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  1. One-Eye SmellyFeet

    One-Eye SmellyFeet The following NPC isn't Implemented in Holds Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented. Implementation: Add One-Eye SmellyFeet (Not Started) Add Dialogs to One-Eye SmellyFeet (Not Started) Add One-Eye SmellyFeet to the Pirate Dawnstar Quest (Not Started) Basic Name: One-Eye SmellyFeet Nickname: One-Eye SmellyFeet Status: Pirate and First mate of the kevley Full Title Pirate and First mate One-Eye SmellyFeet of the kevley Family Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: Twoeye SmellyFeet Spouse: none Children: none Friends Best Friend: Karta Rarc -si Friends: Jan Potelo, Frans Talkumi, Michael Talkum and Mr. Wibelwager Work Primary: One-Eye SmellyFeet Works as the First mate on the Pirate ship the kevley. he isn't strong, or good in a fight, but rather has a sharp tongue and can get the crew out of many situations, often he is called upon to pretend to be the captain of a merchant ship if the Imperial Gallions catch them. and usually, it doesn't end with a fight. Personality Persona: One-Eye SmellyFeet is a pretty intelligent Argonien he speaks with a silver tongue and loves his gold, his morals are thereafter, he is a good friend of Karta Rarc - Si but is also generally liked on the Kevley. Fighting Trainer: None Strength: his claws and his ability to slider away in a fight, attacking from behind and keeping his distance in small cramped spaces is his best advantage. Weakness: he isn't strong, he isn't magical, he doesn't use any form of armor and he isn't trained. he fights dirty threw and threw. Biography: One-eye Smellyfeet is a pirate who joined the crew of Karta when the ship of her former captain went down, he helped her and her crew steal the ship he had been helping to build in the imperial city. As a construction worker, he was able to sneak the pirates in one by one, He got his name from the fact that he only has one eye, some might think this is from some form of confrontation, maybe a battle or a sparring, maybe even an accident of some sort.The truth is that he lost his eye in his egg when it was attacked by a bird who picked the shell and managed to pick out the eye of the hatchling. This would have killed most hatchlings but one-eye Smellyfeet hatched as normal just a couple of days later. Of course, he was missing an eye. As a young Argonian he grew up in Argonia however when he became an adult he moved away from the marsh of his homeland and into the Cyrodiil mainland where he got a job as a shipbuilder One-eye Smellyfeet wasn't a fighter or a worker, however he knew the art of acting, and could convince anyone of his lies, with the right amount of hissing words. This made him a valuable asset to Karta's crew. This NPC is found in the books "Aryondra" found in Game in holds Quests: [TBA] Dialogs: Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself. [TBA]
  2. Captain Karta Rarc-Si

    Captain Karta Rarc-Si The following NPC isn't Implemented in Holds Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented. Implementation: Add Karta Rarc-si (Not Started) Add Dialogs to Karta (Not Started) Add Karta's ship and crew (Not Started) Add Karta Quest (Not Started) Basic Name: Karta Rarc -si Nickname: Captain Karta Status: Pirate and Captain of the Kevely Full Title Pirate and Captain Karta Rarc -si of the Kevely Family Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Spouse: none Friends Best Friend: One-Eye SmellyFeet Friends: Jan Potelo, Frans Talkumi, Michael Talkum and Mr. Wibelwager Work Primary: Karta is a Pirate Captain, she has her own ship that she runs with her crew of misfit pirates. swagger and brilliant she isn't afraid to use force or unsavory means to get a good price. Personality Persona: Karta is a clever, crafty, brutal and greedy pirate captain, with a good or bad reputation of her skill, depending on how you look at it. Fighting Trainer: her former captain and mentor Strength: Swords fights and clever tactics. Weakness: she doesn't use heavy armor and has no real knowledge of magic. Biography: A Redguard captain who grew up in Wayrest where she was born, her parents was from the streets, and could barely make enough coin to feed their child. From a young age, she learned how to steal and pickpocket in order to survive, but life in Wayrest was harsh and her parents soon passed away. She managed to survive on her own. She usually sat around the docks and watched the ships and sailors, she loved the smell of the sea and the wind grabbing at the majestic flags. She had soon learned all the songs the sailors sang, all the things the sailors did and understood the life they lived. She snuck aboard a ship lying in the harbor. And while out on the sea she was discovered, the captain wanted to kill her but she convinced him by seductive means to let her stay as a sailor. She sailed under him for many years before becoming his first mate, this was the golden days of Karta's life and she sailed around and plundered under her captain and mentor. However, this was all to end, when the ship went down in a storm near Cyrodiil. The captain died but Karta and the most of the crew survived and made their way onto land. Karta rallied up the rest of the sailors who followed her as the new captain and the first thing they did was to travel to the imperial capital where they stole a newly built ship. She named the ship after her closest lover Kelvley, who she had met in Stros M’kai. With her new ship and the crew under her command, she took the title of Captain and she quickly proved herself capable by raiding some larger ships near the coast. She even boldly took harbor in the imperial controlled Anvil where she picked up a band of wood elves which she later sold as slaves along with the stolen cargo in Stros M’kai. She then continued her raiding of valuable ships and cargo with her crew that is until she meets the Dragonborn in Skyrim. This NPC is found in the books "Aryondra" found in Game in holds Quests: [TBA] Dialogs: Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been written as suggestions and inspiration for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself. [TBA]
  3. Character Template

    This Template is a tool to help anyone who wishes to write a character for holds, and for the development team to easily find information about any given NPC, further suggestions if appreciated and also if you feel your NPC needs something special don't fear to strive away from this template, but please keep it in mind for everyone's convenience! thank you __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [NPC's name] The following NPC is[isn't] Implemented in Holds Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented. Implementation: [Write any and all steps necessary for the NPC to be implemented, Use the (Complete), (Not Started) and (Pending) to express where the step is in development] Basic Name: [Npc's name] Nickname: [Npc's Nickname] Status: [Status, what is the NPC's Function/work?] Full Title [the Full title of the NPC] Family Father: [NPC's Father] Mother: [NPC's Mother] Siblings: [NPC's Siblings] Spouse:[NPC's Spouse] Children:[NPC's Children] [if any additional NPCs make up the family add them as needed] Friends Best Friend: [NPC's best Freind] Friends: [NPC's Friends] Work Primary: [Write the profession of the NPC as well as a short description of how the NPC goes about doing his or her job.] Personality Persona: [Describe how the NPC is as a person] Fighting Trainer: [who thought the NPC to fight?] Strength: [Strangths, what he/she is good at] Weakness: [Weaknesses what he/she is bad at] Biography: [Include everything you know about the NPC here, its background, interesting traits, family history, everything that's relevant to the character] Quests: [Link to any quests the Character is apart off.] Dialogs: Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself. [Add the Dialogs written for the NPC]
  4. 06/11/2017

    this idea could be expanded upon, I don't see it being a priority any time soon but if it is implemented I believe some Imperial/Cyrillic Breton and even a large amount of Nord caravans could be added, to ensure the player bumps into interesting NPCs from all over. I do however believe to recall that most caravans keep out of Skyrim due to the civil war, perhaps they return once the questline is completed with a few exceptions like the kajits and maybe some ballsy nords who trade regardless of the ongoing conflict? ^ This as Galandil said been a discussed topic, got some ideas I will post with merchants traveling on foot/horse, however, to get it looking right we need backpacks, do we have access to any such assets?
  5. Spellsword Knight Threnin

    as I said in Pm's I will read all suggestions you make and am willing to help you out develop the char, faction, and quest into something that can be used in holds. hope to see more from you in the future
  6. Spellsword Knight Threnin

    Glad to see more characters suggested! He looks very interesting and I hope my questions and feedback aren't discouraging as I'd like to see where you wish to go with him. is there any lore on the knights of Ebony? or are they born out of your own ideas? the difference that makes is huge seeing that we'd need to write lore for the entire faction as well as integrate them to make it fit and feel less random, like mention them in books and other dialogs. we would also need to hear the quest idea you have, the core concept of adding a Necromancer spellsword is a bit more unique then the usual Necromancer or more likely vampire when it comes to "bad people" but I feel this char might be a bit one dimensional as of now, perhaps explain a bit more about him? it is a good foundation if you expand that perhaps he moved up into Skyrim due to his relationship with his mentor the old Nord, to seek answers? or perhaps Skyrim is a stop on his way back to Highrock to find out about his parents or just travel to his homeland? or maybe his family are from Cyradiil. even if mysteries like this won't be revealed in-game for the player its still important to have it all planned out to ensure it is not just a vague character, but have it defined so the player can feel the mystery seeping threw. don't take me wrong, the character has potential, but I'd like to see more, espasly if there is a quest involved and how perhaps this new character and/or faction can fit in with the rest of Holds, how will he interact with our current NPC's? will he partake in other quests? if you wish you can pm me for some help in expanding your concept into something we could use as it would be nice to have you help work with us, as long as your open to honest feedback and that all ideas don't get accepted. its a harsh reality but not even all my ideas go through. Also is "of the Medes" a reference to him being related to the Emperor? but as I said, it is a good base to build a good char off, It will be interesting to see what you add from here!
  7. Bernard Johannes Leopold Sacrelof Lineflock The following NPC is already Implemented in Holds Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented. Implementation: Add NPC into the Mod. (found in Falkreath in his Tavern the Seven Goblets). (Complete) Add Notes, Journals and a diary to explain the NPC's backstory. (Not Started) Add Dialogs to NPC. (Pending) Add Quests to NPC. (Pending) Basic Name: Bernard Johannes Leopold Sacrelof Lineflock Nickname: Bernard Status: Innkeeper Full Title Bernard Johannes Leopold Sacrelof Lineflock innkeeper and owner of the Seven Goblets Tavern Family Father: Bjorn Lineflock (missing) Mother: ??? Lineflock (dead) Sister: Mera Lineflock (missing) Wife: Truska Lineflock Friends Best Friend: Friends: Work Primary: Innkeeper he works as an innkeeper at his own tavern named the Seven Goblets Tavern, where he serves ale, cleans rents rooms and brew his homebrew "goblet ale" but he totally have all the kinds of ale you could ever imagine to order! just ask him for anything and he'll bring you a glass Personality Persona: He has a somewhat over-exaggerated hospitality personality. He is a glutton and loves food. a joyful lad, talkative and kind, he enjoys the rumors and gossip going through his tavern and speaks proudly about everything there is between heaven and earth. he speaks and speaks to make his customers drink and drink but he can listen if the need is. tho that might be rare... Fighting Trainer: none Strength: he can threw a mean punch from time to time Weakness: he is fat, whit no combat training Biography: Bernard has a very long name, his appearance is meant to resemble the bartender in Bree. He has a somewhat over-exaggerated hospitality personality. He is a glutton and loves food. He tries to keep it quiet but beneath his tavern is a rival to the Thieves Guild known as the Ring. Within that guild is a cult to an ancient daedra of Oblivion. He keeps this hush-hush and appears very normal, but once the horrible truth is revealed, Bernard will forever greet with a great deal of paranoia. If the guild is destroyed, no matter what way it is done he will be acting very happily at the tavern. The story of Bernard begins with his grandfather who built the seven goblets. His grandfather moved to Falkreath from one of the surrounding villages: there he grew up helping the local innkeeper at the bar and his dreams of bartending begun. He wanted his own tavern and when his parents died he sold their farm and went to the big city of Falkreath where he bought the building which were to become the seven goblets. Bernard’s grandfather wanted his tavern to be a luxurious place where his customers could drink and feel like royalty, however this was not to be as he had no economic sense and after buying seven very expensive goblets he was broke and had no more money. He didn’t give up however, and he built his own furniture and brew his homemade ale. As it was the only objects of value he named his tavern after the seven goblets he had bought and named his homebrew ale after them too. The tavern was a fiasco, nobody wanted to drink the tasteless bear he served and nobody wanted to sit in his shabby interiors. But luckily for Bernard’s grandfather his tavern attracted a different kind of customer, those who did not want to be found and could pay for it. He did not like this but had no choice. Bernard’s grandfather barely made enough coin to go around and the little he did earn went to improving the tavern. He met a girl who he fell in love with and had a child with. Sadly she grew tired of him and his tavern and left him and their son to move to Hammerfell, but she did not get far before wolves ate her alive. Bernard’s father Bjorn Lineflock grew up with his father in the seven goblets but was not raised well. His father always worked and found little time for him, making Bjorn a very annoying child. He did all kinds of mischief like catching chickens then boiling them alive, playing with the hunters’ bows and even pickpocketing some of the customers. When he was caught he was often beaten by the customers, something Bernard’s grandfather made sure to stop, but nevertheless give him a harsh lecture. Bjorn grew wilder and wilder and ran with the hunters from the Hunters Guild, but because of his behaviours and ill-manner he was not accepted into the guild. Instead he started associating himself with the guards, applying for raids towards bandits where he started to feel alive. He even took one of them home: a women whom he married and raped. This women was Bernard’s mother and did not like Bjorn one bit. At first she gave him a daughter but Bjorn wanted a son and wasn't pleased, so he beat his wife. This was not uncommon as he often did this when he was unpleased. The other child was a boy. Which pleased Bjorn more, so he only hit his wife a little bit that night. She had started to list all the men who wronged her; Bernard, Johannes, Leopold, Sacrelof and her own husband Lineflock. One day after Bernard’s birth Bjorn overheard this and thought it was her naming their son. So he took the child from his wife’s arms, pushing her to the side as she reached to protect her son. Held him up in the air and declared his name Bernard Johannes Leopold Sacrelof Lineflock. His wife didn't live long, three years after she had been captured by Bjorn she died by his hands, who had found something she had done displeasing and smashed her head into a table. It was one time too much and her skull cracked open and she quickly bled out and died. Bernard’s grandfather was not pleased with his son, but because he loved his grandchildren so much he let Bjorn and his grandchildren stay. Bernard and his sister had two different upbringings. His sister, Mera was idolising their father and trained, hunted and fought with him. Bernard stayed more inside with his grandfather. Who had learned from his upbringing of Bjorn and took great care of Bernard. Who in turn took a great interest in the tavern and brewing and learned the tasteless family recipe. He talked and gossiped with the customers and loved it. He was a kind and happy child. He also was the one keeping his sister from going over the line that their father had crossed so many times. Whenever she was fighting someone he was always there to tell her to stop, once things started going too far. Mera loved Bernard and grew very protective of her frail little brother and Bernard loved Mera and made sure she wouldn't cross the lines their father had. Bernard did not love his father however, he hated him for what he did to their mother and for the monster he was. When Bernard’s grandfather died Bernard took over the tavern. At first the father liked it, as he could continue to live off the tavern and keep fighting, as he had when his father was alive. It was also around this time when Bernard accidently gave a customer their only beverage of Goblet Ale, when the customer ordered Alto Wine. To his surprise the customer drank it up, and even commented that it was the best mug of Alto Wine he had had in years. This surprised Bernard as they did not have any Alto Wine at all, but it also sprang an idea. Suddenly the tavern who didn't have any drinks for sale had all the drinks for sale, and no one quite understood how Bernard pulled it off. In reality he was only serving Goblet Ale to everyone, and let the imagination of the customers do the rest of the work. This made the tavern popular and Bernard richer than his grandfather ever was. So he took his money and redecorated the tavern, making it into the nice establishment his grandfather always dreamed off. It was during this success in his life that Bernard decided that he had had enough of his father, he told it to him straight, that it was he (Bernard) who made them all the money, and who kept the tavern running, and that he did not like his father’s behaviour or had any respect for him, but that he wanted his father to live. This of course angered Bjorn who came at his son in anger, and if it wasn't for the fact that Mera stepped between them Bjorn would probably have bashed in his skull. Betrayed by both of his children, he simply walked away in rage. Bernard and his sister lived in the tavern happily, but Bernard always wanted to try new things, so he travelled to Riften to buy some Black Briar Mead. On his way back his cart broke and he quickly found himself surrounded by wolves. He was saved by a Skaal women named Truska who helped him repair his cart and travelled with him back to Falkreath, where they fell in love and married. Trouble would once again find Bernard as he and his sister got a letter from their father Bjorn who wanted to meet them. Bernard did not want to go, but Mera convinced him. They travelled to Dawnstar where he would be, but he was not. He had joined a raiding party and managed to get himself killed in a fight. They found his corpse in a chest upon arrival. Bernard felt mainly joy for his father’s death, but Mera was sad. She still saw him as a great man. It was decided to send his corpse off on a boat and burn it out to sea. Mera shot the arrow to put the boat ablaze. Despite Bernard’s relief, Bjorn actually was alive and had survived the boat and its fire. The remains of the boat and Bjorn washed up on an island in the Sea of Ghosts where a local healer on the island managed to heal, which only lead to Bjorn strangling the healer who had saved his life. He then took control over the island and its local population by killing their chef in a duel. After the funeral Bernard travelled home to his tavern, happy about the fact that his father would never terrorise anyone else again. He felt a burden lift from his shoulders. Mera, on the other hand was only sad and travelled off into the mountains between Falkreath and Bruma where she built herself a tent out of animal hide and started to live of the land. She and Bernard sometimes send letters via passing travellers, but these are far and few between and they haven't properly talked in years. Quests: A mug of Ale Seven Goblets Dialogs: Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself.
  8. Morthal

    I also just realized that Morthal is one of the most Nordic pantheon centric holds, and as such would have a large presence of the Dragon cult within its border. adding part of the main quest here would be interesting as I got an idea where the Dragonborn is captured and has to escape his cage before being sacrificed by the Tribes people. as they require to sacrifice nine people they would sacrifice someone else in the player place and the player wouldn't get any form of bounty or criminal status for escaping seeing that they already completed the ritual and don't really care. (maybe some lower friendliness depending on how you escape?) Going to realize this idea on the correct subforum, just thought I mentioned it here to so it can get some feedback before its fully developed
  9. Morthal

    I can't wait to see this great culture in game, I got several ideas for quests, events and other ways to realize this! there should be random encounters and maybe some placed NPCs from Tribes in the marshes making it feel like they are there, moving around, you just don't see them all the time. for larger events in Morthals story, like its main quest, or thane questline or both, the tribes might send representatives or leaders to Morthal. I think it should be common for the quest in morthal to have Tribes people come into the city, maybe add it as raident aswell? make it feel like the town is a meeting place for the people there. also adding some recurring npcs who aren't permanently in Morthal, like tribespeople who interact with the Dragonborn, do minor local trade, and have quests and interesting stories. once again give the illusion that out in the marshes there are Tribes people living. other cool additions could be for the player to witness some of the rituals, and expand on the mysterious presence of bog monsters inquests. get the feel of the town right and the people who live there, a lot of new outfits maybe even for the guards would help set it apart as it's not an organized hold but rather tribes coming together, or loosely so even. the feeling that its weak, splintered, loosely held together should be felt in both dialogs and the visuals. the illusion of Tribes people all around the marsh both friendly and hostile. maybe the Dragonborn can even stumble on some camps? they could work like the Kajit caravan but just spawn randomly in the marshes. giving the illusion that there are a lot of people in a vast area of land, even if the hold in-game is rather small, and the number of npcs spawned at a given time minimal. Just some ideas, I will post them on the correct subforums as well in the coming weeks
  10. Just a few thoughts on the Dragonborn

    Hello! So as Galandil already stated, we have come to realize what you just suggested and have already looked into several ways we might be able to expand different storylines and quests, including the main questline with hard choices betrayals and meaningful choices and such. the vanilla game is very lackluster but rest assured we are not intending on stepping on the same mistakes. if you have any actual event ideas or suggestions for how we can go about getting this feeling please share your ideas, as we'd be happy to read them and see if they fit along or might even trump our own plans and ideas. not all ideas will be implemented but the feeling you speak of is what we too strive for and any ideas you submit with this spirit will be considered carefully Thanks, Tasheni hope to work more with you in the future.
  11. 06/11/2017

    oh boy, I am back! So in my absence, my favorite city been tackled? not only that but its been done great! the feel and layout is spot on, and I can already feel how I will walk around its streets dreaming of its former glory once its ruined, and once it's returned from the ashes the city will be great. many quests can be written for this and I can steel some quest Ideas I had for a Different modding project I worked on, that never came to be. the feel of decay and former lost glory will easily be ensured with a city that used to look this grand and amazing! Now, it is not perfect, first of all, Walls. now hight wise they are good, its the thickness that needs addressing. make them the same size as the northern walls or the college bridge, add ladders to the towers or walkways to the walls, and then I think we got it good. no need for huge walls like Dawnstar or Windhelm, but just enough so they feel like they actually were built to defend against more than ten guys pushing against it to make it fall over... you know give it some weight in proper thickness! the second thing is the Jarls Palace, and well... not sure how to say it but I didn't read what screenshot was what at first and honestly had no clue that was the palace. its a small building with no specific parts saying "hay, leader lives here!" there are two ways you can go to correct this; big or fancy. if you go big you just make the entire building bigger, more rooms more hight etc. or you can go in and make it feel fancier, add towers or iconic parts like the blue palace or the palace of kings, dragons reach, something to make it feel like a unique building that catches the players eye letting them know the building is important. so short feedback: Looks great Amazing work Fucking thank you! Thicker walls More noticeable Jarl palace I will begin suggesting ideas for Winterhold shortly quests, NPCs and such I will even write some dialogs.
  12. Rorikstead Quest Lines

    as for Lokir I think we could go for the fact that he was the Skeever mans Son, and that his mother died in a ritual, he found out and got scared ran away, his father got depressed at the loss of his wife and now son and took his own life. it makes sense poetical and works with existing assets. I think the best way of going about this quest is similar to the Murder quest in Windhelm, or the Forsworn quest in Markarth where the player speaks to people reads journals, find clues and in general gets closer to the answer. I think one of the most vocal people helping you should be involved, and unknown to the player this person is actually leading you astray, so if the player blindly listens to the quest giver he concludes on a lie and the conspiracy lives. furthermore, I think we need some dungeon where there is a small hole in the wall or something, so the player can see all the villages doing the sacrifice but once they themselves get to the room everyone is gone, as they wear hoods the player doesn't know who is involved. it would be cool as the player would be able to attempt and chase after them to realize that they got too much of a headstart.
  13. Rorikstead Quest Lines

    these are very interesting quests as they could be expanded upon, if its all covered up then obviously quest over, but it be interesting to see if the player does the "right thing" and helps, exposing and stopping the rituals, as it would leave the village starving and could lead to hatred towards the player or even other quests in attempts to fix the newfound problems. it would, in general, show a harder choice where being "good" isn't really an option, will you let this one woman die for the better of all? or let everyone starve so she may live? an interesting option that has no clear answer, and exploring the aftermath of it would be interesting indeed.
  14. 06/11/2017

    From what I see on the screenshots the village looks great, the new design lends a unique look, the only issue I see from the screenshots is that the mountain itself looks a bit baren whit all the added rocks surrounding the village, but if that was to be fixed then perhaps rocks would be added too all of Skyrim... and that's not very realistic fix. other than that the houses now look like they are unique for this location and I wouldn't even consider them Riften houses unless I knew they were based on it. Perhaps a back door to the house next to the smithy, as that guy has to go around his entire house any time he wishes to go out doing anything. it's not completely necessary but it would be a nice small edition as people are often lazy and can do a big project like adding a back door to their home just to cut a few seconds off their daily rutin.
  15. so appart from some scripted ocasions in the vanila game the players travels on the roads are fairly safe, I'd say we change that whit some Raids, have orc clans from the Strongholds, Bandits, and even Falmer come out and attack the player on occuasion, we could even have civil war related attacks based on the player choice. all to give the road a more sense of Danger.