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  1. Shouts of the Bards

    Alright so this isn't the full extension to the bard college we should add with Holds, I think that the Bard college should be expanded upon as an institution to learn songs and music of Skyrim. however, this is a suggestion to part of the college. as the largest institution of learning songs in Skyrim, the bard's college should as they do collect old songs, Poems and books about songs and topics they wanna write songs about. my suggestion is that this guild also has the most information about the dragon language and the th'um apart from the graybeards. of course, unlike the graybeards, the bards can't shout, they have simply studied the dragon language for their songwriting and don't understand the deeper meaning of the words. this would mean a couple of things, for one it would excuse songs using the dragon language by bards and it would also mean we could add quests and functions to the guild that helps the Dragonborn with his shouting. perhaps the player goes out and copies word walls, indirectly learning shouts along the way, or get seent to unic resting places. others might offer advice on different shouts. it would be a less formal way to teach the player about different shouts, none of these NPCs actually know how to shout, but by knowing the dragon language they can still offer helpful advice to the player.
  2. Thanes of Skyrim

    to me, Nazeem looks to be more of a Rish Aristocrat and landowner than a thane, mostly because he isn't a Nord. however it could be cool, that being said Whiterun have a lot of thanes already. I will send you the links in a pm
  3. Thanes of Skyrim

    would you like access to our google docs so you can find all Thanes added by Holds and add them to your list? most of their motivations are listed there aswell Also, believe we can consider Rorick a Thane of Whiterun
  4. so just thought I'd put it here on the forum a function the Courier Guild should have once its implemented and that's for the player to go there and ask them to drop of the notes at any player home (vanilla or hold/compatibility patched) the player decided/own. so if you don't want the courier running out and find you, then you can have all the notes that should be delivered by Courier be delivered to a mailbox at your player home, this requires the player owning a player home supported by Holds and talking to someone in the Courier guild, the player should also have the ability to change back and have the Courier's go out and find the player again to deliver the letters. it's a small tweak of function but a welcome change for those players who find the courier annoying.
  5. 06/11/2017

    That's such an improvement! skyrim needs less structured bridges
  6. 06/11/2017

    Really good suggestions all around I would say, Personally I'd like to see it all, its mainly a question if Galandil feels its worth the time and effort to go back and rework parts like the bridge, which I do remember he was a bit on the fence about. the changed made already make the town look more or less perfect in my humble opinion and I feel Galandil really hit the nail on the head with this one, but I agree that the bridge and some clutter could improve what we already have. the only part I don't really agree with is the world space, I do see where you are coming from, however, I don't think the work, incompatibility, etc is justified by the small feeling of consistency and the small spike to performance. futher more Morthal isn't just the poorest hold, it is the poorest hold by far. and isn't really a city or town is a large village, or community for the tribes living in the area, walls could work however they aren't as necessary as its a shithole no one wants to attack, in a shitty place no one wish to live, the people living there are tribesmen who respect the religious parts of mortal too much. that being said I do like your ideas and I hope Galandil agrees with me and you
  7. Vampires in skyrim

    was thinking about the NPCs Holds adds for later updates, when we add quests and such, adding dialogs and features for beast races interacting with the common populous would be interesting, same with the vampires we add in holds like the once hiding in the sewers of Solitude I believe it can be expanded upon.
  8. Vampires in skyrim

    Recently I have played the new game Vampyr, a vampire game that really captures the feeling of thirst a vampire should feel, it warps your mind at least for me from viewing the characters and NPCs as people and rather as a resource for your dark desires, if they aren't useful to you in any other way they might as well be eaten for your hunger to be satisfied. It does this in a few ways which I hope we can somewhat translate into Skyrim and holds; Draining the life out of an NPC gain you experience. I think we could translate this into giving the player perk points whenever they drain an NPCs, draining an NPC should be a dialog option and always kill the target, so it is more brutal than just feeding. Being able to affect the Blood quality of an NPC. of course this is harder to do in Skyrim, but much like in Vampire you could offer the NPCs in dialog potions or healing spells to make their health go up, a healthy npc should give the player better benefits from feeding then a sick one, perhaps the perk points are given out as you lvl a hidden lvl witch you normaly don't see, this lvl is vampirism or something along those lines, and for eatch lvl in it you gain a perk point. some sick NPC gains you little XP, while a healthy friend gives you a lot of XP when feeding. Being able to lead away a target, as long as the player meets the required levels in vampirism, speech or illusion the player should be able to take control over the NPC and lead them to a more discrete area for feeding, this of course is only avilebal during night time and means the player can easier feed on its targets. Combining all of this should hopefully make the player chooses to go down a darker path, feeding isn't just Important but draining the life of a victim is more rewarding, keeping you feed for longer and gains you more power. when facing a hard boss a vampire might choose to go out and find some NPCs to feed on to strengthen him/herself before the battle. another thing I feel we can expand on is the different levels of Vampire in the world, I don't want to add too much here as having vampires everywhere would make the world feel unbalanced, this is Skyrim and vampires should be somewhat rare, but making classes of vampires would be cool, with cave and sewer-dwelling vampires being the lowest class, savage vampires living in hiding, and political vampires being the upper-class, like the once hidden among humans, more elegant vampires manipulating their surroundings. we already have the foundations of this in the game, but it could be expanded upon.
  9. female, midage and versatile

    Hey! I am sorry for the Late responds we have listened to your sound samples and they sound really great, and we'd love to have you on our project! sadly development on the Cities is taking longer then we expected so Voice acting has not yet begun, but you are welcome to join our discord! https://discord.gg/XnFvwzw we'll be in contact again when its time for Voiceacting and we hope you are still available and interested then!
  10. 06/11/2017

    The City looks like it is a Straight up improvement in my opinion, and it keeps the key elements of being a crapy traping city where the poor citizens are trapped while the upper-class warriors live in wealth. there are some minor issues like the palace feeling less defendable then before, it still have walls but they aren't as impressive and the removal of walkways is sad even tho it makes sense with the removal of the towers it was leading too, perhaps behind the Jarls Throne there could be an outside walkway leading to the back of the Whitehall and across to a bit of a lookout point. a turret instead of a tower. not to ruin the view of the palace but give it some more defensive feel. same with the main entrance it needs some form of a wall next to the stairs to cap of that area, perhaps a tower there at the end, this could be the "Dark Tower" and house the Jail only? All other changes are straight up improvements, give the city a better feel as its truly a Nordic Port, full of Pirates bandits, Warriors, and lower-class citizens just trying to survive. new buildings look way better and the new layout works aswell.
  11. Cities of war

    I still believe that much like in the vanilla game there should be a resident chance that you find Soldiers in taverns staying while out on patrol etc even when the game begins, maybe not the climax but evidence of this standoff, mean the soldiers spawn out of nowhere and there should be training happening in all major holds of new recruits into soldiers for the war effort.
  12. Cities of war

    it is a good idea, however, we'd still need to add more NPCs to the camps seeing they wouldn't leave them abandoned during the day, and always keep guards, but NPCs form the camps venturing out to different areas is pretty good. however it would be taxing on the system, I hope to create the illusion that there are soldiers everywhere without actually adding them everywhere at least not permanently. Thanks for the good idea tho, hope we can find a way to implement it as I really do like it!
  13. Cities of war

    I think we should add more Soldiers to the different settlements, named NPCs that are stationed in the different cities, especially Windhelm and Solitude, this doesn't always need to be permanent NPCs and honestly shouldn't be, it should be NPCs that are moved about depending on the different stages of the civil war. Soldiers in Windhelm having a drink, training, formations, and other things in preparation for the war. same in Solitude, Imagen to enter Castledour to see the Imperial Recruits lining up, and a scene plays out where the Commander tries to wip this nords into Imperial soldiers. or to Enter a tavern and find some drunk Soldiers. as I said these NPCs don't always have to be enabled but be swooped out to get a feel for the Soldiers moving around Skyrim. but perhaps some like the Imperial Trainers or some of Ulfrics troops can be more permanent at least till the end of the war. a larger presence of Imperial and Stormclock troops would help give the feel of a land in Civil war and not just towns guards. but Soldiers stationed at different locations that the Player can interact with, do quests with, etc. in Solitude and Windhelm especially it would be good if you felt it is a gathering point for two armies, so troops hanging out in the taverns, training, or interacting with the population. maybe some troops in each city controlled by the Empire or Stormclocks that you can speak with about recruitment or that just look stationed there. and passing troops to villages, I don't think most villages would have permanently stationed troops but to find some soldiers passing by an inn on their patrol would give the illusion that a war is going on. Wars aren't all about battles, fights or an all our male at every single turn, it is about scouting, moving troops and in other ways gaining the advantage too with as few losses as possible take out your opponent. and as such a land in war would see a lot of Soldiers, Farmers recruited into the army's who are moving around the different cities. and those soldiers would be out doing stuff, like speaking to the local town folk, Drinking, etc. This is nothing for next update, but it is worth thinking about moving on to NPC and quests incoming updates as making Skyrim a believable Civil war is half of the premise of the game, that I believe we should aim to aid.
  14. 06/11/2017

    Progress has been made to Holds, and the new meshes Galandil been hard at work on looks amazing, he usually shares more finished implemented screenshots that are further along in development, but if you wanna help give feedback or chat with us while the development is still on modeling your welcome to join our Discord https://discord.gg/XnFvwzw
  15. I was looking around Riften, Admittedly I got a few other mods installed adding more NPCs, but I get a feeling there should be more Holds NPCs in the main body of Riften, and the docks feel empty as well, maybe some of the Nobels could go out shopping during the day rather than be spending all their time in the jarls palace? and a cupel of beggers be added to the docks, maybe a few more NPCs working at the fishery or maintaining the docks they could be relatives to existing NPCs so we don't need to add more houses obviously another cool Idea I have is one that would have to be put on the backburner, but connecting the Beggers Row with the area from the vanilla main quest in the Riften sewers, would make it feel more maze-like and location wise it would only need to be a small tunnel also, there is a lack of Children, mean there is the orphanage, but I'd image some families have children too in Riften. With the Special Edition you can now have more NPCs scrips and such then ever and as such the limits on the old version isn't as much of a worry anymore, hence I think we could look into adding more life to the Citys of Holds, much like the example of Riften above where we make the nobles go out shopping, add more workers to existing families and beggars around the streets, some new family members to different families witch only rambles about, shopping and keeping the streets lively. also, all of Skyrim is pretty void of children, or rather the addition of new children is far less than the addition of new adults in mods, including holds making children a rare sight to see, where they should be pretty common I think. Beggers will sleep on the ground and have spots they sit and beg, Workers will go around doing maintenance or doing other work based on where they labor. and ramblers will shop and keep the markets and stores lively, as well as the taverns, Ramblers can also be considered anything from a spoiled brat to a mighty warrior. lastly, Children will run around playing, sometimes going home to one of their houses or running after a goat or maybe even pretend battles. it all would do several things, for one make the cities feel more livly, add more npcs for quests, and most importently for me give the sense that npcs arn't valubale, with a limited amount of them you feel they will run out when they keep dying in quests and dragon attacks etc, however with the edition of bussier streets and cities this feeling will partly go away, ofcourse you will still regret losing anyone due to not being able to hear their dialog, or maybe do their quests etc. however you won't feel the entire world slowly getting unpopulated, by it being populated, to begin with. the addition of NPCs that show up later on in your play threw would also help with this, seeing that could repopulate some areas where a lot of NPCs have died, for various reasons.