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  1. wrenik added a topic in Book Story Concepts   

    Why We drink
    Why we drink
    By Henric silveroke
    in a small village in skyrim I meet a drunk poor sod, crying and drinking, no one cared about this poor man. He was just a sad drunk after all, but I wondered what made him a sad drunk? Armed whit this question I tackled his life, asking his friends relatives and even steeling some jurnals to build his story together.
    Being a millworker in skyrim is hard work, you need to turn the large stone weal to crush the weat. And some of the workers doing so has to take to the bottle at the end of the day to survive. One of these millworkers puts this to heart more then most, and as he drinks his worrys away he fills his mind whit anger apon life, any small or large thing can tip him off into full blown anger. This is ofcourse scary for his poor wife and child who has to deal whit him apon returning home smelling like a destilery whit an temprement of an frostroll.
    For an poor wife attempting to make the best of an situation this can be to much, not only has their child the fear of a beating around every mistake but so dose she. She is well aware that her husband loves her under all the anger but when he has taken one to many ales that all gose away to an drunken state of anger out of all control. Its not to anyones supprise when she took their child in hand and walked out of their village. Left was a Millwoker who now wasn't angry when he drank, but rather let all his tears and sadness out.
    What the people of the village don't know, is that the millworker fond out about his wife leaving him whit their son. He followed them, drunk and angry as always and stoped them just by a little pond. He and his wife yelled at eatchother their son bursted into tears, demandingly the Millworker ordered his family back home but his wife had enought and stood her ground. As she turned around to walk away something snaped in the Millworker.
    His anger was to much and his hands found themselves around his wife and sons necks holding them down under the water in the pond. They struggled to get free, paniced they screamed but it simply filled their lungs whit water. It didn't take long before bouth of them sank down the pond like two rocks laying whit their backs to the Millworker.
    The Millworker stumbeled backwards and sat down on a near by rock by the pond, he looked at his hands, his wife, his child. It wasn't anger in his eyes but horror. Had he just killed his own love? In fear and disspear he left the pond. He wasn't brave enought to even turn his wife and child to face him as he left their lifeless bodys at the bottom of the pond.
    From that day he drank for a diffrent reason, he drowned his sorrows in mead, as a man who have taken everything from himself dose. He is no longer ashamed to let his tears fall out and his cry of sadness be heard. Not a singel person in the village desterbs him, no one asks him to be quite. They can tell that he is best left alone. They can feel that he is a man of great lost. They can't know that he took it all from himself.
    I walked down the road from that village down to the pond, I watched down into the shallow water and I saw whit my own eyes, what looked like two dead bodys turning their back away from the surffice.
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  2. wrenik added a topic in Winterhold   

    The city of magic
    The City of Magic
    Quest plot:
    The Quest Requires that you have played threw the Collage of winterhold, Holds collage expansion questline and the Yakooda questline. (we should look into getting more quests that are Required to be completed before this one as its suppose to be a very late game quest.) once you completed all of these quests you will return to Winterhold and speak to some mages, these can be Npcs you meet in other quests that are still alive. the player will be tasked to read the books he been gathering in bouth the tower of Shallador but also at the underwater Yakooda Liberary. the player will here have the option to take help of the wizards by delegating some of the work reading the books, and will then have the entire ritual explained to them insteed of having to read it themselves.

    after this the player will be seent out to gather soal gems and other items for a ritual wich they will give to one of the wizards helping who will set up the ritual. the player will then be instructed on how the puzels will work inside the coming ritual, the same infromation will also be found in the books the player has gathered. this is to ensure the player knows the rules as they enter this massive puzel boss of sorts, and don't feel lost or unable to figure out what spells they can use. the player will then go to the middel of the ritual ciril and cast a scroll found in the Yakooda Questline, (this scroll might only work here to ensure the player dosen't waste it) apon using the scroll the player is transported to his/her own mind, this is represented by a black dark magical place that looks like its just Black nothingless whit things in it, here the player will do quests for himself, a exact copy of the player will give him/her quests the voice of this player avatar (who takes the apparence and gear off the player) is always extreamly epic and god like, to reprecent how the player presives him/herself. so it going to very clearly not be the players actual voice. other quest givers will be diffrent emotions and other beings inside the players mind. in order to creat the spell the player needs to unlock his full focus. to do this he must defet or help his emotions to control them, also open the door to his mind.

    to do this the player must solve several ridels triels and puzels. some that are resiceled and others that are new. apon unlocking the door to his mind and opening it, the doors to his fears and emotions will be opened, and the player can solve their quests one by one, apon solving them his focus or energy will flow from them to his mind, where it will take the shape of a gaint ball of energy (can be the eye of magnus retextured whit some generic magical orb textures or something).
    now the player will need to use a custom spell that he only has access to here, it will automaticly be in his spell list and equiped apon entering his mind. so to make sure the player knows about the spell, its a special spell for the player to shape his mind, and the player will use it to activate and create the layout of the city. ofcourse we'll just have the basic shapes already there so the player has the illusion of desiding, but in reality the shapes will just be reaviled by being hit by the spell. I think there should be about 8-14 large shapes making up the city that the player has to activate whit his spell. the shapes are in the shape of the city layout and are flat, they are textured whit the Magical barrier texture to make it look like flowing magic. 

    apon activating all of the layout the player will need to use clerevoyent to find some stairs going up to the magical orb, where there are some mirrors that the player has to reflect in such a way so to cover the entire city. now the mirrors will have diffrent size and area depending on their state so it can take a wile to do, I belive 4-9 mirrors is a good number. apon covering the entire city whit shine the player will be tasked whit shoting the orb whit the creation spell and the entire city will appear over the foundation layed out by the player. the city is in the same specrtal form as the foundtion usin the barrior spell as texturing.

    the player will now get a special spell automaticly equpit that is a 2 handed legendary spell. the player will be tasked to walk to the site of the Ritual in the spectrual city and cast the spell whereapon the player will be taken back to the real world and the city will appear whit a lot of magical effects first in specral form before taking shape as real buildings. this will be in its own instance to make sure all the effects don't crash your game. the player then faints and wakes up in an interior just a random house in Winterhold, apon exiting he will be in the real Winterhold now completed and restored.
    this is one base idea for how we can make the restoration of Winterhold spell, ofcourse any ideas expanding or altering is apprechated.
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:

    it always ends whit the player restoring winterhold, prehaps we could add some altering options that the player can deside apon in his mind, but that would require a lot more work.
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  3. wrenik added a post in a topic Arena Equivalent for Skyrim   

    Don't know how much I said in public and how much has been discusted between me and Sette but the idea off the Solitude arena as Imagen it and as its been started to by Sette is an arena thats halfly inside a cave, whit the celling still just an exposed cave and the walls fine Soltidue archetectre, I belive I wrote that it use to be an Theather but an rich imperial bought it and renovated it to be able to house fights aswell, removing the floor where a crowed use to stand to add in a "fighting pitt" or arena floor. the sitting areas are still there and so is the stage, so there is still Theathers hosted there on ocation aswell as bard concerts. its relly suppose to be used for several things at once and not just be a location that is used for a singel thing. the concept idea as I presented it had the theather people and the people hosting the arena fighting over using the locals for their training and other matters, sort of like two rival entertainment grups over who should use the place more.

    as for an arena in windhelm I only mantioned it becose there already is one added by holds. don't think skyrim should have more "officual" arenas then the one in Solitude and windhelm. the rest of the fights should be shady underground fighting clubs, or duel areas. I like the idea of essensualy 3 fighting clubs. there are the officual arenas where you fight gladiators etc. there is the underground brawl clubs. and there is the Duel organisation. and they would probebly effect your influence whit the other as you claim ranks.

    I think it should be several ways of going about entering fights, being a well known worrior such as the dragon born or leader of the comanions is one way, the other way could be doing fighting quests or dueling from the low slums of Brawl clubs until you get recognized enought for a arena fight then you fight there until you get recognized for Duel organisation. alway able to fight in the previus arenas you left. so it dosen't feel like they are there only for you. prehaps even have a betting function or spectator?

    then there is the fact that a lot of nords and NPCS around skyrim will offer brawls and duels just becose they are nords. in a verry unofficual maner much like the vanila game. so there is gonna be all sorts of fights.
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  4. wrenik added a post in a topic Arena Equivalent for Skyrim   

    So after reading all of this I think we got the grounds for an amazing Arena system, I was thinking as I did back whit My ideas for Winterhold. why does it all have to be connected to a single quest? or questline?

    I relly like the layerd feel where you have to build up an reputation, lets say your dragonborn, then you can simply walk up to pritty much any arena and they will let you in fighting, as your a bit of a selebraty and many would like to fight you. but if your a nobody then you have to earn your way in, so you begin brawling once your famus enought brawling you get to fight in the pits, once your famus enought in the pits they will let you into officual arenas like the Windhelm arena or Solitude arena if we add them. then as you make a name in the larger arenas you might get the job as a duelist, still being able to fight on all previous lvls. as a duelist your fights have more of a story focus then previously and its in more varied locations. there can also be several other arenas, like forsworn arena or bandit arenas. and if you get famus enought fighting more people from higher places recognize your name and wanna fight you. it becomes more of a story where you attempt to get more fame, glory and get access to incressingly more giving fights. as surviving the pits lends you a bag of coins and a free ale. winning in the arena and you get a good chunk of money. and when dueling you get even more as your patreon wants to keep his champion happy and walthy. 

    this way you get several rewards. Money, Fame, Progression (as you move from barfights to honourfull duels and arenas).

    and to refer back to what I said in the begining this dosen't all need to be one simpel quest line, for exampel if you fight in one arena then a other arena your fame carrys over between all arenas. and you also get the quests where people wanna duel you normaly like the knight in solitude who chalange the dragonborn. so fighting him will ern you fame over all.

    as for names I think you should have options between nameless, a selected fighting name, or a existing title, so you can go in as dragonborn, or Champion of the Companions etc. all depends on what you wanna be called and what you done before. maybe if you pick nameless we could add a system so you get a name based on how you killed the person? so if you use an axe you are called "bloodaxe" if you use a sword your called "Cuttingblade" etc sort of giving you a unic name based on what you done rather then just have the palyer randomly pick one.

    all in all I thin kwe can do a lot of fun whit Duels and Arenas in skyrim, and the limit is how much we add. I think a teared fame system needs a lot of lvls as prehaps winning 1 duel is the same fame as 10 barfights won. or something like that.
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  5. wrenik added a post in a topic Dragontail Valley   

    this sound interesting, would rely fit if it was an ancient nord city that worshiped dragons and perhaps also contained some Drougers wandering around, being a little bit like game of thrones where you are in a land of the dead, think the main part of town should probably be completely empty and if possible quite, to make it feel like something horrific happened. also because of the large amount of dead that would exist in the area, there should be expeditions of people trying to dig out trenches, and necromancers raising the dead for their own use. not too overwhelming tho so it ruins the empty and horrifying feel but enough. perhaps even make these encounters meaningful whit dialogs whit these NPCs before you kill them, or perhaps convince them not to fight? make the area feel like a live and let live sort of deal where people aren't attackeded on site.
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  6. wrenik added a post in a topic Jerall Valley   

    Unless this exact location is included in Beyond Skyrim Bruma  I would think its a great idea, it would create some relly cool lvl design as its more Winding paths in the mountains and less open landscapes, perhaps it could be patched to be between Skyrim and Cyradill? 

    some relly cool things to have in this area could be an Imperial controlled main road between Cyradill and skyrim, and more bandit and "wild" nords around the mountains, it could be relly cool to meet an old nord warrior following the old way, who isn't directly talkative or hostile but will fight you for honor or glory, his home covered in trophies etc. or perhaps some shadier road merchants kaji's etc.

    could also do something like Rigmoor of Bruma where there are mining operations in the mountains and different political quests between miners and bandits or locals. I like the idea that this is more of "wild" nords or bandit, that aren't always hostile but not part of any hold or larger society, perhaps some old Hunter Gatherers too? Bretons living at the edge of the valley towards Highrock. the Possibilities are endless.
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  7. wrenik added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    your still not reading my point, its not about making stormcocks better or imperial better, its about keeping it on this unbalanced sweetspot that makes it that people for so many reasons deside on way or the other, and changing around diffrent reasons why players might have desided on one or the other would mean we change around some players foundumental reasons of picking their faction.

    and Im not saying we can't have change and choices, Im saying we shouldn't change the foundation of skyrim. it would be waird if we added a choice to spare alduins life, we could but we shouldn't as we shouldn't mess whit the foundations of the game world. as I said things we add can be messed whit as mutch as we like, the things that arn't founumental to the game can also be changed, but foundamental truths about the game shouldn't be changed. Ulfric is a rasist. Elisif is bad at her job. and alduin dies at the end of the game.

    we can add a ton of meaningfull choices that dosen't change that
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  8. wrenik added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    you are completly missing what I am saying, what I am saying is that adding changes to the core belives of the imperial and stormclocks are risky and wouldn't work whit the carfully balance made by bethesta. 

    I am not saying Imperials arn't rasist.

    Im not saying any of this are the only reasons people do anything

    Im not saying nobody whatsover dissagrees whit me.

    I am saying that the balance we got is crafted by bethesta. and when you look online what people think and why they think so, its mainly about Stormclock rasism and imperial oversite. now I don't want to mess whit any off it, as it might threw off the balance achived by bethesta. I rather just we didn't mess whit it and focused on expanding on whats already there. or it could become as they say at algrens bilar: "In every persons mouth" or as its more comonly said in english, it could make people change their opinos of the factions drasticly favoring one side over the other, or something else. 

    what I am saying is, and Im attempting not making this into a huge argument wile still explaning my point here, Lets not mess whit the foundations of the game. and only expand on whats there, and whats not there. and not change anything.
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  9. wrenik added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    well no, you got my complaint all wrong, what Im saying if firstly that the balance between the two factions is verry good, and if we start messing whit it it could easly lead to an unbalance and making the choice of who is right and wrong more clear.

    also what I was saying was that one of the main arguments agienst the stormclocks is their rasism, now there are as you said plenty more, or well it wouldn't be sutch a balanced conflict. but resolving sutch a large complaint of the stormclocks would make it verry... uneven. I would personaly still support the empire for the other reasons alone, but often when you hear peoples argument for supporting who they are supporting it often boils down to the Nord rasism. and well, it could tip the balance a lot.

    now the influences you talk about (whit the expection of talius declaring war on the thalmor) are extreamly minor in comparecen. the only one large enought I can understand is Elesif as she is a bad leader, but still its not an often dealbreaking argument for or agienst the empire. those who support the empire and even most stormclock supporter know that others will rule whit her as a pupit and are quite frankly fine whit it, so changing her into a stronger leader would ofcourse boost the inisative to join the empire, but not break the balance as the huge Rasist card on Ulfrics sholder, the diffrence between ulfric and the empire is that ulfric is the stormclocks, the entire rebelion revolves around him, and if he changes he has the power to change the people whit his carisma, and there for making him less rasist would make the nords less rasist as many would follow him. and the empire has no sutch one person who his that kind of influence. 

    futher more, Legate rikka is clearly an exampel of the nord loyalty, and she is loyal to the empire even if she strongly belives in the old ways. and her repsect for ulfric or love for talos arn't there to prove that she secretly supports ulfrics couse, but rather to show that nords are a loyal people, who fight alongside their empire. and that they sometimes do sacrefices for it. even if it hurts them personaly. it also shows that a lot of imperial nords still kling to the old way but in secret. raher then in the open like the stormcloks do. so I don't belive she secretly wishes she was a stormclock or something like that.

    also what ya think of the rest of the ideas?
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  10. wrenik added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    I agree whit most said here, I think the quest line should be more dynamic, but I also recal an other conversation that I think me and Christopher (Galandil) had, where we discust the fact that in bouth factions you do a verry specific and extream interduction test, but then are just treated as an ordenary soldier.

    Now I think we could go one futher and have you start of as a kind of "hero" unit whitin the imperial army or stormclocks, so insteed of marshing along side the legion or stormclock hord, you would run and do special missions to tip the scale of battle, you would still be a part of battles, but prehaps come in later in the battle or at the begining, depending on your mission before hand.

    this would also allow for the dragon born to speak whit the armys of the two factions, and meet the characters moving from one camp to the next awaiting the actual battles, you could there find specific characters whit backstorys quests and other intressting tings. making the two armys more unic, wile keeping a reason that the dragonborn dosen't march along whit them.

    also as the dragonborn rises in ranks, he could possibly get his own squad of people who he orders to locations and then meet up whit, and then order around and deside on a plan for the task they are given to do.

    also I agree on choices, but I feel that a good way to do the large scale tactical choices would be dynamicly, as the dragonborn rises in ranks the more people lisen to him around the tactical tabel. and the dragonborn would after gaining a high enought rank be part of the planing meeting, where the dragonborn will put in his/her own opinion on for exampel how they would attack a fortress, and then we could have a prusuation cheak or intimidation cheak if general talius/ ulfric stormclock support the dragonborns suggestion, or choices something else.

    this kind of desision making should be key in how successfull the war is, the choices can have effects sutch as making things more difficult, or straight up making it so you fail all together or if you choice well, things gets easyer.

    for large scale battles I think deviding the armys, so that you only se a section of the battle is the best idea, make it feel as if there are hundreds and hundreds of soldiers on the battlefiled even tho you only see a handfull, and then have the entire battlefiled litered whit bodys, hinting at the fact that the battle was huge.

    I also think the vanila way of spawninging more and more enimys work quite well, as the battles generaly feels grander then they are in vanila.

    the one thing I don't agree whit is trying to influnce away bad things from the two sides, (espasly as you can't relly do mutch about the empire, but you can influence the one man ulfric realisticly) this would make it extreamly one sided for the stormclocks as the biggest arugment in general would go away as you now convince ulfric to be less rasist etc. I agree that you should be able to change the faction leaders a bit, but in the end they should stay relativly the same, and still have the main flaws that makes imperial vs stormclocks sutch a divided conflict.
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  11. wrenik added a topic in Quest Concepts   

    Friendly armor
    Quest plot:
    the quest begins by entering a litle dungeon in a dwemer ruin, this dungeon will be a workshop where you will find a dead apprentice whit a special dwemer orb machine thingy (I know tecnical terms) venturing futher into the workshop youi'll discover a dwemer centurion whitout a orb thing... and a dead scollor, you will also find some form of ritualistic setup that looks to have held the orb. you can also find notes and jurnals scatered around along whit dwemer related books and ofcourse a copy of the "lusty argonien maid" by the bedside, this notes and jurnals explain that the scollor had plans to transfer his soul into a specialy enchanted dwemer orb that he designed specily to hold souls, he have tested this before on his other apprentice that is now in a dwemer mining spider, and its orb, however this apprentice died as the spider had a accident in the rooms corner where it fell apon him, however the scollor himself are going to become the centurion, however it should be clear that the apprentice insteed of placing the orb in the senturion legged it, and ran away, however he didn't get far.

    now you the dragonborn can pick up the orb and place it into the robot, (we can defenetly have some puzel or crafting requirments here like turing valves so the steam gets to the centurion or crafting component needed for it to work.) once you rejeactivated the centurion it will speak whit a magical metalic voice, its the scollor who speaks whit you. he will thank you for rasing him and be joyfull that the experiment worked!

    now we need a reason for him to follow the player, Im thinking he dose it as a thanks for putting him into the centurion! but I donno 

    the quest begins by entering a  litle  dungeon in a  dwemer   ruin , this dungeon will be a workshop where you will find a dead apprentice whit a special  dwemer  orb machine thingy (I know  tecnical  terms) venturing  futher  into the workshop  youi'll  discover a  dwemer  centurion  whitout   a orb  thing... and a dead  scollor , you will also find some form of ritualistic setup that looks to have held the orb. you can also find notes and  jurnals   scatered  around along  whit   dwemer  related books and  ofcourse  a copy of the "lusty  argonien   maid " by the bedside, this notes and  jurnals  explain that the  scollor  had plans to transfer his soul into a  specialy  enchanted  dwemer  orb that he designed  specily  to hold souls, he have tested this before on his other apprentice that is now in a  dwemer  mining spider, and its orb,  however  this apprentice died as the spider had  a accident  in  the rooms corner  where it fell  apon  him, however the  scollor  himself are going to become the centurion, however it should be clear that the apprentice  insteed  of placing the orb in the  senturion  legged it, and ran away, however he didn't get far.
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:

    you resorect the centurion and it follows you.
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  12. wrenik added a topic in Feature Concepts   

    Caravans would be working like the kajit caravans already in the game, but be more varied and go to only citys that make sense, sutch as Falkreath and Whiterun, this caravans would contain a cupel of carts and wagens horses and ofcourse merchents, prehaps a gaurd or two aswell, they would be themed and not stay in any given city for to long, but when they do they would add several wealthy merchents aswell as rare goods and items to trade, they would also add to the imersion and feel that skyrim is a province relying on trade, you can talk to the merchents and npcs mutch like the kajits and they will like any other npc have quests and information. 

    here are some caravans that could be added:

    Imperial troops,
    Imperial troops would be coming from Cyradill down to Skyrim, they would pass threw falkreath and prehaps stay for the night, as part of the legion they would bring their own teents and wagons and set up a small encampent outside the city, the player can speak whit the imperials, brawl them, and drink whit them, the imperials will walk around the city in their spear time or be in the camp, other wise they will stay bussie seting up or taking down teents, cuting wood for fire, or training for battle. they might have quests and infromation for the player, and maybe one or two sell the player stolen imperial armor, so that a player that dosen't want to steel themselves but don't mind a shady trade can get a hold of a set of imperial gear. maybe also some other verius traders, but they would only sell things they have, and the soldiers wouldn't carry mutch money whit them, its more bargons rather then focust traders. this caravan would show the imperial movement whitin skyirm

    Imperial Traders
    the Imperial traders would be found in Falkreath, Whiterun and prehaps solitude, they would bring several cart and wagons, and even have a cupel of bodygaurds. they would sleep at a local inn for the night, spending the days at they makeshift stalls next too their wagons. the traders do primerly trade, and would have several items that might intresst the player, from unic items from other provinces to other more comon items, this merchents would carry a lot of gold, witch could be fun for someone who wants to steel, but they would also be great for anyone whit a lot of junk to sell. there might be some quests and information when talking to the traders but they are maily there to show the trade in the area, the imperial intresst to keep trade into skyrim and the more brave traders who venture into the civil war. it would also bring more life and variation to the citys they visit.

    Redgaurd traders
    redgaurd traders are followed by redgaurd worriors who are merchenarys, they got almost excusivly exotic goods and will go to most citys, Falkreath, Whiterun, riften, and Solitude. the redgaurds will have a fair amount of gold aswell and a more risky target to burgel, the well gaurded redgaurds are danguress but good bussniess people, they will also have quests and information and travel whit wagons, they live in teents outside the city of riften but are allowed in to sleep at the inn in whiterun falkreath and solitude. its also implyed that the redgaurds avoide entering riften becose of the heavy presentse of the thives guild.
    Nord traders
    the nords are traders aswell, they will travel to all citys, windhelm Solitude whiterun falkreath riften dawnstar and markarth. they arn't as rich as the other traders becose of the civil war, they have verry local goods and litle money, however they are stronger almost worriors themselves so they travel whit verry few gaurds, that being said, steeling from nords isn't a good idea. this nords will have quests and infromation and travel whit wagons, they live in the inn in every city they go to and will make sure to give the player a feel for how desperet the few nord traders ramaning are. you should feel the presure that a lot of the traders left the caravan to join the imperials or stormclock. its a divided contry after all.

    Breton Traders
    the bretons sell magical items and other odd goods, they will travel whit a fair amount of gold and verry undefended, easy target for burgelery, they will as the imperials be in Falkreath solitude and whiterun and have quests and infromation, they will travel whit a cupel of wagens and even some street preformers using magic. prehaps even a old wizard that can train you in the arts of magic, prehaps even have an apprentice quest if you just starting out your magical path. the bretons are simpel merchents and will also speak of the dangers of the civilwar and dragon rumors, making them a part of the world, they will be scared but fully comited to their mission to sell their goods around skyrim for proffit.
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  13. wrenik added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    I think to make the dragons a more acctive role sounds like a wonderfull Idea and I like the battles whit alduin aswell, however IM wondering how we are gonna do that? becose alduin would win those fights and well how do you lose whitout dying?

    Futher more I think the dragon cult is a great idea, but they should also add to the feel that skyrim is in a civilwar, where you can see people who lost their homes in the civil war turning to the cult for protections and shelter, this would emphesise not only the power of the dragons but the desperation of the people during this hard times, the more we can conect the two main storys (civilwar and dragons) the better, it should almost be as if there are three factions fighting in the civil war, Stormclocks vs Imperials vs Dragons. making it feel as if the two sides of the civilwar have to truly balance focus and resorces betwin keeping eatchother at bay, and defeting the dragons at the same time. making the situation just the more crappy.

    the blads should be a more active role, I think we should add a band of Original Blades that meet up whit you at cloudhaven tempel after you aquired it, they won't belive your dragon born at first, but once you prove to them that your the dragon born, they will fall down on their knees and swear aligence to you, this will not only surve as a ego boost, but also to help you get some mutch needed npcs to your base, its time to rebuild Cload haven tempel to its former glory, a true base for you to bouth live in, and comand your forces from. a place for stratigical planing agienst your enimys, and to train and recrut. this will need resorses people recrutement and ofcourse order and structure, giving you the taste of real comand, I think the best way would be to treat the player as a absolute monark, whit the player giving directions that the npcs then follow, so the player can "comand" stuff sutch as where to focus resorses or who to attack etc. 

    we could also here do something like heartfire where you yourself can build up the tempel, or you could have one of your blades do it for you by paying for hired workers. giving options on how to do things, prehaps even give some choices in what will be built in the limited space that is the tempel.

    having alduin kill of the graybeards is relly clever, it fuels the hate from the player, prehaps you get the option to kill parthanax yourself before this event, and the graybeards arn't killed off if you do, becose alduin don't view them as a series threath whitout their master. making the desision more desiving. the ideas whit the sumit I feel is a bit waird, but done correctly could work, I defently think we  should focus on the effects betwin dragons and civilwar to make sure it feels consistent and the world is complex and a total mess, also adding the raid from the thalmor and their ultimet doom is great, it would work relly well I feel, if we add the ability to upgrade the tempel aswell then you might have the ability to add traps and other defences that would help you in the battle, making your choices betwin defence and offence mather aswell.

    Soverngurd being larger is a most, when you enter there should be the hall of valor off in the distance, your standing on a hill, on a hill at the verry distance is the hall of valor, and a sea of fog betwin you and it, in the vally below.  I feel we could go whit even some settlements in soverngaurd of people who couldn't make it into the halls of valor for some reason, they come to build their own comunity out in the mountens, prehaps you can't progress becose the landscape is rocky down in the fog, and there are gates blocking the way, so you have to find the kays to progress, something witch forces you to explore and quest and not just rush to the ending. it should feel epic whit large monsters and enimys, that are difficult to kill, along side the relly weak enimys who makes you feel like the ultimet badass for slaying them so quickly, entering a litle village and slaying the enimys to save the villigers, making you feel like your the badass hero at the end game, at the place full of badasses who need your help becose your the badasses of them all. a real ego boost.

    when you enter the halls of valor there should be a LOT of heros in there, all should have unic names, and you should be able to maybe make a speatch about alduin and how he will destroy the world, along side the three other dragonborns, rallying up the spirits to follow you into one last battle of greatness, "YOU ARE ALL CHAMPIONS! YOUR ALL WORTHY OF DRINKING IN THIS HALL! I KNOW THAT EVERY MAN AND WOMEN HERE, ARE WORRIORS! SO TELL ME WORRIORS? WILL YOU BACK DOWN THIS CHALLANGE? WILL YOU ALLOW THIS DRAGON TO EAT THE SOALS OF YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS? OR WILL YOU FOLLOW ME, AND FIGHT!"

    the idea of fighting alduin in several steps is great idea and makes the end battle feel greater, I feel that the stair idea is great, and don't think we should add any hard enimys, or puzels, as it would break the flow of the end battle, but there should be some weak minnions lunching at you as you run up the steps towards alduin, but a well lvled dragonborn should kill this minions in on hit, making them add to the end rahter then subtract from it.

    also the multipull endings are cool, not sure about that exicusion tho, but I donno... worked for minecraft I guess?
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  14. wrenik added a topic in Haafingar   

    Mountens peeks
    Quest plot:
    the quest begins when you talk to Andrea Whaletooth, she will tell you that her husbund traveled out on a expedition in surtch of a orevain or a alternative trade rout in the mountens. but that he haven't returned even tho the jurny should have ended mounths ago, the player can here offer to help and it begins the quest, the player is seent of to the mountens in the reatch betwin Skyrim and hammerfell, (we will need to creat a path up the otherwise unclimebal mountens) following the path up the mounten the player will be faced whit a maze of paths and caves, cold and dangures beasts sutch as Cavetrolls, Wasps, wolfs, and bears. and prehaps even some druger and bandits. the player will here be able to find a destroyed camp, here is one soul surviver and its Andrea's husbund. he will explain that their camp was destroyed as the snow fell apon it and that he is beyond saving, whit his final breaths he will give you his jurnal and ask that you give it to his wife.

    the player can also find a bunch of jurnals and letters around the destroyed camp. if he dose and siffers them he can jump forward in the quest and do the final dungeon whit the tresure. regardless wheather the player dose the final dungon or not, he will have the option to complet the quest by talking to Andrea Whaletooth telling her that her husband is dead, and giving her the jurnal. she will then sound distant to the player but pay the player regardless, clearly shocked by the death of her husbund.
    a cupel of weeks later the player will be ambuched and after killing the attackers the player will be able to find a letter witch lets the player track the attack back to a merchenary grup, finding this grup and confronting it will lead to the revel that Andrea Whaletooth hired the grup to attack the dragonborn, as she belives he killed her husbund. the player would then try and confront her at her store but find it close, asking around the player will find out that Andrea have left in prosute of the same mounten where you found her husbund, chasing her down you will find her camp along whit a bunch of merchenarys she have hired. if you don't attack them then Andrea Whaletooth will engage the player in dialog, where its clear that she thinks you killed her husbund over the tresure in the final dungeon witch she knew about. and she thinks you killed her husbund to get the tresure yourself. if your able to then you can convince her thats not true and the player get the option to do the final dungeon together whit andrea if the final dungon isn't completed. other wise the player have to kill andrea and the merchenarys, and if the player didn't pick up the clues and notes before then they can be found at the new camp along whit a lot of other notes and jurnals desifering them that the mercenarys wroth. explainig how to get to the final dungeon.
    the final dungeon is a old dragons tempel, full of draguer and a dragon priest aswell as a dragon boss battle. the dungeon begins when the player solves the puzel at the entrence and opens the door. and then follows a standard set up whit a few more puzel elements. until the final boss witch is the dragon priest, that will first seend after drugers and skeletons to attack the player wile the priest is in iferial form, making him invincebal, then once the drugers and skeletons are dead he will attack the player himself, until he get low helth where he will return to iferial form and call for a dragon witch will break into the shamer and attack the player. once the dragon is dead the priest will engage the player in dialog. feeling that he will probebly lose to the verry strong player the priest will bargon for his life. its up the the player what happens to the priest, but he will give you access to the tresure regardless.
    the quest in inspired of an more epic jurny, where the goal is tresure and adventure.
    the boss is inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVfO0DJLN2U  where the priest bargons for his life. witch could be funny whit a series boss that probebly is regarded as hard by most players.
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
    this quest have several consequences and endings, ofcourse in the begining its verry straight forward until you meet Andrea Whaletooth's husbund, up at that ruind camp you got your first choice of either getting the notes and solving the riddel or leaving it and just completing the first quest. the notes won't be layed out in the open and mostly hidden.
    solving the end dugeon will lead to the player being unable to solve the dungeon whit Andrea Whaletooth later on. 
    the second real choice is whit Andrea Whaletooth at her camp, where you can convince her to do the final dungeon together or simply killing her.
    the diffrent endings are if Andrea Whaletooth survives until the end, or if you kill her. if she survives she will return to her store and be your ally but if she dies her store will be closed, you can also get diffrent bargons whit the Dragon priest, where he gives diffrent rewards. or you can kill the dragon priest and take his stuff. however you won't get any secret locations for extra loot if you do that.
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  15. wrenik added a topic in Falkreath   

    The Healer
    Quest plot:

    The Quest begins by talking to Anders Candel. He will be coughing a lot and you can tell by his voice that he clearly is sick, upon asking him about it he will expain that he is sick. The player can offer a "cure disease" potion or perhaps a "healing" potion. After giving him the potion he will drink it and his dialogues will all sound healthy after that, he will thank you but have nothing to offer you as he is a poor beggar and failed shoemaker. You can however ask him to follow you; he isn't strong and he easly dies butthe point of him as a follower is to be used as steward in the player home (Hearthfire) or to be sacrificed in the Boethiah quest as he is a pointless NPC beggar.
    It's a small novelty quest which shows that something as simple as an act of kindness can change the world around you, the point of the quest isn't so much the reward at the end as the satisfaction of curing the man's illness. Then for darker players this can be exploited in several daedric quests later but for the kind-hearted players it's just a simpel satisfaction of helping those around them and seeing an effect their actions have on the world. The reason Anders Candel is chosen to be cured is because as a beggar he dosen't have a lot of dialogues and can easly go from sick to healthy with litle work.
    Some background on Anders Candel: he used to be the town's shoemaker, however he wasn't verry good at it and people started to repair their own shoes rather then go to him. This prompted him to go bankrupt and he lost his house and shoe store to the Jarl. He does not hold high opinion of the current Jarl or the old Jarl as he will openly state "People tend to forget that the old Jarl Dengeir was just as bad as the current Jarl" - this is because the old Jarl took his home. His old store/home is the house that Dengeir is currently living in and was refitted from a shoestore to a thane house after it was aquired by Dengeir back when he was Jarl.
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
    There are really only two endings: one is if the player doesn't give him a potion then nothing will happen, the other is if the player gives him a potion then he gets cured and all his dialogues sound more healthy without coughing. He will also be super friendly to the player and the player gets the option to ask him to follow him which he will do but he will point out that he is an old and fragile man.
    If the player decides not to recruit the man, after two days the man can be seen sweeping the streets of Falkreath and a scene will play where he is excitedly telling some townsfolk of his new job. If spoken to he will excitedly tell the player something like ''It's you! You might not believe this but it turns out I'm really good at sweeping!' and have a new job as a road sweeper and lodging at the inn.

    This quest was inspired by the drug addict Argonian in Riften.
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