of your best writing and post it to us, the Team Morrowind recruitment thread is open. Good luck.
  11. Stephen! I'm very glad you decided to join up. We here in the East have a love for fine music, and great cultural motifs we're planning on drawing on. The hurdle is having talented designers like you working on making great material. This is the link for our existing Sound Design area. It's pitifully small at the moment. https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/912-sound-design/ But here's hoping you can increase its awesomeness. I'd also recommend joining our Discord Group, so you can stay in touch with the most up to date conversations.
  12. Joining request - writer of story and dialogue, just point me to it

    It is important, Merlin, that when making applications for a project, that you put your best foot forward. We do a lot of our work/discussion in online mediums, such as on these forums, on google drive, and on Discord. I think you do show potential, and I'd like for you to post a sample of your work on the Team Morrowind forum, because having read your application, especially the parts outside the strangely rhyming dialogue, I am definitely convinced that you can be of use to our project. https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/7779-morrowind-recruitment-thread/?page=9#comment-286600
  13. Landscaping

    If Rob and a6166 have contacted you I'm sure you will soon become an asset for Team Morrowind. I'm Blackfyre, Morrowind's writing lead, and I'd love for you to formally post your application on https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/7779-morrowind-recruitment-thread/?page=9#comment-286600
  14. Writer/ Scripter looking to help with Beyond Skyrim

    Vuk! I am a project leader, and my role is to direct writing for Team Morrowind. You have mentioned you love to write, but that you can also script for the project. I'm sure you would be doubly useful, and we would almost certainly be happy to give you a place. We're very low on scripters, but we have had large numbers of writers walk away, having never committed. All I think would be necessary to show you have the "Write Stuff" (Sorry, that was appalling), is for you to post or to to link a sample of your work in our recruitment thread and we can give you a crack in our project. Give it a shot! https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/7779-morrowind-recruitment-thread/?page=9#comment-286600