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  1. ESLY is still looking for level designers and scripters! If you would like to apply, or know someone that does, please leave a comment on this thread:

  2. Would Anyone Like To Help Me Create Some Islands?

    http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/889-books/ I'm uploading some more right now, but that's definitely the best place to start for anything Uutak. Yne and Slea are the two biggest islands. Information on Yne itself can be found needs to have quick update though). I'd say about twice or two and a half the size of Solsthem. The other islands are around the same size or smaller than Solstheim (Hrahn's Isles especially so).
  3. Would Anyone Like To Help Me Create Some Islands?

    Thanks, Miner! Is there anything you wanted to talk about first or ask in regards to the landmasses?
  4. 'Lo everyone, I'm IceFireWarden of the modding project The Elder Scrolls: Yneslea (which is a project that will mod the entirety of the Uutak Mythos into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) and I was wondering if anyone would mind helping me and my team develop the eight islands of the mod, or steer me in the way of finding someone that wouldn't mind helping that'd be great. Here are some things to know about the islands: Yne Yne (which means ‘Reverberate' in the Echmer tongue) is the largest of the Ynesleaic islands and lies in the Bitter Sea . The Echmer claimed the land as theirs in 1E 709. Unlike it's sister-island of Slea, the island has always been considered more ‘tame' and ‘peaceful' than the other islands that make up the Ynesleaic archipelago. It was the first landmass in the archipelago discovered by the Empire and is thus more ‘imperialized' than any other island, except for perhaps Pasgaviati. Most foreign settlers live on this island peacefully, rivaling the native Exul in terms of population. The island is split into three geological regions: the Hae'macrin Mountain Range in the north, the Opal Coast to the west and center, and the Ambient Littoral to the south and east. The Hae'macrin Mountains is the coldest place on the island, covered in snow and ice. Little vegetation grows in this wasteland and trees are practically nonexistent in the area. Violent creatures tend to live in caves high up in the mountain. Freezing rain, snowfall, and blizzards happen frequently in the region, but the mountains are rich in mineral deposits like iron, steel, solarite, and various gemstones. The Opal Coast combines a rolling sandy beach and a grassy prairie together, resulting in an unique environment unlike anywhere else. The region is protected by the frigid weather in the north by a wall of mountains, also protecting it from the creatures found there. The soil here is very good for crops due to the heavy amounts of sunlight and frequent rainfall. Considered the most beautiful area on the island, the wildlife here is mainly insects and prey animals, but a few predators also roam the Opal. The Ambient Littoral is a coastal taiga that thrives on saltwater. Ferns, lily pads, and other swampy plants can be found here. Although the slightly muddy ground isn't as good for farming like the Opal's, it's soil is much more ‘allowing' of the growing of foreign plants and because of that it has always been the most ‘Tamriel-like' area in the entire island archipelago. Natives and foreign settlers also use it as a general area for fishing. Slea Lying in the Chaotic Sea across from Yne, Slea (‘Reflection' in the Echmer tongue) is the second largest island in the Ynesleaic archipelago and lies in the Chaotic Sea. The Echmer claimed the land as theirs in 1E 710. The island's environments are much more wilder and dangerous than that of its sister-island of Yne, resulting in the hardiness of those that settle it. It is not as imperialized as Yne as well, and has always resisted Imperial doctrine. Because of that it is much more traditionally Echmer even into modern times, although a few Tamrielics do call the island home. Slea, like Yne, is also split into three geological regions: Gtutur's Arids in the north, the Melodic Forest in the east and west, and Urroal that encompasses the entirety of the south. Gtutur's Arids are a vast and hot desert of pure white sand, with few oases and vegetation. It is easy to become lost here with the large dunes and rocks jutting out of the ground looking practically the same with almost no landmarks whatsoever. Animals like desert scorpions, harmless jerboa, and giant carnivorous chameleons live in the area. It is also abundant in solarite ore veins like the Hae'macrin Mountains. The Melodic Forests is a giant forest protected from the desert to the north by a natural bulwark of solid rock. The trees here grow very close together, with vines and giant plants (some even being dangerous and capable of devouring travelers) making it almost seem labyrinthine. A towering mountain, once an active volcano, is the main point of interest in the region. Many different types of animals call the region home. Urroal is nothing more than a rocky wasteland of constant rain, cool breezes, and perpetual hurricanes. Peine stalk the land and the sky is almost always dark, resulting in a dreary environment. Crops are almost impossible to grow in the area, although some vegetation fights to exist in the region. Pasgaviati The large island of Pasgaviati is to the northwest of Yne, right on the edge of Echmer territory in the middle of the Bitter Sea. It was officially discovered in 1E 738 by Echmer explorers, but they were driven away by the horrifying amount of Peine beasts that called the island home. During the Merethic Era the island seemed to be a major holding of the Ynesleaic Men, with their ancient temples and ruins being found here in abundance. It is believed that the island was much more temperate in those times as well, for the Ynesleaic Men built their buildings out of the carapaces of now extinct giant insects that were hardened to withstand the test of time. Eventually the Ynesleaic Men went extinct and the Peine soon came to claim the island as a breeding ground. Some scholars believe that the men were wiped out by these migrations, which happened at a pace so slow that the men didn't even realize their the island was being overrun with by monsters. For the next few centuries it would remain abandoned, allowing the monster population to grow well into the thousands. When Echmer explorers discovered the island in 1E 738 they were driven off by the Peine, unable to truly study the ruins on the island safely. Magus-Premier AarÅn destroyed the entire Peine population on the island when he came to establish his magic academy of Mustikos'arcere in 1E 1045. Since then the island has remained mostly isolated, although Nekros the Lord of the Rotting Darkness waged war with the Elemental Sodality on it in 2E 261. In the Third Era the island was transformed into a Legionary outpost during Uriel V's invasion of Akavir, but was abandoned after Yneslea seceded from the Empire in the Fourth Era. Because of its location so far north the climate of Pasgaviati is similar to the clime of the Hae'macrin Mountain Range on Yne. The northern area of the island is a tundra called the Verglas Lowlands, which is dotted with sparse vegetation and home to caves that were once inhabited by Peine before AarÅn Peine-Killer came and eradicated the creatures permanently from the island. Since then the caves have become dens for other creatures that were once hunted by the Peine, like snow bears. Ynesleaic Men ruins are all over the place in this region, joining themselves in elaborate ways with the ice and rock before becoming fewer in number as one goes farther north. Separating the north and south regions are the Black Mountains, named so due to their abundance of a rare black jewel the Echmer use sometimes while making jewelry. In ancient times the Black Mountains were once active volcanoes, now dormant for more than a few millennia. Long-since dried out foyadas have become filled with frozen water, resulting in long-stretches of "ice-rivers†that weave throughout the landscape. The south of the island gives away to a slightly more temperate region known as the Fro'sai Highlands, which is also considered the most hospitable region. Trees and other vegetation are in abundance here, resulting in much more wildlife. Most Echmer villages, along with the magical academy of Mustikos'arcere, can be found here. Elysia Established as an Echmer territory in 1E 735 and named after Hagreger the Calm's beloved, Elysia is a southeastern island in the Chaotic Sea. Noted for its beauty, the Echmer mostly seem to use it as a resort due to its relaxing atmosphere. According to hieroglyphics analyzed from Ynesleaic Men temple ruins seem to state that the island was the capital of their civilization before it died out before the end of the Merethic Era. Exul researchers have since excavated and studied the architecture left behind immensely, seeking to uncover more secrets about the Ynesleaic Men that called the island archipelago their home before both the Dwemer and Hyu-Ket came to settle them and the Echmer were brought into existence. After it's incorporation into the growing Echmer realm a great deal of Exul and Hyu-Ket traveled there to live. Because of its isolation from the Council of Dull Chimes, the Elemental Sodality and its Mustikos'arcere, and the strange Echmer of Morubixaba Elysia stays largely untouched from the events of those islands. The most eventful thing that has ever happened to the isle was it being captured by the Kamal in the early Third Era, which adds testimony to it being perhaps the most peaceful place in the Ynesleaic archipelago . Unlike the other islands Elysia doesn't have different regions, instead being tropical throughout its entire landscape. Palm trees grow in abundance and peaceful animals dot the countryside. However giant snakes, Bruorl, and Peine also make their home here, resulting in the islanders having to be careful when wandering the countryside. Morubixaba Strange and isolated, the island of Morubixaba to the semi-northeast of Slea was incorporated into the Echmeri realms in 1E 753 when Neglectful Acceptance explorers discovered it by accident. The island is inhabited by an unique Echmeri tribal culture different than the Dweech and Exul cultures that already exist, instead focusing on customs the Echmer haven't followed since the times of the Protoechi. Many scholars and archaeologists discovered that there was massive cave-in underneath the island that sealed it off from the rest of the Dweech, resulting in the theory that the Echmer on the island are descended from Protoechi that were separated from the rest of the race while performing tasks for the Dwemer. They have a unique language that shares some ties to the modern Echmer language of Echi, but it is vastly different. Morubixaba is also home to an unique tribe of Hyu-Ket that calls themselves the "Hadoridol†that also have customs different to that of the rest of their race. Both groups coexist peacefully on the island. Dweech and Exul Echmer have been able to teach the natives their tongue and are very protective over the small community. HRAHNDEYL seems to have traveled to the island sometime during his wanderings as a mortal, as the "Moru-Echmer†(as the rest of the race kindly refers to them as) remember him. They call him Moxoeluxarxe and teach that he was a former slave trader that received a vision from the Hadoridol Ancestor-god Hador (possibly the Hyu-Ketic Spirit-Chief) telling him that if he freed the slaves he would be set on the path of Moxoe (Enlightenment). So he did and became an ally of the Hadoridol. Together with King Hador Gildol Hadol "the Forest Lord" Moxoeluxarxe united Morubixaba before leaving the island for good. As of 4E 200 the island is ruled by Underqueen Vvaravvethri and Overking Hador Gildol Hadol XVIII. Like Elysia and Pasgaviati, Morubixaba is home to ancient Ynesleaic Men ruins that dot its environment, an unique fusion of a jungle, swamp, and rain forest. Giant insects, arachnids, and reptiles can be found in abundance here, as well as giant plants. Hrahn's Isles The last Echmer territory is the three island chain of Hrahn's Isles, which was incorporated in 1E 775. North of both Yne and Slea and in area where the Channel of Tru'Gitet meets, it is considerably isolated and largely unsettled by both the Echmer, Hyu-Ket, and Tamrielic colonists. The islands are famous for being the refuge of mortal Hrahndeyl before he apotheosized into HRAHNDEYL before the whole of the Echmer people. Since then it has been left mostly alone by the rest of the bat elven race. The landscape here is very temperate due to the meeting Bitter and Chaotic Seas, consisting of rolling dirt hills and forests. It contains much of the wildlife that can be found on the main islands of Yne and Slea. If there any Questions, Comments, and Concerns please post them below.